Weekend Recap: Girls Night, Diggies, Bondi to Coogee and The Nine

I had one of those jam-packed (but really nice) weekends again! I’d been looking forward to it all week, and it didn’t disappoint!

On Friday, I brought my overnight bag to work with me as I was heading down to Wollongong straight afterwards to stay with my bestie. It took about 1 hour, 45mins from the city on the train, which seems long but it was a really nice train ride. There was so much greenery and beautiful views for the second half of the trip, so it really wasn’t bad at all!

When I got there, Christie had a bottle of red waiting for us. We had a glass while she made us dinner, which was: quiche, sweet potato chips and salad. All homemade, and all bloody delicious! I love enjoying meals that others have cooked for me! It’s such a welcome break!


We spent the rest of the night watching a movie and finishing the bottle of wine before passing out by midnight. Total grandmas!

On Saturday morning, we got up nice and early to head down the road to Diggies on North Beach for breakfast. She is lucky enough to live just 5 minutes drive from there, and even though it was quite overcast, it was still a really lovely place to have breakfast!


(It was so funny, it was our first time there and we actually went to the wrong cafe. We actually sat down at the smoothie bar next to it, and didn’t realise we were at the wrong cafe until we had sat down and looked over and saw it was two seperate cafes. We then had to the awkward walk of shame over to the correct cafe. It was hilarious. These things always happen to us!).



I had a soy latte and the corn fritter stack, which came with smoked salmon, a poached egg, a pot of sour cream and a zucchini and rocket salad. It was delicious! The egg was poached perfectly and corn fritters were really tasty. I’m not sure about the sour cream with it though. I tried it and preferred to eat it without, so I just left the sour cream.



Christie ordered the Eggs Bennie, and her eggs were cooked perfectly too. The hollondaise sauce also looked so delicious. She really enjoyed it! 

The view was beautiful, and we just sat, chatted away and people watched, it was really great spot for it! I would definitely recommend going there for a nice breakfast/brunch if you’re in the area! 




I went home not long after that and spent the rest of the day with Jared. He had spent the Friday night playing games and eating Indian. Friday night Indian is kind of “our thing,” and I was told I was I was missed :).


We had leftover Indian for lunch together, then spent the rest of the day having a LOTR marathon. We watched 1 and 2, and I only stopped to go for a run between them, and to make “dinner” during the second one. Which was just a cheese platter and wine! It was first time properly watching the movies (I know, it’s ridiculous – I am such a fan of fantasy/sci fi movies, yet never really watched LOTR up until now!) and I was so hooked. 


On Sunday we got up bright and early, had coffee together then headed out to Bondi to do the Bondi to Coogee walk. I think next time we’ll catch public transport to Bondi though. There was no street parking available, and we had to park at the Wilson’s car park, which was $35 for 4+ hours of parking, eep! Ah well, now we know better!

We stopped and got juice to take on our walk to both hydrate us and keep us fuelled on the trip (we also had a 1.5L bottle of water in our backpack). I had a spinach, celery, pineapple and apple juice and Jared had a mixed fruit one. 



I love the Bondi to Coogee walk. I did it for the first time last year>> with my girlfriend Shibby, and it was so beautiful at sunset. It was a scorcher of a day on Sunday, but it was still really beautiful day. I think if we come next time, we’ll wait to do it later in the afternoon when it’s cooler or do it in the cooler months of the year. We both had sunscreen on, and despite reapplying, Jared still got sun burnt! 

I love that you can see 6 different beaches along the way, it’s such a good way to see some of the beaches in Sydney that make us so famous! 

Bondi Beach


Bondi Icebergs Club



Between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach











Tamarama Beach



Bronte Beach



Between Bronte Beach and Clovelly Beach



Clovelly Beach



Between Clovelly Beach and Coogee Beach


It’s a big walk, about 6km long and with a few steps and inclines. We took it easy on the way there to pace ourselves (especially in the heat). We made it to Coogee drenched in sweat and ready for a break! 

We rested at Fujiyama, a sushi place near the beach. We got ourselves a small pack of sushi each, as we hadn’t had any breakfast yet and needed some fuel. They also  gave us a big jar of ice cold water, which we were really appreciative of!


We got back on the track after that and did the 6km walk back. It was starting to heat up quite a bit on the walk back, but there were so many people running along the track. I was tired just looking at them, haha! Here I was drenched in sweat from simply walking, and they were running up and down the steps and zipping past everyone. They were insane (and really inspiring!). I had no idea how they were doing it! 

After finishing back up in Bondi, we had both worked up quite an appetite. We decided to have lunch at The Nine. I read about it online and it sounded really good. They use organic, local and sustainably sourced ingredients, which are all the things I love to support! Their menu is also based on the Mediterranean diet, which I thought was really interesting! It definitely didn’t disappoint, I was so happy with the choice. 


I ordered the Mediterranean Bowl, which had quinoa, mixed seeds and nuts, pomegranate, hummus, a poached egg and sourdough. I also added labneh for an extra $2. It was delicious! I loved the crunch of the seeds, the slight tartness of the pomegranate, their housemade hummus and creamy labneh were both divine and the egg was cooked perfectly!




Jared ordered the shakshouka, and even though my dish was awesome, I still had serious food envy over his. We tasted each others meals, and his shakshouka was honestly so good I didn’t want to stop at one bite. Their shakshouka was made up of baked eggs, roasted tomatoes and zatar and topped with labneh and served with sourdough. It was unreal. I want to come back just so I can order it!


We also got kombucha to have with our meals. Jared had the ginger and lime and I had the strawberry, which they served in a champagne glass for me, which I thought was really cute!

The meals and kombucha were exactly what our bodies needed after walking 10km in the heat! I can’t wait to bring my girlfriend Shibby and her partner with us next time to do the walk again and so they can try out The Nine, I know they’ll love it!

If you’re looking for something active to do with your friends/partner, I’d definitely recommend the Bondi to Coogee walk! There’s more info on the walk and the beaches you go through right here>>, and if you’re hungry afterwards, definitely hit up The Nine.  

I hope you had a good weekend everyone, and that you’re currently kicking ass this week so far!

Love, light and good vibes,