The very last bit of our weekend.

Fake Monday, you have come around much too quickly. Didn’t you know I had much more lazing about to fit in this long weekend? Guess you didn’t. I will forgive you this time. I’ll just deal with it by reliving my weekend again and sharing it with you all (lucky you!). 

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I left off on Sunday by sharing my grocery shopping and fridge photos. After that I procrastinated in every way possible to avoid doing my assignment. I even got started on dinner at 4:30. FOUR THIRTY. Although in my defence, we did skip lunch because breakfast was so filling, so we were both pretty hungry by that time. I made a big batch of chicken and cashew stir fry. It was loaded with veggies, and sprinkled with plenty of fried garlic. It was so good! I ate 1 and a half bowls of it kinda good. I’ll definitely be sharing the recipe for this with you all!

chicken cashew noodles

I made myself a coffee afterwards and eventually got stuck into my assignment. I ended up working on it until 11:15pm. Only 45mins until it was due, no biggy. (Why do I always do this??). Jared was sound asleep by this time, and I read some blogs until  about midnight.

Sunday morning I was woken up first by Severus at 6am for his feed. I guess he didn’t get the memo that it was my day off. After getting cosy in bed again and finally falling back to sleep, the downstairs neighbours started blaring music. At 7AM. WHY? Guess they also missed the memo. I admitted defeat and got out of bed….. and relocated to the couch (hey, at least I was out bed) where I read blogs with Severus snoring on my chest until Jared got up at 8. We then had coffee and croissants together for breakfast.


I halved them, layered them with cheese, then thickly sliced country style ham and another layer of cheese (for good measure) and popped them under the grill to warm up while I quickly made scrambled eggs (2 organic eggs, a splash of coconut milk, salt and pepper) and split it between the 3 croissants. SO GOOD. Such a delicious weekend treat!


After breakfast, I decided to tackle our packing. NO, we still haven’t secured a place yet. YES, I’m prematurely packing. But I figure the more I can get done now, the better. Jared had brought home a tonne of boxes from work, and we had so many canvas grocery bags stashed away that finally got put to good use. I ended up packing up our 2 big kitchen shelves and our cupboard of plates and bowls.

It’s amazing the things you forget you have stashed away. 


A creme brulee set you guys. I have never used it (can you imagine me with a mini blow torch?), but it seems I did pinch a tiny ramekin from it for god knows what.


I kept only a few plates, pots and baking things we use the most. It looks so bare already :(.

That was enough packing for one day. I worked up an appetite and threw together a platter made of tasty and brie cheese, feta and olive dip, celery, apple and brown rice crackers. It’s ok guys, the celery and apple made this a totally health lunch and counteracted the half a glass of merlot I had with this (the last few drops of my fancy $9 bottle).


We were actually supposed to eat this on a romantic picnic yesterday, but instead we ate it on our couch because we decided to venture out to see Vivid at night instead. Plus I wanted to get some cooking done for the week, and I knew if we went out for the day, I would be too lazy to do it at night. #realtalk.

For our work lunches, I made pumpkin antipasto tarts and for our snacks I made a one bowl banana & ricotta bread. YUM! I’ll be sharing both of these recipes this week, so keep an eye out for them!



I was a bit excited to see Vivid. We missed it last year, and I didn’t want to miss it again this year. I even put on make up. You know it’s a big deal when I’ve got my eyebrows and lippy on.


We walked to the station and got the train to Circular Quay. We got there just after 6… big mistake. Very BIG mistake for two reasons:

  1. It was a public holiday, so everyone had the same idea as us to check it out (how dare they).
  2. Vivid started at 6, and so I’m guessing all the parents decided to bring their kiddies in at this time so they could see everything and not be out too late.

We attempted to brace the crowd and I honestly lasted about 7 minutes before I lost my sh*t and demanded asked Jared nicely if we could find a pub to hide out in until the mobs of screaming children/overwhelmed parents/slow walking tourists subsided a little.

It was a great idea. We found our way to Paragon Hotel and warmed up inside with a jug of sangria, a share platter of fajitas and a big bowl of wedges.




We didn’t get back out until about 8 and it was far less crowded. We walked around Circular Quay (but in the direction away from the Opera House) and had fun looking at all the pretty light instalments and shows. My favourite is still the MCA building!




We didn’t make it out to the Botanical Gardens unfortunately. It was 9pm, and my inner grandma was ready to head home if I had any chance of being somewhat human today.

What was your weekend like? What were your highlights? Tell me all about it so we can relive them together and make this fake Monday business a little bit easier to handle.