Weekend Highlights

Oh hi, hello!

Has the weekend been treating you all well? I hope you’ve had a good one so far!

We’ve had a bit of a busy one, so it’s nice to finally slow right down today and relax before a busy week at work. I really enjoyed sharing weekend highlights last week, so I thought I’d do it again this week!

Friday night wine-for-dinner!

Jared’s parents are down for a few days for his older brother’s wedding, so we met up with them on Friday night to have dinner and drinks at Rag & Famish in North Sydney. We split a bowl of wedges to start and got carried away with chatting and wine drinking that we didn’t end up getting any more food! 3 bottles of wine later and we called it a night at about 11. Safe to say, I slept like a baby that night!


Saturday meal prep! 

Usually I do my cooking on Sunday, but I knew I’d be tired/lazy and probably recovering from the wedding, so I made sure I got some done on Saturday instead. All the details will be up in my Meal Prep Monday post tomorrow!

Mum’s homemade jerky

When she visited last time, she brought over some of her famous homemade jerky for me to keep in the freezer. I finally cooked up some up yesterday and it was amazing as usual. She made two types, the traditional savoury jerky strips, and the flat sheets pictured are the sweet kind. She marinates it and dries it herself, and I swear I have not tasted better, even in Laos where traditional jerky is everywhere!

I shallow fried it in olive oil, and served it with sticky rice, hard boiled eggs I had leftover from last week’s meal prep and a dollop of my uncle’s homemade chilli jam. SO GOOD!


The wedding!

Well, the reception anyway! Jared’s brother and his partner actually had a spontaneous wedding right before their big holiday to Europe a few months ago. They had it at the pub near the airport, had a celebrant to there to sign the paperwork and just few friends/family present and off they went to have their honeymoon in Europe! Now THAT’S a story to tell their kids one day!

They still wanted to celebrate with everyone so they organised this reception. They booked out a function room at Luna Park and it was a really great night. We enjoyed lots of wine, delicious canapes and laughs throughout the night.

We all then went to a pub afterwards to continue the festivities and get our dancing on! So many dance offs were had, I honestly had stitches from laughter at some points. Such a great night!

Coffee & cat videos

Is there any better way to start a Sunday morning?


Sunday brunch @ All Good Things Eatery in Kingsgrove

Neither of us had the desire to cook this morning and so we decided to check out All Good Things Eatery, a local cafe I’ve been wanting to try out since we moved here. It did not disappoint. I had an almond milk latte, and it was delicious. Strong coffee, creamy milk and really enjoyable. 

For our meals, Jared got himself the big breakfast and I got the chorizo toast which had smashed avo and tomato on toast, topped with crispy chorizo and served with a side of poached free range eggs. The chorizo was some of the best I’ve ever eaten, just the right amount of spices in it without it being over powering. We’re definitely going back!


Most of my afternoon has been spent writing this blog post and then catching on some of my favourite blogs, all with QI re-runs playing in the background. It’s been so nice and relaxing, and I plan to continue this for the next couple of hours, until dinner and  movies in bed with my two boys.


Before I jet off, I have some questions for you:

  • How was your weekend? What did you get up to?
  • Anything exciting that you’re looking forward to this week?