Weekend Recap

It’s been such a busy weekend for us, so it definitely feels good to finally be able to sit down and relax/reflect on it all.

I had work on Saturday from 8:30am – 2pm. Before I left home, I made myself a breakfast sandwich to make my trip into work more enjoyable. It had two slices of Bills Organic’s ancient grains sourdough toasted and spread with cream cheese and chilli jam and filled with organic lettuce, tomato and a fried organic egg. 


Unfortunately, the joy I felt from eating my sandwich was short lived. On the way to work I was fined for using the wrong bus ticket, which was an honest mistake as I was told previously that the one I had was right. Despite that, I was still fined. It was enough to really upset me. I’d had a rough week. We had a loss in the family, an opportunity I’d been hoping to pursue had fallen through and I had just recovered from an awful migraine that I had on Thursday night. Up until that point, I’d been doing really well to stay positive and keep my chin up, but the fine was the last straw.

Jared called me after finding out and he did his best to try and cheer me back up. I had my little cry to him and felt 100 times better afterwards. I have to try and remind myself that it’s ok to be strong and stay positive most times, but it’s also ok to let myself be upset. I’m only human after all, right? 

My work day went well after that. I had some really great chats with my customers, helped people out and learned a few new things from my co-worker. I also took myself out for lunch to one of my favourite sushi spots, which just cheered me up even more. I ordered 2 hand rolls, one with raw tuna and avo and one with cooked tuna and avo. Both with wasabi and a side of pickled ginger. These were from Sushi-Ten in Mosman, and they’re made fresh to order. Really yum!


I also picked myself up an almond milk latte afterwards, as I didn’t have time to get one in the morning after the whole bus fine debacle. 

Before I knew it, work was over and I was on my way home. By this time, I had gotten well over my bad morning! It also helped that I was having a few of my closest friends visiting that afternoon, and there’s never a chance to feel sad or upset when they’re around. 

Jared fired up the BBQ and cooked some steaks and Lao sausages, and I made a traditional Lao cucumber salad. Red wine flowed and so did the laughter. I had so much fun that I forgot to take any photos besides this one!


We ended up staying up until the early hours of the morning, so the boys could watch the All Blacks play the Wallabies at 3am. My girlfriend and I tried to stay awake for the whole game, but we both fell asleep by 3:30am!

They left early this morning as I had to get ready to attend a seminar in the city today. Before I left home, Jared and I had a big breakfast fry up together. It was all we wanted after a night of wine! So I fried up some bacon, organic eggs and made grilled cheese with Bills Organic’s ancient grains sourdough and some vintage cheddar. It was just what the doctor ordered! That and coffee and plenty of water, ha!

bacon and eggs

The seminar I was attending was the Metagenics Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Blood Sugar Imbalances seminar, and I was really excited. I’ve been out of college now for about 6 months now, and I have missed learning  new things. Our workplace was given an invite, as well as a hotel room at the Sofitel in Sydney where it was held. I was so happy when I found out I would be the one who got to go to it.

It was so informative, and I felt like a big sponge just trying to soak it all in! About an hour and a half into it, we had a break and there was free coffee and snacks. I had a coffee with soy milk and some veggie sticks with hummus and guac. There was also corn chips there, but I decided to fill up on the delicious, crunchy veggies, and then had 2 corn chips on the way back in as a little treat rather than pigging out on them!

After our last half of the seminar, the hotel put on a great dinner buffet spread for us, there was so many healthy options! I basically had a bit of everything. I had a scoop each of the pearl cous cous salad, waldorf salad, beef salad, tofu salad and chicken salad, a bit of the lemon and herb roast chicken, a piece of roasted pumpkin and a couple of slices of smoked salmon. So good!

There was also a big platter of pastries, which I left until after I finished my plate of food. I told myself that I could have of course have one if I really wanted, but I just had to eat something more nourishing before it instead of filling up and binging on pastries. I was pretty full by this stage, so I just grabbed a mini sundried tomato tart, which I enjoyed every bite of and totally satisfied my pastry craving. 

After dinner, I retired to my hotel room. I don’t like sleeping on my own. Tonight will be the first night I’ve slept alone since Jared and I first moved out together 2 and a half years ago. I am pretty independent and love my alone time, but going I do love the comfort of sleeping next to a loved one.

But the room I’ve been given is quite cosy, the bed is comfortable, the view quite beautiful and the bathroom is stunning, so it definitely makes it a little easier to be away from home!




To cap off my weekend, I ran myself a bath and relaxed in it for quite some time. It felt like any tension, anger, sadness and self doubt was releasing itself from me and I felt so relaxed and recharged by the time I stepped out. Really ready for the new week ahead!


I’m currently rugged up in one of their super fluffy bathrobes, watching tv and texting Jared. As much as I hate being away from home, it’s been nice to be able to pamper myself and relax in a beautiful hotel room for the night!


I’m off to get get all comfy under the sheets now and rest up for work tomorrow. 

Laura x