“Trip Through the Cross” Art Installation Opening @ Kings Cross Hotel

You guys. I went out last night. On a Thursday. I can’t even remember the last time I did that! When I was 18 or 19 maybe? It was for a great cause though, and I’m glad we did! We were invited back to Kings Cross Hotel to see the unveiling of the art installation project they had been working on there called Trip Through the Cross. Basically, a few street artists were given the opportunity to create artworks on the staircases all through the 5 levels of the hotel, and honestly, what an amazing job they did! 

All I could think of was how great it would’ve been for them to have been given such a big, blank canvas to work in such a well known place. Such creative freedom! As someone who bases their life around creativity (albeit in the kitchen), I could just imagine how amazing that would have felt for them. We watched a short video on their creative process and how they came up with their ideas for all the different designs and I felt  inspired to create something myself. It’s beautiful to watch people with a genuine passion for what they do, there’s nothing more inspiring for me.

We took a walk through the stairwell and marveled at all their paintings, met some great people and enjoyed a few canapes and cocktails. The event was sponsored by Red Bull, so all the cocktails had Red Bulls and so I didn’t actually have very many. My days of drinking energy drinks are well behind me, I left those long ago when I discovered coffee. A much better (and far tastier) replacement in my opinion! And I wanted to sleep well that night, so I stuck to just 2 or 3 drinks. I didn’t need them to enjoy myself though, it was a great night and I’m so honored we were invited. 

Even though I was in bed by 11pm, drinking my green tea in my PJ’s and going through all my photos from the night, I just felt such a state of contentment. I’ve had some great opportunities this month and I’m so grateful for them. It’s looking to be a great year already, and I can’t wait for what else it has in store for me!

Thanks again for inviting us Kings Cross Hotel, until next time!

P.S Your duck pancakes were delish!

Laura x

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