Weekend Things: Severus’ First Vet Visit, New Clothes & Some Eats

Hi all of you beautiful souls, how was everyone’s weekend? 

We are having a great one, but it seems to be going by much too fast! (As it usually does when it’s good one I’ve found!).

On Friday night, we picked up some wine and headed straight down to my girlfriend Amber’s engagement party which is about an hour’s drive without traffic. I got changed at work to save some time. Hey guys, I actually did my make up! Well, kind of. I did my eyeliner AND eyebrows. You know it’s an important event when I do both things! 


I was feeling a bit hangry that afternoon and I was beyond grateful when Jared picked me up with leftover rosemary potato chips and guac (the ones from earlier this week). It made the trip so much better! This is why I’m with him!

It was so tricky not getting guac on my nice dress. Can you imagine if I did? I don’t think anyone would have been surprised. Also, I fell asleep shortly after polishing off the chips and stayed asleep (probably partially snoring/drooling) for most of the way. Honestly, how does Jared put up with such a classy gal like me?


The party was decorated beautifully, and suited the farm location so well! I absolutely loved it!



(Don’t mind my el cheapo cleanskin wine just there…..)


The beautiful couple during speech time!




The bride-to-be and her bridesmaids!


We had dinner and a couple of glasses of red and we left at about ten or so. I was in bed reading blogs by midnight. I know, what a crazy Friday night! I think I’m getting old, haha.

On Saturday morning I was woken up by Severus being a rascal at 5:30am. He wouldn’t stop being naughty so I took him out of the bedroom and let him go crazy in the rest of the apartment. At about 7:30am, I got up to feed him and hang out with him because he was crying out for someone to play with him. He was driving me bananas though, running around like crazy and constantly jumping on me/furniture/shelves and biting my toes every 5 minutes. I know it sounds crazy but I really think he knew he was going to the vet that day. I’d never seen him so crazy before! 

At about 8:30am, I had my pre-workout which was simply half a slice of thick cut sourdough toasted and topped with Mayver’s Super Spread and local, organic honey and a mug of green tea. I don’t believe in pre-workout powders, I prefer eating good, wholesome food instead! 

I took it to enjoy in bed and Severus followed me (of course). Sleeping boyfriend, mental cat and me trying to keep my sanity by reading blogs and scrolling through social media (it wasn’t working very well).


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

I went for my run about 9:30am and it felt so good. I just needed half an hour to myself and it felt great to spend it running! I love my kitten, but he really was driving me mental that morning.

When I got back Jared was in the process of cooking breakfast. He thought I needed a break, and I felt so grateful at this point! What a sweetheart! He made us open BLT’s with GF toast, organic lettuce and tomato, cheese and bacon. YUM!


He also did a couple of loads of laundry while I stretched and got ready for our busy day. Our first stop was Pet Barn to get some things for Severus. We picked up a new kitty litter kennel (Severus has this habit of continually flicking up kitty litter from his tray everywhere in our bathroom and we were both tired of sweeping it everyday), a carrier for his vet trips, a cute collar with a bell so we know where he is at all times and a harness for when we eventually take him out to parks etc.


We were so lucky that there was a big sale on and we got everything for $100 and even got a free kitty litter scoop! Bargain!

Next stop was to pick up our package from the post office. We also grabbed a quick lunch while we were out. The Chinese take away store smelled too good to go past, so that’s what we had. It was a real treat for us, I can’t even remember the last time we had Chinese take out. Jared got a beef wonton noodle soup, and I got the prawn and chicken nasi goreng. I was all for the carbs after my morning run! It was such a huge serving though! I ate half and it satisfied me perfectly. Then packed the rest to take home. I also tried 2 of Jared’s wontons. Because there’s always room for wontons!


Then we had to do some grocery shopping before heading home. Jared is one of those “I refuse to do more than one trip with the groceries” kinda person, and I thought his solution was genius. He stuffed all of our groceries into the cat carrier and kitty litter kennel and carried them up that way, haha!




Severus was very curious about all the new things we brought home. But he was not keen at all on having the collar on him. Jared struggled for so long to get it on and I probably should have been helping, but it was too hilarious watching them two and taking photos. Bad girlfriend! Totally worth it for this shot alone!


