Veggie Packed Pasta with Cannellini Beans

Today has been a productive Sunday. I love when we have no plans and have time to slowly potter about our business with no deadlines. We’ve spent the morning having breakfast together, sipping on coffees, flicking through cookbooks, cleaning, grocery shopping and I’ve also slowly been meal prepping this afternoon.

I’m taking a break at the moment though (glass of red right by my side of course), and thought I’d use this time to share a recipe with you all as it’s been a very long while since I’ve last done that!

The recipe is a vegetarian one, something I’ll hopefully be sharing more of on here. Jared and I have both been trying to incorporate more plant based/vegetarian meals into our daily life, and while it has been an easier transition for me, it has been a little harder for Jared. 

If you had met us years ago, I would have been the incredibly cautious calorie conscious eater, and Jared would have been the not-very-adventurous steak or schnitty with a bit of veg kind of eater. We’ve both come a long way, but it has been a slow and gradual journey to where we are today. It didn’t happen overnight, but through small, simple changes every day. Now, I no longer focus on calories, and instead focus on making sure our meals are wholesome and nourishing. I enjoy all kinds of food, treat myself guilt free and have completely changed my mindset when it comes to the way I feel about food. And as for Jared, well he eats just about every single cuisine now and absolutely loves trying out new meals!

He also no longer “needs” to have his meals based around meat either and has come to really enjoy plant-based/vegetarian meals too, which I’m so happy about. Eating more plant-based/vegetarian meals was something I really wanted us to work towards. The impact of factory farming on our environment combined with the health implications caused from consuming the excessive amounts of it like we do in the Western world, are the reasons why I’m trying to reduce in our diet. This hasn’t always been easy, Jared is a butcher after all (did I mention that?!).

Some weeks we consume more than I’d like, either due to laziness, lack of prep or just from not being mindful or present with what we’re eating. But this year I’d like to definitely work towards improving that. Again, it’s a slow and sometimes challenging process, but it’s worthwhile to me.

If you’re on your own journey to changing your lifestyle and the way you eat, just know that even as a nutritionist, it has been challenging for me at times too. But by being gentle with yourself and your journey and making small but achievable changes rather than making too many big and non-sustainable changes, you can get there too! It’s about creating a new lifestyle and mindset, and this doesn’t happen overnight. It takes patience and hard work, but if it’s something that’s important to you, you will continue to make the effort!

*If you do want more help or support making changes to your lifestyle, please feel free to contact me on We can work on a plan together!*

Now, onto the delicious and simple recipe I want to share with you today! I made this pasta dish last week for dinner when the temperature finally dropped, and it was so hearty, nourishing and filling. You won’t miss the meat, the veggies are so deliciously sweet and give this dish so much life!






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