Wednesday With Him

Recently I’ve been jinxed with recipes. The last couple of recipes I’ve tried to photograph and post, either the recipe or the photos haven’t turned out quite as well as anticipated. And being the perfectionist that I am, they of course did not make it onto the blog. I was starting to get a bit frustrated, so instead of forcing myself to do another recipe today, I thought I’d give myself a break from the pressure and just write about my day.

With college and university both in full swing, Jared and I have been so busy and we don’t really get a full day off together anymore. But this week, his work shifts were swapped and we ended up scoring the day off together today! Brilliant!

We started it by eating breakfast on our balcony, watching the rain come rolling in. I made sweet corn and zucchini fritters with pineapple salsa, but the recipe still needs a bit of tweaking so no photos of it yet! Just the gorgeous rain!1Then we headed out to buy Jared some uni supplies and I even scored a new bag for myself to take to yoga. I’ve been struggling with a large and heavy beach bag for a while now, filling it with school things, a thick towel and a change of clothes. It all seemed to fit ok, but the thin straps were extremely uncomfortable and painful at times on my shoulders. So I thought it was about time I actually fork some money out on myself and get me a proper work out bag I can carry. After searching through every single store I could think of, I finally settled on this Puma one from Rebel Sport for $24.95. BARGAIN!!! 7During our shopping, we went through a chai latte each and a beetroot, celery, carrot and ginger juice each. They definitely kept me focused during it all and also kept “hangry” Laura from making an appearance. Which, for anyone that knows me, is always a good thing.2When that was all done, we had some takeaway bento boxes for lunch. It’s become somewhat of a tradition for us now to get bento boxes when we’re out running errands. Makes the trips just that much more enjoyable, I think!3 4We ended the day with a small visit to Ikea. I bought us some cheap jars to organise our pantry and this small towel for $3.49. Yep, I paid $3.49 for a towel. I was cheerin.’ It fit perfectly into my new bag and I can almost hear my shoulders thanking me already for reducing the weight by so much!6While we were there, we ended up scoring a couple of magazines for free through a promotion they had running at the shopping centre that Ikea was in. They let us pick from a range of different “trendy” magazines. I don’t buy or read any of the trashy gossip mags or even any of the “womens” ones anymore. I haven’t for a long time, as I find them such a waste of money. I mean, why would I pay so much money to have a shiny booklet tell me what I should look like, what to wear and what products I should use to fit into society? Seems silly, really.  Jared settled on a Top Gear magazine because that was the only male orientated magazine. I got the Gourmet Traveller one and I was so much happier to flick through that than anything else. So much cooking inspiration in there!9 10It was so nice to end our day together, just sitting on the couch, listening to the rain, drinking warm cups of tea, eating organic figs, peaches, triple cream brie and reading. In fact, that was my favourite part of the day.8With that feeling of blissfulness in me, I ended up cooking a really rad dinner. One fit for the blog. Yippee!! I won’t have time to post it tonight, but here’s a sneak peek at the ingredients…11Good night all!

Laura x