Weekend Highlights #3

Hi lovelies!

I hope your Monday has started off well for you! Before I jet off to work, I thought I’d quickly share some of my highlights from the weekend! 

Steak burgers on Friday night! 

Jared cooked us up some burgers for us to enjoy instead of our usual Friday night take out, and they were so, so good! He sliced some thick steaks in half to get 2 thin steaks, cooked them until they were medium and popped them in toasted brioche buns with caramelised onion, melted cheddar and organic lettuce. I also had sriracha on mine! They were so delicious I had two!


Long run on Saturday – 14km in the bag!

I got up nice and early on Saturday and had Jared drop me off at the gym at 5:45am on his way to work. I told myself I was going to take it really easy because I’d actually woken up to a visit from mother nature. Normally on the first day of my cycle, I like to take a day off any exercise or anything strenuous to give my body a break. But with 3 weeks out from the half marathon, I really couldn’t take time off my training.

So I took it easy, starting at 7km/hour and working my way up to 8.5km/hour, where I stayed for most of the run. For the last half of it, I paused for about 30 seconds every 1-2km to get a drink from the fountain. It was a nice mental and physical break and it really helped me get through it.

I finished in 1:43:48, with an average pace of 7:24min/km. I was very happy with that! Post work out I had an apple on my walk home, and a refreshing Cacao Kapow (almond milk, cacao, dates, sea salt and vanilla) drink when I got home. Don’t mind Severus, he’s just rubbing his face on my shoes the little weirdo!

Post run brunch!

I wasn’t hungry until about 10:30, and that’s when I decided to cook up some organic eggs, bacon and sauteed mushrooms! I also added sriracha sauce after this photo – delicious!!


Cuddles with this cutie!

The way he looks up at you is simply the sweetest! He really knows how to tug at the heart strings when he wants to.


Saturday night drinks!

Saturday night was spent having sangria at The Clock Hotel, followed by sake, cocktails and a good ol’ boogie at Goros with Jared and our friend Mike. So much fun!! I danced until my legs just simply couldn’t anymore, and we were home in bed by 3am. I’m pretty sure we all fell asleep in about 3 seconds flat, we were pooped!

Cuddles with these cuties in the morning

Please excuse the fact that I’m looking as classy as ever with last night’s make up still on and also wearing Jared’s Year 12 school jersey! (I actually wear his shirts all the time – he’s now accepted the fact that we now share his shirt/jumper collection and it will be like this until the end of time).


Sunday coffee and breakfast

These hit the spot big time! I melted cheese on some brioche buns, then filled them with eggs and bacon. The smell of the bacon alone got the guys up quick smart too, which was handy because I got Jared onto coffee duty once he wandered into the kitchen!


Guy time!

Jared finally had someone to play his video games with, which made us both happy! I catch up with my girlfriends pretty often and he usually can’t find a chance to do the same with his friends, so it was really good for him to get to do that yesterday with Mike and have his “guy time.” So while they got comfortable in the living room, I snuck away to our bedroom got to catch up on some uni work, drink coffee, eat chocolate and read blogs. It was great!!



Meal prep!

Tune in this afternoon for a Meal Prep Monday post with all the details!


Biscuits, Bed and Black Books

After Mike left, we spent the rest of our night together in bed, eating dark chocolate digestive biscuits and watching Black Books until both of us couldn’t keep our eyes open any longer. No photos though, I was too cosy!

And that was my weekend! How was yours? Any highlights? What did you get up to? Let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love and all of the good vibes to you this Monday morning,

Laura xx