Wednesday Favourites & Un-Favourites


1/ THIS PHOTO. We took a little Polaroid snap at the wedding on the weekend and I absolutely love it to bits! 


2/ THIS INFOGRAPHIC ON IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY FROM CAREER FAQS. I occasionally receive emails from Career FAQs from my job hunting days, and I’m glad I do because I found this so interesting!! (Also, any scientific research to back up my love for pictures of baby animals is going to get the thumbs up from me!).

3/ THESE BISCUITS FROM ALDI. I think they’re around $3, and they taste SO delicious. We buy them to have as a treat on our weekend cheese/snack platters and the whole box is usually gone in about 5mins flat. I mean come on, biscuits made from pastries topped with Gouda? I was never going to stand a chance against them. Honestly, it’s both a blessing and a curse that I ever picked them up.


4/ THE HALF MARATHON COUNTDOWN. You guys, it’s less than 4 weeks away!! And I’m half panicking and half totally-freaking-excited. I’ve been feeling a lot stronger in my running and in my other work outs so I am feeling a bit more confident about it all. I am nervous that the cut off time is 2 hours, 45 mins which works out to be about 7.8min/km. All of my training has been below that, I’m averaging at around 7:30ish which I know can only improve in the next couple of weeks so I’m staying positive! Plus, just look at that course! It’s going to be so great running across Harbour Bridge!



1/ THIS COLD SNAP. I was getting so excited for Spring after such a warm week in Sydney last week. How did we go from that to torrential rain and flood warnings today? Oh well. It’s a good excuse to curl up under all the blankets and eat all the cookies… Am I right?

 2/ AWKWARD STRETCHING BUDDY AT THE GYM. I seem to have made a friend at the gym. Whenever I’m in the free weights/stretching area doing my leg/core circuit, he always comes in halfway and puts a mat down right near me to stretch while I’m doing my squats and lunges. I never see him there any other time. He must be the most limber dude on earth because I swear he stretches for about 20mins every time I see him. Sometimes I catch him looking and we make eye contact and it makes things even more awkward. I think he has noticed that my eyes are usually screaming “please don’t talk to me, I’m awkward and will probably say something suitably awkward and make this way more awkward than it needs to be,” because he has yet to say a word. The stand off continues.

And that’s it for my week of favourites/un-favourites! 

Questions for you:

Are you a savoury or sweet person? (You all know I’m a savoury person – give me all of the cheese, pastries and pasta please!)

Anyone else doing the Blackmores Half Marathon?! How’s your training going??

Hope you’re staying warm tonight!