Wednesday, You’re Wonderful!

It was my day off college today, and I was determined to use it wisely!

Jared left for work at 5am this morning for his morning shift, and I let myself have a little sleep in after he kissed me goodbye. If I was going to be productive today, I needed to be well rested (that’s what I convinced myself of anyway as I curled up in my warm blanket). At about 8am though, I was awakened by loud knocking at my door by the postman. I jumped out of bed ready to answer it… when I realised I had no pants on. Great. I only had time to throw on a pair of Jared’s boxers on my way to the front door. What a sight I would’ve looked to the postman – men’s boxers, oversized t shirt and a ponytail that had sadly drifted to the side of  my head in my sleep, making me look like a poster child for the 1980’s. That poor postman.

Anyway, he was delivering my new cold pressed juicer, which I promptly tried out and it was amazing. But more on that later! I promise a full review of it next week!

Then I made myself a big, nourishing breakfast of hormone free, free range bacon cooked in organic coconut oil, a giant mound of organic kale, crushed garlic and an organic egg cooked in residual bacon fat and a slice of Naturis buckwheat bread toasted and buttered. You can’t half tell I love my fats, can you?1Then I spent the rest of the morning cleaning as we were having company. Jared’s friends were coming over for a couple of hours after he finished work so they all could head into the city together for their university orientation day. I loved that they were coming over. Nothing makes me clean faster or better, than when I know people are coming over. Anyone else like that? I honestly wish I had that kind of determination every other time I had to clean!

While they were here, I retreated to our bedroom and set up my “work space.” If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know that I never really had a work space in my old apartment. It was a studio, so the only place I could really fit a desk was in the kitchen under one of our cupboards. It was far from inspiring, to say the least. But now, I have space. It feels so good.

I used our old 2-4 seater Ikea dining table from our old apartment as my desk as it was the perfect size. I put up an  inspiration board with my favourite prints, a task list from Kikki.K, a polaroid of Jared and I and my business cards to remind me of my blog and keep me inspired to work on it. I made sure to include some greenery as well in the form of succulent cuttings from my balcony garden in a vase of water. I think having a bit of life on the desk gives such a good energy and brings life to it in more ways than one! Other little bits and pieces: my favourite Paddington Tea candle (it’s fig scented you guys – fig!), a crystal gifted to me by an old colleague, more inspiring prints, an old port bottle that I couldn’t bring myself to throw away because it was so pretty and a skull jar I bought for $6 at a bargain shop. And to top it all off, it’s set up right next to our large window that looks out onto the balcony and shares the same view.2I also have enough space in our bedroom now to roll out my yoga mat next to the desk, which is perfect for stretching my legs, neck and back after sitting for too long. It’s honestly a godsend, this little space!6I loved the new set up so much, I stayed there all day doing things like answering emails and working on new blog projects (I have exciting stuff coming up soon for you all – I’ll have more info soon, promise!).

In between all the blogging and stretching, I also did some gardening, filled in my new diary with my new college timetable and organised our expenses for the month, made a lush green juice for lunch, had a snack of buckwheat toast topped with PB, local honey and chia seeds and prepped dinner. All before Jared got home from his orientation!3 4 5I was going to share my dinner recipe with you all tonight, but I just realised I’ve talked far too much again (oops!) so I’ll have to save it for tomorrow! It’s worth waiting for though – Kale and Quinoa Salad. YUM. Here’s a sneak peek!18For now though, I’m going to have a cup of tea, maybe a cheeky gluten free bickie and finish this episode of MASH to unwind after a big (but wonderful) day!

Night all!

Laura x