Weekend Eats!

Hiya lovelies, how was everyone’s weekends? Mine felt like it went by much too fast, as it usually does!

I just wanted to pop in today to share a quick weekend version of my WHAT I ATE posts.


1/ I really do enjoy sharing bits and pieces of my life with all of you! And I like to pretend you all like to read about it too ;)

2/ To show you how my meals differ slightly from my meals throughout the week. It’s a little more indulgent, not organised/packed/ready to grab like my work meals and generally have a more relaxed/slow vibe to them all, which I actually really look forward to.

I no longer use my weekends to binge eat junk food, feel guilty by Sunday and “start fresh” again on Monday.It’s a bad habit a lot of us have, and one I am so happy I ditched. You’ll notice that sometimes throughout the week, I’ll have myself some tea and biscuits, or a slice of cake at a work meeting, or other treats here and there. Instead of waiting for a weekend long binge fest, I listen to my body and when it really truly wants a treat, I nurture that craving. By allowing myself to enjoy treats when I want to, it kind of takes away that urge to binge on it, you know?

It really is about training yourself to think about how it’s a lifestyle, and not a diet. It’s about nourishing and not restricting. And there are still days when I forget that, but these posts not only show you what my habits are like, they also serve as a nice reminder to myself as well.

Now let’s get into it (before I start rambling too much about being anti-diet, because I could do that ALL day!).

Friday night involved a glass of Pinot Noir, my ugg boots and a delicious bowl of pasta. I simply fried some garlic, bacon and organic chard in olive oil, added in fresh fettuccine, salt, pepper and grated Parmesan and dinner was ready in about 15mins! We spent the rest of the night curled up on the couch watching Guardians of the Galaxy. Very much needed after a big week at work!



On Saturday, Jared had to work so I got stuck into the unpacking of the spare room (a.k.a the room where we stuffed everything in that we couldn’t be bothered finding a place for). Before I could even muster up the energy to look in the direction of the spare room, I needed coffee and breakfast. I made myself toasted multigrain sourdough, with feta and olive dip, crispy haloumi and fried organic/free range eggs. Severus hovered around me for the entire duration of my breakfast. He loves egg yolks, and I swear he can smell them as soon as I start cooking up the eggs!


After my morning of cleaning/organising, I decided to heat up the very last of my Pea, Ham and Pumpkin Soup and also take photos of it so I could share the recipe with you all tomorrow. I had just set it up, before Severus jumped up onto the counter, knocking my bowl and simultaneously ruining a new tea towel and losing half of my lunch in the process. He was not in my good books. Luckily I managed to salvage some soup, clean it up and take another couple of shots (I’ll show the behind-the-scenes chaos tomorrow!). He kept trying to get my attention, but I gave him the silent treatment because I was angry with him. He eventually fell asleep in his bed next to me, which absolutely melted my heart and I forgave him as soon as I saw his cute little face.


When Jared got home, we had a big snack platter together. I love whipping up platters on the weekend for us to munch on! I usually have some sliced fruit or veggie sticks on there to make them somewhat healthy, but on Saturday I replaced them with Damora Dutch Palmiers which I bought as a treat, and it was the most delicious decision of the weekend. They are basically little biscuits made of buttery tasting pastry with Gouda cheese flavour. I’m glad I didn’t buy more than one box, I would have eaten them all.


I popped them on a platter with some tamari and seaweed brown rice crackers, the Moroccan Harissa and Hommus dips from the Pure Produce Company branded dips (they are AMAZING and are made with great ingredients), some olive and feta dip from Aldi (Jared’s favourite) and a bit of tasty cheese.



By the time I finished up unpacking for the day, it was dinner time and I really didn’t feel like cooking so we decided to go for a walk and explore our neighborhood for a restaurant. We live a few minutes walk from a pub so we decided to duck in for a few sneaky drinks. We decided to stray from our normal red wine, and get some Canadian Club and dry (ginger ale) with lemon. So refreshing and a nice change!

Time got away from us while we were and by the time we left, it was already 8:30pm! We live pretty close by to a few different towns with busy high streets that had restaurants lining them. We chose to check out Belmore’s high street because it wasn’t too far. We ended up in a Korean BBQ place called Ma Po Charcoal. I love Korean BBQ, especially in winter because it keeps you nice and warm.

We ordered a plate each of pork belly and duck to cook on the BBQ, plus a bowl of pork and kimchi soup to share. I love that in a lot of Korean restaurants, you get so many delicious pickles, salads and side dishes included with your meals. I love trying out new things, as well as feasting on my favourites like kimchi!

We stuffed ourselves absolutely silly, and it only came to $50! Definitely going back again!

On Sunday we lazed about in bed until about 9, which is pretty late for us! Severus usually keeps us up after his early morning feed, but he was a good kitten on Sunday and came back into bed for a nap after breakfast. When we eventually got up, Jared made us coffee and I made us breakfast which was basically the same as what I had on Saturday, but I added bacon too! I also only had one slice of bread, otherwise I wouldn’t have finished it!


After lots of lazying about, we finally got the motivation to get up and go to Ikea in Tempe to get some stuff we needed for the home. We ended up buying more things than we “needed” (so, so standard for us), but the most hilarious thing was that they had all the things in their warehouse that we needed… except for a $5 stability brace for our kitchen shelf. The most important part of the damn thing! We had to drive all the way to the Rhodes Ikea to get this one little thing! We of course encountered traffic and parking was near impossible once we got there. Everything seemed more frustrating because we were both so hungry.

By the time we parked, it was almost 3pm and we needed food!! We stopped by the Ikea food court and picked ourselves up a little feast! I got the eggplant parmi, Jared got the chicken maryland, and we split a mixed salad plate, a bowl of green beans and a plate of garlic bread. There was nothing left in any of the bowls or plates after we were done!

After finishing up our Ikea adventure, we got home and started putting the items together. If you’ve ever survived putting together flat packs with your partner and not wanted to kill them at any point, please call me and give me advice because it is not our forte!


To end our weekend off, I cooked up a simple stir fry with some free range pork mince. I had originally defrosted the mince to make some pot stickers, but because our double Ikea trip took so long, I had to skip that and make something simpler instead. I fried it in some coconut oil, and added sliced onion, half a head of cabbage, carrot, zucchini, and seasoned it with oyster sauce, GF soy sauce and pepper. I served it on brown rice, and topped mine with spicy sriracha sauce and fried garlic.


It was so, so delicious and I was glad I made enough for our lunches today.

And that was my weekend! How was yours? I’d love to hear about your highlights or what you got up to!



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