Weekend Highlights #4

Heya lovelies!

Hope you’ve all had a good weekend and that your Monday is going well so far! I’m sorry there was no What I Ate/Work Outs I Did post on Friday, truth is I’ve been fighting off a stubborn chest cold for the past week. Half of our small office have had flus/fevers in the past 2 weeks and when you work closely together in such a small space it was bound to happen. I’m just glad it’s just a cold/chesty cough, and not the flu, fever or anything more serious!

So between that and still trying to work, I had little time/energy to do much blogging. I also only ran once last week on the Tuesday which was all I could muster, so the recap would have been pretty dull anyway! I made the decision to take a day off work today though and my body is really appreciating the extra rest after a busy work week last week and a weekend of uni work/online exam, house work and family time. 

So what better way to use my spare time now than to bring you some highlights of my weekend? 

Morning cuddles

The 4am wake up wasn’t great. He can usually wait until we’re up to be fed, but on Saturday he was up and whining to eat so I caved and got up to feed him. Only for him to have a couple of bites and then just want to play. *sigh. Cat mum life. He made up for it by eventually curling up with me after Jared left for work and he stayed like that for a good hour or so, the cutie.


6 minute eggs

I cooked some organic, free range eggs for 6 minutes which kept the yolk nice and runny, and had a side of rye toast topped with homemade chilli jam, avo and feta. After I took this photo, I drizzled a little soy sauce into my egg before eating it, which is how we used to eat our eggs as kids. It’s still my absolute favourite way to have eggs to  this day!


Blog reading, movie watching and some resting

Forcing myself to rest felt odd at first, but I knew I needed some down time! Even if it was just for a few hours!


Having our dinner ready by 12pm

Jared pulled a whole organic chook out of the freezer for me when he left for work and just before 12, I popped it in the slow cooker with some veggies and that was only bit of work I had to do for dinner (which was great because I wasn’t feeling the greatest and spending as little time/effort in the kitchen was the goal). I simply let it cook away all afternoon and fill the apartment with delicious smells of roast chicken and veggies! There was plenty leftover, so it was packed away for lunches for this week. Recipe to come soon!


Sunday breakfast

It was a small one, as we only wanted something to tie us over while we shopped for a Father’s Day present. I had the chilli pumpkin and feta pastry and it was delicious!

Finding ridiculous animal hats while shopping

Mine was an elephant, but it ended up looking more like a male appendage than anything, haha!


Father’s Day lunch

It was so good to see my parents and brother and catch up with them! 

(Also if you’re wondering why dad has a turtle on his gift bag – it’s a running joke in the family that my dad takes a million years to do anything. I felt the turtle was fitting and he had a good laugh about it).



I booked a table at Panarotti’s for lunch, which isn’t the fanciest of places but my dad loves the pasta and pizza there, and we always have such a good time whenever we go! Yesterday was no exception! We filled up on so much carb-o-licious food! We shared four pizzas, spaghetti bolognese, caesar salad and garden salad. Between the 5 of us, we somehow managed to finish the lot!


Dad’s cowboy hat

Dad actually turned up to lunch in this outfit and it was the biggest highlight of my whole weekend. He looked like an Asian Crocodile Dundee and we couldn’t stop laughing. He’s the best!


And they were my highlights from the weekend! How was your weekend? Did you get up to anything interesting? What were your highlights? Please feel free to comment and let me know!


Laura xx