Weekend Highlights!

Hey there lovely, how was your weekend?

We spent ours getting into bed before 10pm every night, which I know sounds totally boring but it was honestly so very much needed!

This was one of those rare weekends for us where there isn’t too much on and I am honestly so grateful for it, especially after such a chaotic couple of weeks at work! I was really ready to just unwind.

On Friday, we had take out, watched QI and were in bed by about 9:30! We were just both so exhausted!

Jared works every Saturday and so he was out the door before 6am yesterday, the poor kid. I on the other hand, lazed about in bed for hours doing nothing but insta-stalk people, and closing my eyes and relishing the fact that I had no plans/alarms/to do lists. A rarity for me for sure! I stayed like that until I simply couldn’t resist the urge for a coffee any longer. (Why don’t we have a kettle and mug stand in our bedroom? Now there’s an idea!!).

After my coffee, I made myself breakfast of toasted bagel topped with olive and feta dip and avo. Yum!


I spent the rest of my day tidying up the apartment and doing odd jobs that had been needing my attention and I’d been ignoring like the “responsible adult” I am.

Jared actually finished work early and to celebrate I made us a delicious snack platter for us to have for a late lunch. It had triple cream brie, trio cheese, mixed olives, olive and feta dip, roasted red pepper dip, gouda palmier biscuits, apple slices and cucumber “crackers.” All washed down with some Merlot of course!


The rest of the afternoon and evening were spent lazying about together. Severus swapped between exploring and napping, Jared played his games and I read blogs and just relaxed.


We ended our night with some delicious Indian, a few QI episodes and were both in bed fast asleep by 10pm. It felt SO GOOD.


Today my parents and brother came to visit. It was their first time seeing our new place and I wanted to cook them some lunch to welcome them. I told my mumma I was cooking up a big lasagna and not to bring a thing. I should have known better. She always brings things. And I mean all of the things!! She’s the best, truly.

As well as this giant platter of curry puffs and spring rolls (that she freshly made and cooked this morning!), she also brought me over potted cuttings of some beautiful flowers from her garden to decorate my balcony, her famous homemade jerky for when I’m too tired to cook dinner and some homemade chilli jam (just in time too because I’m almost out!).


The day was spent cooking, eating, laughing and wine drinking.

Jared always gets the best photos. I’m not sure what we were talking about here, but I obviously found it hilarious!

After my parents left, I spent my afternoon meal prepping and drinking more wine. I’ll be sharing everything I meal prepped on here tomorrow, so check back in to see what I’ve cooked and prepped for the week!


It’s almost 8:30pm and we’re about to crawl into bed with a movie to top off our weekend, and I couldn’t be happier! I’ll be surprised if I last the whole movie to be honest, but don’t tell Jared that because I’ll be insisting that I will so that he’ll put it on.

Before I jet off, I have some questions for you!

  • How was your weekend? Highlights? Lows? Tell me all about it!
  • Did you get any meal prep done today? 
  • What are you most looking forward to this week?