Weekend Highlights

I do love a relaxing weekend. We’ve got some busy ones coming up, so it was really nice to spend this one just the two of us (well 3 if you include Severus – and we always include that furball!).

Yesterday morning we both started our day with a mug of warm water, ACV and bit of honey. I’ve been enjoying this every day this week, and it’s been a really nice, gentle way to wake up my body and my digestive system. 

For breakfast I warmed up some fajita mix we had leftover from Friday night’s dinner. It had sliced free range chicken breast, green and red capsicum, onion, garlic, a splash of GF soy sauce and some steak seasoning spice mix. To make them into “breakfast fajitas,” I also made some scrambled eggs to go with it using 3 free range organic eggs, a splash of milk, Himalayan salt, pepper and dried chives. I served them with GF tortillas warmed up in a pan with a bit of olive oil, and some grated cheddar. I also had sriracha on mine – delicious!

W cleaned up after breakfast and got ready to head out to get groceries and a few things from Ikea. We really wanted a rug for the living room, a wine rack and a shoe rack. We came home with 2 out of 3 of those things, plus plenty more (isn’t that always the case with Ikea, or is that just us?).

We went to Rhodes, and before we even got to Ikea, I spotted a Healthy Life store. I ended up stopping in for “just a look” and walking out with an armful of stuff. I picked up an immunity supplement for Jared, he’s had a pretty awful bout of man flu for the past week, and even though he’s on the tail end of it now, he’s still pretty congested and sniffly. We’re almost out of immune support supplements at home, so thought it would be good to top up. I also got us some new bamboo toothbrushes to replace our current ones, Dr Bronner’s castille soap in rose (something I’ve been wanting to try for a while now), organic turmeric and pesticide free LSA for bliss balls/raw treats for the week.


Our next stop was coffee! I got myself an almond milk latte and Jared an almond milk mocha from Soul Origin, and we sipped these as we walked through Ikea. We actually got so caught up in chatting that we forgot to look out for a shoe rack or wine rack and ended up walking past both sections. Sometimes we both are so tired during the week that our conversations seem to be limited to small talk before we both crash into bed after dinner. So even though we missed out on what we were looking for and had to do another lap of the store, neither of us minded as it gave us time to continue chatting. 


We ended up walking out of Ikea with a shoe rack ($30), a Persian rug ($100 – what a bargain!), 2 cushions and cushion covers (each for $5), bedspread ($30), fitted sheet ($15) and a salad bowl ($10). I thought we did pretty well! It was a shame we couldn’t get a wine rack though, they were sold out of the one we wanted and weren’t expecting new stock in for another 2 weeks.


After our Ikea trip, I went and got us some juices. Jared’s been sick (I’ve diagnosed him with a horrendous case of man flu) and even though he’s at the tail end of it, he’s still pretty congested and run down. So I thought a good veggie juice would be a nice pick me up and a good way to get in some extra nutrients! I got us both the Super Veg (carrot, beets, parsley and ginger) and got pineapple in his as well for the added anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties!

On the way home, we stopped in to grab a few groceries. I also picked up a few little things to make a snack platter for lunch. Neither of us were too hungry, so a light lunch felt like the way to go! We had some brown rice tamari crackers, smoked Tassie salmon (for Jared), pate (for me), some triple cream brie and some hummus. Simple and delicious!

The temperature dropped quite a bit by the late afternoon, and all I wanted to do was get nice and cosy. We were both pretty tired, Jared was still feeling run from fighting his virus and I’d had a big week at work. So we both decided a lazy Saturday evening was what we needed. He played his games, and I set myself up on the other corner of the couch with my new cushions, my favourite throw, a cup of coffee, the second HP book and my laptop! Severus thought it looked pretty cosy too and plonked himself right in my spot as I was taking a photo!


I spent the rest of my afternoon alternating between HP, reading blogs and typing out this blog post! When dinner time came rolling around, Jared and I teamed up in the kitchen. I made roasted potatoes and a salad (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, cashews, labneh and an olive oil/balsamic vinegar dressing) and Jared cooked us up a couple of delicious steaks. We enjoyed this with some Scrubs episodes. I haven’t seen beyond season 5 of it, so my girlfriend at work brought in season 6 and 7 for me so I could finally watch them! 

After a few episodes, we retired to bed. I wanted to keep watching them, but Jared was really tired and I didn’t want to watch them without him so I read some blogs in bed before falling asleep shortly after Jared.

Today was a very productive day, though it started off slow. I love slow Sunday’s. My body clock (and Severus) usually wake me up at around 6am on weekends, but when I can, I love to just stay curled up in bed reading blogs/books, knowing I don’t have to be anywhere. Today I was joined by this little fluff ball, who nuzzled himself into my shoulder and had a little nap with me. We stayed like that until 8am. It was bliss!


When I eventually got up, I did my Sunday morning ritual of putting on Triple J, making myself a coffee and getting stuck into breakfast making. I decided on shakshuka, and made it slowly while singing along to some great tunes and sipping on my coffee. It’s my favourite way to start the day, and I only wish more mornings were like Sunday mornings!

Jared got up as I was halfway done, and he helped me set up the table and made more coffee. We sat down, got our crusty sourdough and dipped it into the delicious shakshuka. Such a hearty, delicious and nourishing breakfast! I’ll be sure to share the recipe for this soon!


The rest of the day was spent cleaning and organising our apartment. We have an inspection tomorrow, so we needed to get the place up to scratch. The day was a big blur of vacuuming, moving, dusting and organising but it was all worthwhile. Our place looks great now and feels so much more homely, even more so with our new purchases!

I really do love our new rug and cushions so much! This is the before and after: 




Severus loved them both too, I caught him sleeping on both today!



I also worked on some meal prep, which I’ll be sharing with you all tomorrow in my usual Meal Prep Monday post!


It was nonstop for a while, but the day has finally started to slow down again now. Jared came up with the great idea to order Indian, so we can both officially come off cooking and cleaning duty for the weekend. While I wait for dinner, I’ll be sitting right here planning and organising this week’s blog posts, and maybe even hopefully squeeze in a uni lecture too!


After dinner, my only plans are to curl with Jared and Severus, enjoy a warm cuppa and hit up some more Scrubs episodes! 

 I hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend! What did you get up to? Do you feel ready for your week ahead? What’s the one thing you’re looking forward to most? Feel free to comment, I always love hearing from you!

Laura xx

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