Weekend in Melbourne

One of the most enjoyable memories I have with my sister are from when we lived closer together, and I would walk over to her place on my days off college and we’d spend the day watching chick flicks and eating Lao cucumber salad. Now our get-togethers are few and far between since she and her little family moved to Melbourne last year. 

The last time I saw them was months ago and despite the fact that we’re all heading on a family holiday together in November, I couldn’t wait that long to see them. So we booked tickets to go and see them last weekend. 

We originally wanted to fly down on Friday, but as neither myself or Jared could get the day off work and there were no decently priced/timed flights for us that night, we decided we would fly out really early Saturday morning and come home late Sunday night instead to try and make the most of the weekend.

We had a 7am flight, which meant a 4:45am wake up for us. As soon as we got to the airport, we got coffees and split a ham and cheese croissant to get us through until we could eat in Melbourne.



When we got there, my brother in law picked us up and took us to their new home. They’d moved since I was last there, and so they gave us the grand tour of their home. Of all the places my sister has lived in, this one has seemed the “homeliest.” It kind of reminded of the Weasley’s house in HP. Lots of crafty things, knick knacks, greenery and you just felt comfortable in it straight away. My favourite corner though was the one filled with her pot plants.


After the home tour, we took a stroll to check out my nieces’ school. It had a chicken coop, veggie patch and was filled with recycled materials. What a fab school! I hope one day when I have kids, they’ll be able to grow up and learn in a school like that.





After our little wander, we headed to a small local cafe for some much needed coffee and breakfast. The girls had babycino’s, it was adorable! I had myself some turkish bread filled with brie, tomato, spinach and roast chicken. It was filling, I was stuffed by the end! Thank god we had a bit of a walk home, it definitely helped me digest that sandwich somewhat!



I guess all that playing and babycino drinking can take it’s toll. Someone was a little tired when we got home…


For lunch, we of course had cucumber salad! I sliced the cucumber, while my sister did the rest! She’s far better at flavouring it than I am!




The rest of the day and night was spent eating far too much, drinking glasses of red and doing plenty of catching up! It felt so good to unwind with them and hang out like we used to.

The next morning we were up bright and early and took a stroll to the local shopping centre to pick up some groceries and to stop for coffee, of course. I couldn’t resist taking a silly photo with the coffees, they were huge! We tried to compare the size of them with our heads, haha.



Melbourne really turned on the sunshine for us that weekend, and we were lucky enough to get a 26 degree day!! So when we got back, we moved the dining table out to the porch and drank wine and ate pizzas in the sun, while the girls ran around throwing balls, picking flowers and making dirt pies. Or as they called it, a “Rosemary Pie” which was also “gluten free.” Such cuties!




After the sun set, the girls came back inside and relaxed on the couch with the Minions movie while we got dinner ready. Which was of course, more cucumber salad! 




Before I knew it, it was time to pack our stuff and head to the airport. I was really not ready to leave. The weekend went by so quickly and I felt like I’d only been there for a few hours, rather than 2 full days. 

But I don’t feel too bad, because I know I’ll be seeing them more often from now on. I don’t want to divulge too much just yet, but we have some exciting plans in the future and they involve Melbourne. That’s all I’ll say for now until we are more sure!

Laura x