Wednesday Favourites & Un-Favourites

Heya lovelies, can you believe it’s hump day already? I feel like the past few weeks have been so busy and it’s making the days just fly past!

I’m finding it more difficult to keep up with blog posts, but I’m trying because I really just refuse to give this little baby up. I haven’t done a Wednesday Favourites and Un-Favourites in a while, so pretty excited to be bringing it back this week. Don’t forget to let me know what yours are at the end!


1/ Morning work outs.

I know, who am I? Going to the gym? Working out in the morning? I’m seriously a changed woman! I used to be such a lover of evening runs, but I’ve really been enjoying my morning gym sessions. My first ever session was last Wednesday, then I went again on Thursday and yesterday, and even though it’s cold and dark when I’m leaving home at 5:30am, I haven’t regretted any of those sessions. I finish up by 6:30am, am showered and leaving by 7am, and on my way to work by 7:15am. This gives me ample time to get a coffee on the way, have breakfast at work and get myself sorted for the day before anyone else even gets there. It starts my days in such a positive and productive manner, and really sets me up for a good day. I hope this is the start of a new habit for me!

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2/ Reading.

I used to be such a big reader, but it’s something that I haven’t done in a while because I’ve been so busy with everything. While unpacking my bookslast weekend, I came across one a friend lent me over a year ago and I still hadn’t read – The Bangkok Boy by Chai Pinit. I got started on it last week and just finished it last night. It’s an incredibly sad true story of a man who was born in rural Thailand, and moved to Bangkok to make some money. His journey subjects him to sexual abuse, prostitution, alcoholism and violence. It’s gripping from start to finish and a stark reminder of how different the world is for some.


3/ Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil.

My face has been so dry this winter, so I’ve recently started oil cleansing again. I’m currently using the Thursday Plantation Macadamia Oil which also has Vitamin E and Lavender Oil in it. I actually used to use this as a face cream, but didn’t like the way it felt. As a cleanser though, I think it works beautifully. I use about about 5 cent sized amount of oil and rub into my face when  I’m in the shower. I leave it on while I’m showering and let the steam do the work, then I wipe it off gently with a face towel and warm water. My skin feels so nice and soft afterwards and the lavender smell is so relaxing at night!

(Image below taken from the Thursday Plantation website).

TP Macadamia Oil

4/ Moogoo Full Cream Moisturiser. 

I can’t get enough of this stuff. I use it on my face and all over my body. I hate dry, scaly skin (which is something I’m unfortunately prone to in winter), but this has been making my skin feel so soft and hydrated. It’s also gentle enough that I can use it on my face, which is great because the less beauty products I need to buy, the better!

(Image below taken from the Moogoo website).

Moogoo Full Cream

5/ This striped cape/poncho.

I bought in online from Cotton On a while ago for $15 (I don’t actually think it’s for sale anymore), and it’s been one of my staples this winter. I wear to work at least 1-2 times a week and it’s the coziest thing ever. It’s almost like being rugged up in my blanket on my couch. ALMOST.



1/ Only one this week and it was leaving Severus at the vet for the day.

He was due to be desexed, micro-chipped and have his last vaccination last Monday and it was really hard leaving him there. The vets are so lovely, but I knew he was scared, and it’s hard when you can’t just talk to them and explain what’s happening. The look he was giving me broke my heart. It was like he thought we were abandoning him. I also thought about the 101 complications that could happen during the procedure. It all went fine though and Jared picked him up later in the afternoon. He was quite tired and sleepy for the next day or so, but he’s made a total recovery with no issues! PHEW!! Fingers crossed that we don’t have to visit the vets again anytime soon!


That’s actually it for this week! What have been your favourites/un-favourites this week? I’d love to know!

**Also, I’ve spontaneously decided to do a little August challenge – very last minute but inspiration rarely comes at a planned time does it?! I’ll be posting all about it tomorrow so please tune in then!**

Have a fab Wednesday lovelies,