Weekend Recap & Life Update!

For a little while now, maybe a few weeks, maybe more, I’ve been feeling a little bit lost. I was very quickly seeing that my job wasn’t what I had hoped for, and even . just admitting that to myself was very hard in itself. I also felt like something was missing in my life. And it was only recently did I realise that one of the things that I had lacked was a sense of purpose/drive and that stemmed from feeling unappreciated, overworked and not having passion for my job. It was time to change that.

So I made the decision to start looking for a new job, and so far I’ve had a few nibbles but no bites. Which is the hardest part about about job hunting I think, is learning to handle rejection, and keeping yourself motivated to keep looking after being turned down. It’s been tough, but I am persevering. Because I know that the universe has something planned for me. I might have no idea what that plan might be, but I’ll keep trying to find it that’s for sure!

Another thing that has been lacking in my life is my sense of curiosity and love for learning. It was only when I went to the seminar last week that I realised just how much I missed learning and exploring my passion. After I graduated from my Advanced Dip. of Nutritional Medicine in April, I haven’t really learned anything since and I miss it.

So this week I took the big plunge and enrolled to continue my education at the Ivy College doing my Advanced Dip. of Naturopathy, and got my confirmation just a couple of days ago. I am incredibly excited! I’ll be doing it all online, so I know motivation and self discipline will be key, but I think I’ll be ok because I’m so excited to expand my knowledge and learn about herbs, iridology etc.

After all that, this weekend for me was not only for relaxing, but for getting my sh*t together for everything coming up. Friday night after I got home from work, I forced myself to relax and unwind. I’m unfortunately one of those people who cannot seem to stop thinking/planning/doing things. The joy/curse of having a creative brain, I think! But my back had really playing up all week, causing me great discomfort and really disrupting my sleep, and with everything else going on too, I knew that if my body and mind were going to support me, I needed to support them!


So I ran myself a bath and poured in half a bag of epsom salts and about a cap full of lavendar oil, Jared poured me a glass of wine, I grabbed some water (I get really dehydrated when I have a bath), lit some candles and sank into my own personal bliss. 


Usually when I have a bath, I read or scroll through social media. But on Friday, I turned off the lights, turned on some Chet Faker and just laid back and shut off for half an hour. It was amazing. The epsom salt did wonders for my aching back, the lavendar soothed and relaxed my mind and Chet soothed my soul. I hadn’t felt so relaxed in quite some time.

After my bath, Jared cooked us dinner to give me a break. He made beef tortellini in a chunky veggie sauce. It was so good!! It was his second attempt in his whole life at making pasta, and you couldn’t tell at all! The sauce was made from organic veggies (onion, broccoli and zucchini) all sautéed in a little oil, then a bottle of passata was added, as well as his secret mix of herbs and some salt and pepper. 


After dinner, I sipped on the rest of my glass of wine (I didn’t end up drinking it all in the bath) and watched Boardwalk Empire with Jared. Really nice and relaxing end to a busy week!

On Saturday morning, I got up early and had my alone time on the couch while Jared slept. It didn’t last long though, someone decided to join me and curl up on the couch too. I couldn’t be angry, he looked too cute.


After lazing about for a little while, I cooked us up some breakfast while Jared made us coffee. I made scrambled eggs for us using 3 organic eggs, 2 tablespoons of cream, chives from our balcony garden, salt and pepper. I usually scramble my eggs in organic butter, but I had some bacon fat left over in the pan, so I poured some out (leaving about 2 teaspoons in the pan) and cooked the eggs on a low heat, moving around gently until just cooked. I like to take my eggs off the heat when it’s still slightly runny and leave it in the pan to finish cooking in that residual heat while I make toast. 

scrambled eggs




After breakfast, Jared had to head out to get his passport application submitted. Yes, he’s only getting it done now and we leave in under two weeks. Men I tell you!! But we’ve been assured it will be here in time, so thank goodness for that!

