Exciting News!

Hi lovelies! I’m so sorry I’ve been so quiet on here lately. I promise it’s for a really good reason though!

Nanci and I have been working really hard behind the scenes on a brand new project. You may have seen me mention Nanci on here before, she’s a talented nutritionist, creator Mind Body Soul Nutrition and ultimately my work BFF too. You might remember her guest post from a little while back – Beating the Hangover (Naturally).

We decided to team up and bring you something different, something new and something exciting.

*drum roll please*



The NutriZENists! That’s us!

We have created a website dedicated to empowering women to become the healthiest and happiest they can be. It will be a wellness hub, where you can check in to learn more about the power of food/herbs, improving your health through the working on the mind, body and the spirit, practicing self love and self care, and most importantly, we want to help women find peace within themselves. We both know how hard it can be to do that, and we’ve both had our own personal experiences with struggling to find happiness in our own skin, so this is why this project is so important for us. After overcoming our own problems, we want to help others do the same!

Please come on over to our WEBSITE, where you can read Nanci’s story and my story, learn some more about what we hope to achieve and check out our first article while you’re there! We also have an e-news mailing list too called The NutriZEN Collective, where we will be sending out a fortnightly newsletter with exclusive updates on our upcoming programs, plus other little special tidbits that won’t be on the blog, so make sure you sign up for that too while you’re there!

We’re also on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK, so please feel free to come follow us on there too!

What’s going to happen with One Dish Away you might be wondering? Well, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! I will still be here, blogging about life with Jared and the little fuzzball, our travels and of course sharing all of the recipes, meal prep, food I eat and cafes to try out, so you don’t have to worry about that!

I hope you enjoy our new project, and I’ll be back here posting as usual very soon!


Laura xx


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