Wednesday Favourites and Un-Favourites

Wow, it’s Wednesday already! This whole long weekend business has really thrown me out, but I’m not complaining when it brings me to this weekend a little bit faster!

Today I’m bringing you my favourites and un-favourites for the week. If you missed last week’s one, the link is here

My FAVOURITES this week are:

1/ THIS BADGE. You might have noticed this little badge on my blog over the past week (and if you haven’t, shame on you!) and it’s to show that this little blog of mine is officially a nominee in the Bupa Blog Awards! I was so excited when I found out on Friday afternoon! Ok, so I’m only a nominee at this stage, which makes this badge the equivalent of a fourth grader’s cross country participation ribbon BUT… it means I am in with a shot at becoming a finalist next month! And you know what the prizes are? $1,000 for the category winner, $2,000 for the people’s choice winner and $3,000 for the overall winner. Do you know how much food I could buy with all that money? SO MUCH. And all the recipes I could make and share with all that food? LOTS! 

Now let’s hope they like me enough to make me a finalist/winner! *fingers crossed*

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2/ SOAP BERRIES. They are honest to god the most amazing thing I’ve come across lately! If you’re wondering what they are, prepare to be amazed (like I was when I was reading up on them). Soapberries are the fruit of the Sapindus Mukorossi tree, and found predominately in the Himalayas. The shells of the berries are naturally high in “saponin” which is kind of like Mother Nature’s version of soap, and that’s the part that is collected and dried for use. When you throw some in the washing machine, the saponin in the shells actually helps to reduce surface tension in the water which in turn removes dirt from clothes… naturally! HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT?



I got a 250g bag from Flora and Fauna for $14 (it was on sale when I bought it – it’s now $16.50 I think) and it was totally worth it because I’ll get over 90 washes out of this bag!! All I do is pop 5 of them in the little pouch that’s provided, and throw them in the washing machine with a load of clothes. And by me, I mean Jared, because laundry is his domain. You don’t need to add anything else, just let them wash together, and when you’re done, dry the berries and pouch and you can re-use them again and again until they go all dry, brittle and fall apart (I’ve heard this takes about 4-5 washes). They’re unscented, so we either leave it as is, or sometimes we add a couple of drops of lavender oil when we do things like our towels and bed sheets to make them smell nice. Seriously life changing!!

3/ ECO BAMBOO AND CHARCOAL TOOTHBRUSH. I also got these from Flora and Fauna, and I love them! Did you know that 30 million plastic toothbrushes are thrown out  each year in Australia alone?? That’s enough reason to ditch plastic toothbrushes altogether. These are made from bamboo, with polymer bristles that have been enhanced with charcoal making them more moisture proof and antibacterial than normal bristles (which helps to keep the bristles dry when not in use, keeping bacterium from breeding!). My favourite part was that it was also incredibly gentle on my gums. I have sensitive gums, and despite getting the “soft” bristle option, other toothbrushes still managed to be rough on my gums. I got the soft bristle of this one, and no irritation or agitation at all!! I’m hooked!


Yes I know they look odd. But trust me when I say that getting a wooden toothbrush with black bristles will be the best thing you do this week. Plus it’s like $5. You’ve got no excuse!

My UN-FAVOURITES this week are:

1/ PACKING. The questions that come to mind when I’m packing are:

  • WHY do we have so much stuff?
  • WHEN did we get this?
  • WHAT in the hell is this?

And repeat until all sanity is lost and the wine is finished.


2/ People who try to squish themselves into an already jam packed train. No it’s fine, please come on in. Despite the fact that there is another train in just 5 minutes, please force yourself on in here and make us all that much more uncomfortable because you just couldn’t wait. UGH.


3/ Noisy neighbours. We live above a musician, which is fine until he decides to either practice his BONGOS at 11pm on a weeknight. Their child also has a musical streak. Except his talents are generally more of the “bang on every piano key at 7am on  a Sunday morning” variety. *sigh. 


And that’s it for me this week. What have been your favourites and un-favourites this week? Anything you loved/hated and want to share with the world?




  1. wow, soapberries??? I need some!

    1. They’re seriously amazing! You must get some!!

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