Weekend Recap!

Hello lovelies! How was everyone’s weekend? Ours was mostly spent with Jared’s parents who are visiting from Western Australia. It’s currently their last week here, and they stayed with us from Friday night to Sunday evening. 


We took them to Cafe Bello in Burwood for dinner. We love this place and I’ve brought people here 3-4 times now!

We split a bottle of their Sauv Blanc, a garlic and cheese pizza and potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chilli sauce to start.


I may have eaten half of those wedges and most of the sour cream by the way. No one else at the table likes sour cream with wedges, so I got to eat my fill of it. 

I ordered the gamberi sauce (sundried tomato, prawns and rocket) but in a risotto instead of with pasta. I think I ate too many wedges, because I only got through half of my plate. I was happy though because it meant I could pack it up and enjoy it again later.



Severus wasn’t keen on guests in “his domain.” On Friday he barely went near Jared’s parents. He just peered at them from various hiding spots, silently watching them from a distances. On Saturday morning, he heard Jared’s parents chatting and walking around the apartment and his ears (we call them his fox ears – and you can see why now!) perked up so much and he just looked so wary. He definitely wasn’t used to hearing other voices or footsteps in the apartment besides ours. 

Such a cutie!!


Later that morning we took his parents to the Ikea in Rhodes. They’ve never been to an Ikea before, and it’s one of mine and Jared’s favourite shops, so we were happy to take them!

We stopped in for breakfast at Lilly’s inside Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre. I got a green juice and the Breakfast Salad with a rocket salad, grilled haloumi (lots of slices were hidden underneath all the rocket), 2 poached eggs and dukkah. I also ordered a slice of sourdough because carbs are my life at the moment.



It’s a shame it was such a pain to eat it though. I got through most of it, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. My jaw has been so sore since mid last week and chewing has been pretty painful. Either I’ve somehow clenched my jaw down wrong and I’ve sprained my jaw, or it’s pressure from my wisdom tooth that’s causing it. I’m really hoping it’s not the wisdom tooth. I don’t like the dentist (or dental fees), so fingers crossed it goes away soon.

After Ikea, Jared’s mum wanted to have some girly time so she had the guys drop us off at the shops and she took me to get a pedicure and a shellac manicure. She was so shocked I’d never had either done before. I’d had some cheapo mani pedi’s done in Bali and Laos, but never a proper one.

We went to Channail in Burwood Westfields and she paid for us to get both each. They had the most AMAZING foot spa chairs that massaged your back, neck and head while your feet soaked. I couldn’t believe how realistic it felt, like someone was actually kneading your back. (I’ve already told Jared I’m going to save up and get one and somehow fit it into our living room – he thinks I’m joking, but joke’s on him when I come home one day with one….).

I walked out of there feeling so relaxed and refreshed. I think I may have to save a few dollars each week and treat myself to this every couple of months (just so I can sit in that amazing massage chair again!). I chose a a really pale, dusty pink for my toes, and a beige colour for my fingers. 


Cat photobomb!


For lunch, I made us a platter with South Cape Mini Brie and Cracked Pepper Cream Cheese, shaved ham, twiggy sticks, Ronda French Style Wild Mushroom & Cracked Pepper Duck Pate and brown rice crackers. I also scored this juice on sale for $2.99 earlier that day, and I enjoyed it with lunch. It was delicious!


3 (2)

The rest of my day was spent drinking wine with Jared’s mum while the Jared taught his dad how to play fishing on the Playstation. I swear men never quite grow up, they just get older, hahaha.


For dinner we just had chicken salad sandwiches before we all retired to bed by 10:30pm. I know, we were such party animals!


On Sunday I woke up before everyone, and had myself a coffee and half a wholegrain roll with peanut butter and honey. I really think this is going to be my staple pre long run meal! 


About an hour later I was out for my longest run yet – 7.5km! It felt so good after taking a few days off! I’ll make sure to post a full recap tomorrow on my past week’s running times and progress! 

Jared made us all salami, ham, tomato and cheese croissants for breakfast, and he also surprised me with a cold orange juice he bought for me while I was out. He knows I love cold juice after a run. I love the sweetness and how refreshing it is. I sipped on it all morning, after chugging down loads of water.



Jared’s parents bought us chocolates as a belated Easter pressie, so I made sure this was also part of my post run feed. Didn’t you know? Ferrero Rocher chocolates are required by the body to build and repair muscles after runs. (Well, at least that’s what I was telling myself as I unwrapped my second one).

We also gave his parents their Christmas presents. We didn’t send them over as we wanted to be with them when they opened them. 


3 ‘


Lunch was a roasted pork belly that I’d marinated overnight in a delicious smokey BBQ rib sauce, gluten free kikkoman soy sauce, salt and pepper. I served it with roasted pumpkin and broccoli and salad made with the last our lettuce from the garden.



I was so sad I couldn’t eat more than a couple of small pieces of crackling, it’s my favourite part of a pork roast, but my jaw just wasn’t being cooperative.

We had a couple of glasses of wine together before his parents left late in the afternoon to go back to his brothers house for the rest of their time here. I spent the rest of my afternoon catching up on some uni work and then we had some Indian before I passed out in bed before 10pm, I was so tired! 

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and start to the week!


Questions for you!

  • What were 3 weekend highlights for you?
  • Did you fit in a work out this weekend? And what was it?
  • Most important question: are you a pork crackling fan? 

I’ll catch you here tomorrow lovelies for a running update!