After the collar incident, we had to get him ready for his vet visit. It was his first time, and we wanted him to have a check up and his first FIV shot. I was really nervous because I knew he’d be scared, but I knew it was for the best for him. I put his blanket and favourite toy in the carrier to try and make it as comforting as possible. He went in with no problems, but we could tell he was scared because he stopped being a little rascal and was very still and looked a bit worried.



I ended up opening the door in the car and patting him and rubbing his little chin and neck (his favourite places to be rubbed when he’s falling asleep) and he stayed pretty calm for the trip. It reminded me of when we first brought him home. He didn’t like being in the waiting room though, he kept crying for us if we didn’t keep stroking him. 

We went to Concord Veterinary Hospital as it was close and I’d read some great things about it, and I’m happy to say they were as great as I’d hoped. Severus was shaking from nerves when he was put on the vet’s table, but our vet was really gentle and soothing and calmed him right down. Everything went great from there on. We were told he was in excellent health which made me so happy. We had no idea how his original owners treated him (he was tiny and covered in fleas when we got him), and we were hoping we’d done a good job getting him up at his happiest and healthiest and it turned out we did a good job! He also sat so well for his shot! I was a very proud cat mumma!


He got a handful of treats when we got home for being so good! I make my own cat food, but we also give him treats occasionally too. These ones are from Fussy Cat and they’re grain free. He loves them! When he has grains and overly processed foods, it tends to give him digestion issues, so he only has homemade stuff and these occasional treats now and hasn’t had a problem since!

After giving him treats and loads of cuddles, we went to work putting away everything we got that day. Our package we picked up was an online order I did with Cotton On. We don’t buy clothes very often, and when we do it’s usually one big purchase twice a year. Well, big for us anyway!

I got myself some casual clothes: black and white running tights, a running singlet ($2!!!), a cute grey coloured jumper, a long, black cardigan and the most comfortable sports the sandals in the world! My old sandals broke last year and I hadn’t replaced them. These ones were cheap as chips and the sole was so thick and soft. When I tried them on, it felt like I was walking on clouds!



I also got some work clothes: a blue knit sleeveless tunic with a split down the side and a sleeveless, maroon turtle neck dress. 


And lastly, a big knit cape. I can’t wait until it’s cool enough to get rugged up in this! I may just live in it in winter!


I also got Jared a striped t-shirt and 2 hooded vests. I got all of that for just over $100!! (It’s free shipping if you purchase over $50). I was so proud of our bargain purchases! That’s us done for at least another 6 months now!

Severus slept for the rest of the afternoon and basically most of the evening too. He didn’t even have much of his dinner despite not eating since breakfast and a small handful of treats. Either his vaccination has made him feel a bit funny/drowsy or he’s simply just tired from being so nervous all day, poor thing

The rest of the afternoon, Jared relaxed with his games and I settled down to watch one of my all time favourite movies from my childhood (100 cool points if you can guess what it is!), blogging and the rest of my nasi goreng. Jared and I split it, I wasn’t lying when I said it was a big portion!


For dinner neither of us wanted to cook, so we ordered take out. We discovered there was a place called The Schnitzel Kitchen that opened up near us and we were so excited to try it out!

Jared got the crumb free chicken schintzel with jager schnitzel sauce (mushroom and bacon cream sauce) and salad. And I got the crumbed chicken schnitzel with their homemade red wine gravy and baked potato with sour cream.


Can you believe this is only HALF of my schnitzel and potato?? Such a giant serving! totally worth the $20 per schnitzel, side and sauce. I gave Jared the other half of my dinner (but even he couldn’t finish it for me), and I stole some of his salad. It was all so delicious! I forgot how good baked potatoes were!

I’ve been up since 6am, because Severus was feeling particularly loving this morning. He kept purring and rubbing his face on my face and climbing all over me for cuddles.



He’s still eating very much, and is still sleeping more than usual. I hope he feels more himself soon, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m starting to miss his usual dashing about and crazy antics.

Jared’s up now and we’re just about to have breakfast together before heading out for my big run today! Wish me luck!

Hope you’ve all been enjoying your weekend so far!



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