Weekend Recap – Mum’s Birthday

Ahh it’s been a big weekend – hence the zero posts. I kind of like doing recap posts though, gives me a bit more time to enjoy my weekends I think!

Saturday I had a 10 hour shift at work and I was still feeling pretty sick. It wasn’t much fun, but I can’t complain because work was actually pretty cruisy all day. I survived on herbal tea infused with fresh lime and ginger I had packed from home, almond milk lattes and red lentil soup from my favourite café near my work and a yummy little lemon curd tart bought for me by one our clients (so sweet of her).

Photo taken from my Instagram account @onedishaway
Photo taken from my Instagram account @onedishaway

After work, we stopped by our local Chinese bbq store and bought a full roast duck as part of the dinner for my mumma’s birthday and headed home to set up. I threw a pork belly in the oven (which I’d had marinating overnight), set aside the duck and did some last minute tidying up before my family arrived.

I’m so grateful to live in a (much) bigger place than our old studio. It felt wonderful to have my parents, my brother, my nan, my aunty, uncle and cousin all over and sitting around comfortably in our living room, talking and laughing all night.

The menu for the night involved a sushi platter that my dad bought as an entrée and a gigantic tray of Chinese style fried noodles made by my uncle, and a crispy roasted pork belly, a stir fry made with the roast duck, some roasted pumpkin and broccoli and a baked vanilla cheesecake all made by me (of which there are no photos of as we were too busy digging in!)

5 7 8They also never come over empty handed. Despite the fact that is was my mumma’s birthday we were celebrating, she still brought me over little presents. A tonne of miso soup and dried nori snacks (“for when you’re studying and too tired to cook Laura”), her homegrown limes and chillis and some Lao sausages her friend made from scratch. My aunty also brought over a big bag of homegrown onions too. Such cute gestures, and reminded me how lucky I was to have them.

This is our little family left to right: Mumma, Uncle, Dad, Brother, Me, Jared, Nan and Aunty.Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with b5 preset Processed with VSCOcam with b1 presetThe only people missing were my sister and her little family. It’s hard when you have a sibling living in another state from you. I really missed her, my brother-in-law and my nieces. It always feels so odd when we get together and they’re not there, because we’re such a close knit family. But I’m happy to say they’ll be visiting in just a couple of weeks time and I’m so excited to be seeing them!

We did have a lot of fun on Saturday night though. Much wine was drunk, much food was consumed and many laughs were had. We also had a big and extremely inspiring chat about an idea that I had for a future project, something I’ve always dreamed out. And by the end of the conversation, I felt like it was so, so possible. Especially with all of their love and support backing me all the way. I just couldn’t ask for a more loving family, I really couldn’t.

I was sad to see them all leave, but my heart (and belly) were both full and I went to bed happy.

Yesterday was full of assignment-ing. I had once again left another assignment to the last day (why do I always end up doing that?), but I’d already had all my information I needed for it, it was just a matter of compiling it all. So it wasn’t too bad, really. After a few hours spent in front of the screen, I headed out for a 3.29km walk to clear my mind and try to help with my headache.image (22)

I then came home and did 15mins each of yoga and hooping which is my new hobby and I love it. I think it’s so important to find active things that you actually enjoy doing. I never feel like walking, running, yoga or hooping as a “chore,” so it makes me want to do it often. There’s just no point in wasting my effort and energy into tasks I hate. Life’s too short for that!

Afterwards, I stretched for 5-10mins and had the world’s most relaxing shower. I’m talking ridiculously hot water, body scrub, mini facial… you name it. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed myself so much! I came outta there feeling so relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of my assignment. I got it done and submitted and went to bed feeling good!

After such a crazy few days while battling this damn head cold of mine, I decided I would actually take the next couple of days off college and just spend some time relaxing and resting. This morning we went to Aunt Lil’s in Burwood where I treated myself to one of their famous baked pretzels. I have had a craving for some sort of soft, pastry dough for so long now. I thought it was about time I caved in and got something! The dough is sugar, egg and fat free, which is pretty cool. I got the pesto, pumpkin and feta one and Jared got the 4 cheese one (because you know how much we love our fats, ha!). We also got a protein bliss ball and a raw cacao bar, because balance of course! Oh, and the coffees were pretty good too! They had lactose free milk, almond milk and coconut milk options, so I got myself an almond milk latte, while Jared got a regular mocha. Yummo!

Photo taken from my Instagram account @onedishaway
Photo taken from my Instagram account @onedishaway

We walked around for a bit, and I ended up doing some retail therapy. Some girls buy themselves clothes to feel better. Me? I buy food! I got some organic and gluten free fettucine (made from lentils), Californian walnuts, dried Turkish figs (these ones were just figs – so hard to find ones without sugar, sulphur or additives), organic coconut sugar (haven’t used it before and I’m so excited to taste it!) and some luscious looking full cream ricotta. Can’t wait to use them this week! I think first up will be the ricotta, because it just looks too good. A pumpkin and ricotta tart is sounding more and more delicious by the minute. Dinner tonight perhaps?22Our afternoon since has been pretty relaxing. Lunch was a lazy throw together of mixed organic fruit (pear, figs, pixie crunch apples and sugar plums), tasty cheese and cucumber “crackers,” and we’re currently sitting on the couch together listening to Triple J while I blog and he works on a drawing project.25 26Think I might go make myself a cuppa and enjoy some GOT reruns until I have to cook dinner!

Hope you have all had a wonderful day everyone!

OH – before I go actually… check out these photos of the sky I captured over the weekend! A crazy beautiful pre-sunrise shot of the moon, and this  amazing double rainbow (yet another good sign for Jared I think!)1 2Laura x