Tuesday’s Eats

It’s been a long Tuesday! Today I had to stay back at work and didn’t home until well after 9pm. I’m definitely glad to finally have my feet up and resting! But before I get stuck into some dinner, here’s a recap of my day!

This morning before I left for work, I made myself some breakfast. I couldn’t decide between sweet or savoury, so of course I had both! I toasted up a couple of slices of Bills Organic’s Ancient Grains Sourdough and topped one with butter, peanut butter, honey, hemp seeds and chia seeds (all organic) and the other with cream cheese, a bit of kim chi and a crispy fried egg. 

healthy breakfast

I can’t remember if I’ve talked about Bill’s Organic breads on here previously, but it’s been a godsend! Neither myself or Jared are coeliacs, and we do eat gluten on occassion, but when either of us have too much (especially really overly processed foods with gluten), we both feel pretty icky from it. So at home, we usually stick to gluten free bread and pasta, and really only have it when we’re out or when we’re served it at someone else’s house.

Bill’s Organic have a wide range of breads made from organic, stone ground flours and no artificial preservatives or additives and are really gentle on the digestive system despite not being gluten free. My favourite is the Ancient Grains Sourdough, it’s so good! Their breads also really soft and make great sandwiches – something I missed with gluten free breads. I’m so glad I stumbled across it at the shops a few weeks ago!! If you’re looking for a stockist near you, here’s a list for you.

Back to breakfast, I ended up eating the peanut butter toast before I left, and I cut the egg one in half to make a half sandwich and wrapped it up to have later. I knew I still had to do a 15min walk to the station, and if I had too much to eat beforehand, I would most likely feel too full and uncomfortable on the walk. The peanut butter toast was just enough to satisfy me and give me energy to start my day.

I’ve been doing that a lot lately, eating until I’m just satisfied and packing the rest to eat later. I always remind myself that if I am still hungry in an hour/two hours/later in the day, I can eat the rest then. It just saves me from over eating and feeling too full and uncomfortable. It’s been interesting listening to my body more and eating more intuitively, and it’s definitely made a difference in the way I feel. 

The walk to the station was really lovely this morning. The sky was grey and it was drizzling with a bit of rain, but my street is currently filled with purple flowers at the moment and it really brightened up my morning to see them!


I ended up getting to work 10mins early, so I enjoyed my egg and kim chi toast and also picked myself up an almond milk latte.


I finally got hungry again at about 1:30pm and went for my lunch break. I hadn’t packed anything today. I know, naughty naughty! Tuesday’s are a bit hard for us. It’s the day before our veggie/fruit box order delivered, so our fridge is generally looking a bit bare by this stage. I used it as a good excuse to treat myself to hand rolls from Sushi-Ten again. I am a little addicted to that place at the monent. They make their hand rolls to order, and it always tastes so fresh. 

I got a raw tuna and avo one, and a chicken teriyaki and avo. The chicken teriyaki was cooked on the spot and rolled right away. The chicken was still warm when I was served it. So good for only $7.40!


I also stopped by IGA after this to grab a couple of things for dinner, some snacks to get me through until I finished and some stuff for lunch tomorrow. 

I found free range, chemical/hormone free New York steaks for only $6.45! What a bargain! I grabbed them for dinner, along with some broccolini and rocket (or “roquette” which sounds and looks so much more fancy!). For snacks, I got myself some Cob’s natural popcorn (only ingredients are corn kernels, sunflower oil and sea salt) and a chocolate brownie quest bar. I don’t usually buy protein bars, I much prefer eating real food. But I had a random craving for it, and I decided that I would just have half a bar to satisfy said craving. I also grabbed some smoked salmon to put in Jared’s lunch tomorrow. 


The two hand rolls carried me right through until 6pm, when I took my next little break and munched on the popcorn and quest bar. As suspected, it only took a few bites of the bar to satisfy the craving (and to also remind me that they weren’t that great, and that organic dark chocolate tasted 3 millions time better). So I put it away after that and ate the popcorn (which I had no problems finishing!). I also had myself a couple of cups of green tea to get me through to the end of my shift at 8:30pm.

As soon as I got home, I rubbed those steaks in some olive oil, salt and pepper and fried them up. After I took them out of the pan to rest on a plate, I sauteed the broccolini with a sliced shallot in the same pan with a small splash of soy sauce for 2-3mins. To finish, I added a couple of tablespoons of water, popped a lid on and turned off the heat so it could steam gently while I set up our plates. I made a super simple salad out of the rocket and some grated vintage cheddar. All of this was done in 15mins, perfect option after a long day at work!


I ate all my veggies (which is usually my favourite part of my meals) and about half of my steak. I don’t eat red meat as often these days, but I do enjoy a nice (ethically raised/sourced) steak every now and then. I ate my steak slowly, and by halfway through, I was satisfied. I knew it would’ve been only 5-6 bites more and I would’ve finished it, but I also knew that if I had I would’ve felt too full afterwards! So I packed it up to enjoy tomorrow!

I’m currently enjoying a herbal tea and I plan to spend the rest of my night (or what remains of it) watching DVD’s with Jared. I hope you all had a great Tuesday! Also, make sure you check back in tomorrow. I’ve got a cracker of a recipe to share! I haven’t posted one in a while, so don’t miss it. Better yet, pop your email address into my subscribe section so you don’t ever miss any of my posts!

Big love to you all,

Laura xx