Weekend Highlights: Yoga, All Good Things Eatery and Canterbury Foodies and Farmer’s Market

Hi there lovelies, I hope you’ve all had a good weekend! Mine has been a really relaxing and nourishing one so far. Last weekend I spent it feeling so sick, and I was so grateful to finally be feeling well again that I made sure I showed my body some love this weekend.

Yesterday I met up with my girlfriend Nanci from the Mind Body Soul Nutrition blog. I am so lucky to work with and be friends with someone who motivates and inspires on a daily basis. We started our lady date with a 60min yoga class at Body Mind Life. It was my first yoga class in probably close to year and it felt so good! Our teacher Christian led us through backbends and heart opening poses and I came out feeling so invigorated!

To refuel, we walked over to About Life in Surry Hills. If you haven’t been to an About Life store, please go because they are amazing! It’s a health food shop loaded with things like pantry staples, fresh produce, ethically sourced meats, nutritional and herbal supplements and even a deli! PLUS, it also has a cafe attached to it. My idea of heaven, really! We got some mixed boxes for lunch – you can go around to the multiple buffet stations of nourishing meals and pick what you like (for me that was almost everything). I also got myself a Green Blast juice and an almond milk latte.

We were supposed to get some studying done, but instead we ended up eating and chatting for close to 3 hours – oops! The time just flew! Isn’t it nice when that happens though? After our failed study attempt, we decided to walk around the shop and pick up “a few things.” I ended up walking out with a bag full of goodies of course! I’ll show you tomorrow in my Meal Prep Monday + Grocery Shopping post tomorrow!

We had to part ways after that as she had a gig to play at that night, so I went home to my boys. I worked on my uni assignment (what  I was supposed to be doing earlier) while sipping on a half glass of pinot noir. After I finished my work, Jared and I had dinner and watched Harry Potter together. We were in bed by 10pm and my goodness did that feel good! I know that sounds terribly boring, but my body really appreciated it!

It was probably a good thing too, because Severus woke us up at 5:45am today, the rascal! After about an hour or so of trying to fall back asleep, I admitted defeat and got up. I did some sun salutations and stretched my body out. My shoulders and core muscles were definitely feeling the aches from the Saturday yoga class! I then showered and got ready for breakfast.

Jared and I had been planning all week to go to All Good Things Eatery for breakfast today. It’s our favourite local cafe and I was really excited for our little date! I love the decor of the cafe. It’s a bit industrial, with it’s mix of wood and metal and hanging globes. The staff are always really friendly, and the food is always good too!


For drinks, Jared had the almond milk mocha and I had an almond milk latte. For breakfast, Jared ordered the Big Breakfast and I had the smoked salmon, which came with spinach, snow pea sprouts, avocado, two poached free range eggs, butter and sourdough! So much good fats in the one meal, yum! I also ended up trading some of my salmon for some of Jared’s haloumi – which made my breakfast taste even better!

I love that they always make such big portions, there is no skimping on anything a (I got a WHOLE avo in my breakfast) and for a really good price. Both our meals were under $20 and we were stuffed by the end!








After breakfast we headed to Canterbury Foodies & Farmers Markets which is held every Sunday at the Canterbury Race Track (don’t worry – there’s no racing involved, I don’t support horse or greyhound racing). We’ve been wanting to visit for a while now but just never had the time. I was so happy to finally check it out today though! It’s a very small market, but there was still quite a few produce stalls, all with really beautiful organic fruit and veg. There were also some ethically sourced meat and seafood stalls, cooked food stalls, a couple of clothing ones and some gourmet food stalls.










 I’ll show you all the delicious produce I got on tomorrow’s post! I spent the rest of today doing our week’s meal prep and chatting to my mumma on the phone. After I sign off, I’ll be spending the rest of my evening finishing off my uni work (I’m so close to my one month break I can almost taste it!) and relaxing with Jared and this furball. 


It’s been such a nourishing weekend, and I feel like I’m about as ready for the week ahead as I can be! How was your weekend? Did you do anything interesting? Do you feel ready for Monday? Please feel free to comment! I love hearing from you all!

Laura xx

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  1. I was in the same yoga class as you and felt the same after class – Christian’s always good. Hope to see you around next time!

    – Crystal

      1. I joined membership so I go at least twice per week and I love it! You should totally join membership again – I think BML’s teachers are quite good and I always enjoy Christian’s classes! I’ve already planned to have brunch at About Life after my next weekend class :)

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