While he was gone, I got started on some housework. Our apartment was a mess, and living in a messy place always makes my head feel cluttered too. Is anyone out there the same? It  really wasn’t doing much for my motivation or mood to live in such a clutter, so I was really happy to finally have the time to get stuck into it.

I spent my morning tidying up our living room, throwing out tonnes of scrap paper and catalogues that we’d somehow accumulated under our coffee table and scrubbing our bathroom. Jared got stuck into our laundry at the same time. We had the radio blasting (thank you Triple J for always making things like houeswork more enjoyable) and got it all done by lunch time!

I knew I wouldn’t feel like cooking this weekend, so I prepared for it by stocking up on snack-type foods that we could graze on. I stumbled across these crackers when I was shopping, and they sounded nice so I bought them. Funnily enough, they actually looked nothing like the image on the box, but they were delicious so that kind of made up for that!


I served them up with some organic veggie flavoured tortilla chips, some brie cheese, olive dip, orange brandy pate and a cheese trio block. I got the pate, dip and cheeses all from Aldi for a great price, and they were all amazing!


We didn’t eat it all, and ended up eating the remainder for our afternoon snack, with some cracked pepper pate (I accidentally ate all of the last block myself!) and a yummy glass of red! We only had a few crackers left, so I cut up some “cucumber crackers” as well. We ended up loving cucumbers more! They were so refreshing and crunchy and perfect for dipping.



For the rest of the day we just relaxed. It is amazing how clear my mind felt by this stage. It felt so clear in fact, that all these ideas started flowing. Ideas of ways I could help people, of new and exciting things to share with you on this blog and ideas on what I wanted to do in my future. I spent my afternoon laying on the couch writing down these ideas and catching up on my favourite blogs. It felt good you guys, really really good!

For dinner we had leftover beef ravioli, then stayed up late watching more Boardwalk Empire (we’re re-watching the series, so good!).

Today, Jared surprised me by cooking breakfast for us! He hasn’t cooked breakfast in months, so I was a little in shock! He cooked us eggs, very quickly pan fried some black forest ham slices (also from Aldi)  and made cheese toast. Mine was the brie one of course! So much melty goodness!!



After breakfast, we popped out to get some photos developed and photo frames. We’ve been meaning to do this for so long now, and finally got around to it today. We went to K-Mart and it only cost us 20 cents per photo for instant prints. We also picked up a cute frame that had slots for 8 photos for only $12 there, bargain! 

Even with a couple of small frames at home, and a big one that I put a collage of photos in, I still had so many photos left over! Once we’re back from the trip, I think I’ll get some more, plus a few photo albums for the photos I didn’t even develop. 



I popped them on/inside our tv unit and also one of our side tables. Do you like them? I think they add a more personal touch to the place now!



For lunch, we munched on some sushi rolls we picked up while shopping. Jared had 3 salmon and avo rolls, and I had a california roll and chicken and avo roll. I ate mine throughout the afternoon, as I wasn’t too hungry.



After I finished the photos, I tidied up my study/work desk in prep for my course. I start as soon as I get back from my trip, so I want everything to be set up before I leave to save me some stress. 

I love a neat, clean table. I also love lists and daily task planners. On my corkboard, I like to stick up little planner sheets that I got from Kikki K a while ago, and they make my life so much easier (when I remember to use them). I also put my advanced diploma on my cork board to remind me of how far I’ve come and how much I can achieve if I just set my mind to it!


 I also got a cute notebook and some post its today from K-Mart for $7.50 altogether. I loved the quote on the notebook and knew it would be just the reminder I needed any time I felt unmotivated!


To finish off my rearranging/cleaning weekend, I finally put up some hooks in the kitchen to hang up some pictures we had laying around since we moved in. The prints and frames were all from Ikea, and I love them!


It has been a really relaxing but productive weekend, I think. And I feel so much more positive and clear headed after it! It is amazing how something as simple as a bath and cleaning the house can make me feel! I am more organised now, I can think clearer and I feel ready to tackle the week ahead! 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your weekend too!

Laura xx


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