Wednesday Favourites and Un-Favourites

I know most bloggers do a Friday Favourites post, but I like to reserve my Friday’s for my What I Ate posts. Because food > everything else. 

So here I am doing one on a Wednesday. I am such a rebel. To add to my blogger rebellion, I’m also adding in a list of un-favourites. Basically just a list of things I am totally not enjoying right now. Because I need someone to vent to, and who better than my internet friends, right??

My FAVOURITES this week: 

1/ Flora & Fauna. This isn’t an ad or some sort of sponsored post, I’m just a new/big fan of the shop! It’s an online store that sells an abundance of different vegan, ethical, cruelty-free and toxin-free beauty/home/lifestyle products and I got my first order last week. I love that they took the time to wrap it so beautifully and there was also a handwritten thank you card too! How sweet is that? I can’t to try out all the things I bought, which were: Soapberries, eco friendly charcoal and bamboo toothbrushes and a tube of Grant’s toothpaste (I’ve actually used this before and love it as a budget-friendly fluoride-free, organic toothpaste).

(Severus loved the packaging too. Although, he’d like anything that involved boxes and/or shredded paper).

2/ Higher Living Ginger Tea and Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Vanilla Tea. I love tea. I have a whole shelf in my cupboard dedicated to various flavours of tea. It’s ridiculous! I got these two on the weekend (because apparently already having a shelf of tea wasn’t enough), and they’re amazing! The Higher Living one has only organic ginger and lemon peel as the ingredients, and it’s so warming on these cold winter days. The Sleepytime tea has chamomile, spearmint, lemongrass, natural French vanilla flavor, tilia flowers, blackberry leaves, orange blossoms, hawthorn and rosebuds and smells UH-MAZINGIt’s the perfect cuppa to have in bed paired with some dark chocolate, because well… why not?


3/ HURRAW! Lip Balms. Organic, vegan and raw ingredients, and they smell absolutely amazing. My lips get so dry in winter, and these help so much. I’ve got the vanilla bean one and the kapha one, and I love both. Now, if I can just stop losing them every 5 minutes, that would be great.

(images from their website)

4/ Blogs. I have been addicted to one in particular:

The Never Serious Blog. Natalie is hilariously witty and sarcastic, and even though she hasn’t been posting much lately because she just popped out the cutest bubba, I’ve been a total creeper and reading backwards through her posts to get my fix. I’m pretty sure I’m halfway through 2015 right now. Not sure if my creeper level is over 1,000 or if I’m just a fast reader. Probably both.


Another blog I like to check in on is Healthy Hits The Spot. I actually did an interview with Paige a while back (post here) and she is just a big sweet heart. I love catching up on her stories about her hubby and family and she always has such lovely advice for self love and self healing.

My UN-FAVOURITE things this week have been: 

1/ Finding/applying for places. I hate it. The application process, the waiting, the nerves… everything. I found a place I absolutely loved on Saturday, applied, obsessed over it non-stop from Saturday to Monday, only to find out that we were one of 10 applicants. It’s like finding out that the dream guy you were crushing on had like 9 other girls on the side he was charming the pants off. Ugh. Stupid guy apartment. I knew it was too good to be true! *sigh. Back to the drawing board we go! 

2/ Living in housing limbo. Will we find a new place and move before our current beloved apartment is forced to open it’s doors to all prospective home buyers on any given day? Where do we hide the cat? When do I start packing? Is it too soon when we don’t even have a place lined up yet? Why is everyone looking for an apartment right now when we are? (How dare they!) Why does everyone appear to be far better renters than us? How will I find the time/money/sanity to move right now even if we do find a place? Will we be able to afford the price hike if we don’t find a place? What if the new owners want to move in? Why does my mum keep tempting me to move back in with her by promising nightly bowls of homemade pho and chicken and corn soup? When will this all be resolved? Can I have a wine please?


Yes, my un-favourites are all related to moving, and that’s because that’s all that’s on my mind at the moment and it’s causing me to age prematurely and crave wine simultaneously. 

What are your favourites and un-favourites this week? Please do tell! I’d love to know yours! Anyone else in the process of moving? Are you surviving it? Anyone else own a cat they simultaneously want to kill/cuddle? Anyone else craving wine on Wednesday? SPILL.



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  1. Hi Laura.
    Do you have a natural deodarants that you use or have tried? Or any natural shampoo and conditioner?

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