This Week’s 6 Things…

HELLO LOVELIES! How are we this dreary and miserable kinda looking Monday? (Well, for us Sydney-siders anyway!). I hope you enjoyed the newsletter that went out today. It was a pretty empowering one to write, and it felt great share with you all. If you missed out, that’s ok. You can still sign up here>>. If you do it tonight, I’ll be sure to forward you over this week’s newsletter so you don’t miss out!

To start off the week, I thought I’d share 6 things! 

1.You guys, I’m so excited! I finally saved up enough to get myself a new laptop! My old one was on it’s last legs. I’d had it for longer than I’ve been with Jared (and I’ve been with Jared almost 5 years now!). It was falling apart slowly but surely, and it was making it extremely hard for me to blog and get my study done. So I saved up and treated myself a new little beauty. I got this one>> on sale at JB-HiFi. I picked it up yesterday and used it for the first time this morning! It’s small, extremely light (only 1.2 kilos), scratch proof (if you know me, you’ll understand just how important this is because I’m incredibly clumsy!) and you can even flip it all the way back and turn it into a touch screen tablet (ooooh so fancy in comparison to my old brick of a laptop haha!). It also fits nicely in my bag, which means I can take it anywhere with ease! I took it this morning to a cafe to work on my newsletter and it was the perfect way to start my day!


2.Jared got me a new handbag last week and I can’t get enough of it. I am that girl that will wear that one handbag until it totally falls apart. I’m just not into spending money on clothes and things like that. But I was in dire need of a new one, and this one was only $25 at K-Mart. What a bargain! I couldn’t say no to that. It’s huge and fits all my food (hello… priorities!). It is awesome! Ladies who like bargains, lunches and work in an office… you all need this. 



3.Severus was being such a rascal on yesterday, I don’t know why, but he chose yesterday as his “annoy mum day.” Even though Jared was also there, he just wouldn’t stop climbing on things he knew he wasn’t allowed to, pouncing on my toes, chasing me everywhere and biting/scratching me (he gets a bit overexcited when he plays sometimes – but that day he was doing it on purpose) and it was getting really, really annoying. I started ignoring him and he knew he’d done wrong. Eventually he came up to me, with his big cute eyes staring up at me, purring and wanting cuddles. He then curled up on my lap while I rubbed his little neck and fell asleep. It’s hard to stay angry when he’s so damn cute. (I’m also not sure why he looks so white here – he looks like an old, wise wizard cat!). 


4.I have been totally slacking off on my half-marathon training, but I got my ass into gear and out for a run this evening. It was freezing, and wet and I did not want to do it. But I did and it turned out to be the most unlucky run ever! Firstly, my sports bra broke open half a km into it. Yes, fully open. It’s one of those front zip ones and I stupidly tried to put my phone in there, causing it to burst open (it definitely wasn’t from my size 10A-bsolutely non existent boobies haha!). Also, this happened while I was on the main road during peak hour traffic as well. Of course right? Luckily I had a top on! I basically just had to run with my hands over my chest for the rest of my run. Oh, and to add to it, my tracking app froze at 1km and I couldn’t even fix it because I was too busy holding on to said boobies (and what was left of my dignity, ha!). I think I ended up finishing at around 2km!

(Look at that optimistic pre-run smile and thumbs up, you had no idea Laura, no idea!!).


5.It’s finally soup weather! I don’t like the cold, but I do love the comfort food it brings. I made a biiiig batch of veggie minestrone soup for dinner tonight, so we could have it for dinner the next couple of nights. I’m so glad I cooked this before my run, it gave me something to look forward to after my unlucky run!


6.I left he two boys in the bedroom while I cooked dinner. Jared was supposed to be putting the clothes away, but when I came in I found him giggling at the fact that my jeans were the same length as his arms, and I found Severus playing in the laundry basket. BOYS, huh? Hahaha.



Before I go, I’d love to know:

  • Do you prefer cold weather or hot weather?
  • What’s your favourite comfort food?
  • Do you ever have days where your pet pushes every button you have?