Things to do when your boyfriend is at work.

Ahhh the weekend! I hope yours has been treating you well so far!

Had our weekend been as planned, we would currently be in the Hunter Valley right now, sipping on wine with my parents and brother and indulging in my mumma’s sweet cooking. But alas, here I am in my PJ’s, on my couch with Severus sipping wine on my lonesome. We had to cancel our trip because we still haven’t found a place yet, and we really needed this weekend to view some more apartments. Jared was also offered a long shift for today and we couldn’t really turn it down when we need all the money we can get for the move. SO. Here I am.

I’ll start back where I left off yesterday, and fill you in what’s been happening so far (spoiler alert: it’s not very riveting, but hang out with me anyway and pretend to care so I don’t feel too much like a nigel no-friends). 

Yesterday at work was chaotic, as are most Fridays. The only things that got me through were coffee, this pumpkin, chickpea and eggplant pastry I had for breakfast and this bowl of chicken,chorizo and white bean soup with sourdough (both from Bourke St Bakery). Friday is the day that I treat myself to breakfast/lunch (in yesterday’s case it was both because YOLO – is it still cool to say that?) and it’s my favourite way to end the working week!

On my way home from work I picked up weekend essentials – chips and Cobb’s aged cheddar popcorn. These are my favourite potato chips – just potatoes, olive oil, rosemary and salt. And they’re freakin’ delicious. We ate half the bag before dinner, because we have no willpower.

Jared was the chef last night and cooked up such a delicious dinner. Steak rubbed in salt, pepper and rosemary and cooked in butter, and crunchy, homemade, baked potato chips. He is seriously the chip king, they are always so, so good! I contributed with a “salad.” As in, I washed some organic mixed greens, and put them on the plate with a wedge of lemon. Hey, it did the job!


And in case you’re wondering, YES, that is my kitchen mat that I’m taking photos on. It’s close to the lamp (we still haven’t replaced the kitchen light) and it’s the perfect spot to get good light. And sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do for good light! Even if that means hygiene totally goes out the window, SOME SACRIFICES MUST BE MADE! (….Please don’t judge me).

We spent the night watching movies and drinking wine. Don’t be fooled by the fancy bottle, it cost us $9. (It was also really nice tasting too, in case you also wanted to be pretend fancy and get yourself a bottle!).


I think we were in bed by 11pm last night, god we are party animals!

This morning I got up at 6 to feed the rascal, then he crawled back into bed with me. He was super cuddly this morning and wouldn’t stop rubbing his face on mine, purring and eventually falling back asleep on my pillow next to me the cutie. 

When we finally got up, we had coffee then headed out for breakfast. Jared had work at 12, and we had 3 places to look at before then so it was a good excuse to get in a date before he left. We went to Cafe Bello in Burwood, a local fave of ours. He got the eggs benny and I got one of the specials – pumpkin fritters with cucumber yoghurt, asparagus and honey baked prosciutto. It was so good. The fritters were so thick and flavoursome, and that prosciutto was divine. I finished it all but half of one fritter, which Jared happily took.

We then looked at 3 places. We liked 1, kind of liked the other, and the third only offered a 3 month lease so that was out of the question for us. I applied for the first one as soon as I got home, while Jared took off for work. I then got ready for the last apartment of the day, the one we both really wanted to see. It was a long trip for me. A 20min walk to the station, and a 45min train ride. Which was fine….. Until I got there and found out the real estate agent didn’t have a key to the apartment and the tenant wasn’t home. Dude. Seriously? UGH. Super frustrating. 2 hours of travel for no reason?!

To cheer myself up, I stopped by Base & Bowl on my way home and picked a $10 small veggie pizza and all was right in the world again!


Jared won’t be home again until after 10pm tonight, and the only plans I made for the afternoon and evening were:

  • Eat pizza
  • Eat popcorn
  • Drink another glass (or 2 or 3) of the $9 merlot
  • Get into PJ’s
  • Watch chick flicks
  • Get comfy on the couch and ignore all adult responsibilities

So far, I’ve ticked off everything on this list already. Who said I wasn’t being productive?




Chick flick of choice to start was Romeo and Juliet. YOUNG LEO IS SO DREAMY I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. Actually, so is old Leo. He’s timeless.


Jared’s not a big of a fan of the movie, which is why I am making the most of my alone time now. Like yeah ok, it’s weird that they fell in love and got married in like a week and it was silly of them to both die. I get it. But can’t he just stop ruining the magic with his logic and just enjoy Leonardo for the dreamboat that he is, like I do??


I have no plans for the rest of the night, except to watch more movies, feed Severus and maybe even go crazy and paint my nails! Oh and ignoring photos on Facebook like THESE ONES of my parents in their cute as hell Hunter Valley cottage. Stop having fun without me you guys!!!!!!



What are you lovelies up to this weekend? Anyone else drowning their sorrows in pizza and cheap wine? Or are you being exciting adults and venturing out to do some awesome things? If so, I don’t want to hear about it. Just kidding, please tell me all about it so I can live vicariously through you!



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  1. Love all your posts and your sense of humor, Laura! If you’re ever looking for “suggestions,” it would be cool to see you do a how-to-eat-somewhat-healthy-when-traveling post. :)
    Cheers from D.C.!

    1. Thanks Liz!! It’s nice to know someone out there understands my humour (which is really mostly sarcasm!). That’s a great idea, thank you for the suggestion! Something I’ll definitely write up one day! x

  2. It’s my first time commenting, but I have to say, I really love your blog Laura. It’s very soothing in a way. Your posts are so much fun to read, and your food always looks SO GOOD. Hope you’re having a lovely day. :)

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