Wednesday Favourites and Un-Favourites

Hey lovelies, how are you all today? Hopefully everyone has had a stellar week so far!

Have you been enjoying the Wednesday Favourites and Un-Favourites each week? Don’t forget to also post what your favourite/un-favourite things have been so far this week, I’d love to know all the things you’ve been loving/hating this week!

Now let’s get into it!


1/ HALF MARATHON TRAINING. I took an almost 2 month hiatus from my training while we were packing, moving and unpacking and basically chaotic. I signed up to the gym week before last and went twice on my first week, 3 times last week, and I’ve been yesterday, this morning and I’ll be going twice more this week.

It’s been so good to get my legs moving, and even though I took that break, I feel like my strength and speed are already back to where I was when I left off. In fact, on Monday I did my speediest 5km ever! :). And today I decided to some weights and strength training, something I don’t do very often, but I want to do more of because I know it will make me a stronger runner. 

On that note, would you like to see more half marathon training updates on here? Please let me know, as I’d be happy to share my training progress and work outs if you’re interested.

2/ FREE FRUIT @ THE GYM. But seriously though… free food is my favourite kind of food!!


3/ COZY MORNINGS. On Monday I had a rest day and didn’t go to the gym. Instead I spent it curled up on my couch under my $25 K-Mart throw (it has been my favourite K-Mart purchase of the year so far), with Severus sleeping on my lap and working on my blog. It was such a nice way to start my morning, although it did make me extremely reluctant to head off to work.


4/ BUT SERIOUSLY… THIS CAT THOUGH. He is simply the best and I just want to smush his adorable little face all-the-damn-time. Even when he’s being a little feral.

This is how he fell asleep on me the other night. It’s no wonder he has Jared and I wrapped around his little paws.



1/ THIS GLOOMY SYDNEY WEATHER. It’s so wet and cold out this week, and it really makes me not want to leave home. All I want to do is get under my blanket, sip on hot tea all day and watch movies. Not go outside and be a productive adult like what is required of me.

2/ INCORRECT UMBRELLA ETIQUETTE. If you’re walking underneath a covered walkway, please for the love of god close your umbrella so there is enough room for everyone to walk. If you’re on the train, don’t put your wet umbrella on the seat. If you’re walking among other umbrella users, please watch where you’re going so you don’t smash into other people. UGHHH.

3/ LEAVING MY KEYS AT HOME. Seriously. Who does that? I do that. Me. Stupid me. I typed out some of this post with partially frozen fingers whilst standing outside my office because I decided to leave my keys at home.

And that’s my list of favourites and pet peeves this week. What are yours? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you all stay dry today and I’ll see you guys back here