My Week’s Recap – Hello Relaxation

It’s been such a relaxing week so far. No assignments are due this week (YAY!), and I’ve had the last 3 days off college! Both my mind and body have finally had some proper time to just rest and recover from being sick all last week.

Tuesday I woke up to the sight of a fairy floss coloured sky outside of my bedroom window and it was honestly breathtaking. There’s something about the sky always seems to calm me. Kind of the same way being out in nature does.1I stayed curled up in bed with Jared. And even though he was still sleeping away, it was just so nice to have no alarms and no responsibilities. 2After he woke, I warmed up some leftover quiche from Monday, and we ate it in bed together with a couple of mugs of coffee. After that he left for his first work interview. Yep, he’s had an interview already and it’s only been a week since he started applying! I’m really happy for him! He hasn’t heard back yet, but he’s had an interview, so that’s at least a step in the right direction.

While he was out at his interview, I went for a run. It’s the first time I’d felt well enough to run in a while and I was excited to head out. I didn’t want to push myself so I aimed for 3km, and ended up doing 3.15km which I was really proud of!

In case you’re wondering, I use Runkeeper to track my runs and it’s pretty accurate. It’s also free to download, which is another major factor for me! It will do for now until I can afford a Garmin Forerunner watch!

Also, runners – what are your favourite tracks to run to? My favourite album at the moment is Flight Facilities – Down to Earth, and my sings of choice on there are Apollo, Stand Still and Crave You.image (24)

When I got back home, I drank a whole heap of water, stretched for 5-10mins and snacked on some organic plums while I cooked up lunch. 4I made a simple a chicken curry for lunch, no recipe for this one guys. The base of the curry sauce is the same as my Pumpkin and Chickpea Curry, except I swapped some veggies around for what I had and the chickpeas for chicken. I also didn’t slow cook it, I just brought it to the boil on the stove top and then turned down to a gentle simmer for 30mins and served it on vermicelli noodles. 56As we sat down for lunch, it began to pour with rain outside which was nice. Our neighbour has a big tin roof, so even though we live in an apartment, we still get to hear rain on a tin roof! 7I then spent a little while putting away my organic fruit and veg box we had gotten from Ooooby. Speaking of Ooooby, they’ve actually given me a discount code to share with you all which will give you $15 off your first box. The code is ONEDISHAWAY (you just type it in at check out), so please feel free to use it everyone!8Yesterday was also really relaxing. Breakfast was my Chocolate Peanut Butter Nice-Cream topped with a stove top granola and the rest of my morning was spent cleaning the apartment and typing up some case studies for college. Jared was home by lunch time, so I made some Salmon Pesto. I do have a recipe stored in my “to blog” list, so one day I hope to get it up on here!

I used the new gluten free, organic fettuccine made from lentils I bought the other day, and it was nice. But I much prefer the Explore Asian gluten free pasta range I think! This one was a bit too firm and grainy. I served it up with a side salad made of organic mixed greens, grated organic beetroots, thinly sliced red onion and dressed with a little EVOO and Balsamic Vinegar.

11 12 13Later in the afternoon, I worked on a little recipe for my first newsletter – all natural protein balls. No protein powders needed – just real food! So you don’t miss it, don’t forget to subscribe to the blog! This little beauty will be sent straight to your email on the first Monday of the month! By subscribing you also go into a draw every month to win a “Thank You Pack” which involves a few little treats for supporting the blog! It’s only applicable to Australian residents at the moment! 18Last night I was so excited to test out a gluten free pizza base recipe, and it was all going so well…. until I had to roll it out. It was far too sticky, I think I not only used too much liquid, I don’t think I let rise for long enough prior to kneading and rolling. 

It cooked nicely, but when I went to take it off the pizza slab, it did not want to budge. So instead of having beautiful pizza slices, it was all in pieces. So, here is a PERFECT example of what goes on behind the scenes! Things don’t always go right in this kitchen, but hey, it tasted good and we will shall persevere! 20 21 22I’m currently finishing up at clinic now, and can’t wait to go home, try out our new home gym set up (I’ll post photos soon!) and spend some time with Jared!

Laura x