What I Ate #10

Hi lovelies, how are we all today?

I had a lot of fun putting this post together. I always do, because it allows me to reflect on my own eating habits and thought processes as I’m sharing them with you!

(In case you’re wondering how I manage to remember it all by the end of the week, I usually write a little at the end of each day, and finalise it all on Friday morning).

This week was an interesting one as I did a bit of learning about myself. I had to make a few changes mid-week to my eating habits, but as with every journey, it’s just simply a small learning curve and I definitely learnt my lesson on keeping myself well nourished! Won;t be making that mistake again anytime soon!

(P.S. My half marathon training update will be in a seperate post, just like last week!).

With that in mind, let’s go! 

Sunday Night

On Sunday after our big day of adventuring>>, I made a big batch of roasted greens for dinner: 2x bunches asparagus, a head of broccoli and a zucchini all tossed in olive oil, H. salt, pepper, garlic powder and a little chilli powder and roasted at 200 degrees celsius for 20 minutes.


We had it with pan fried cod (which I seasoned with curry powder, H. salt and pepper and cooked in olive oil) and some mini wholewheat pitas with melted cheese. So random, but really yum!


(Meat Free) Monday

I started my day with a bit of stretching. I was so sore from our big walk on Sunday!

Then after that, I had my ACV tea and made breakfast. I had planned to make eggs and toast, but the first egg I cracked was on it’s way out (really runny and a bit of an odd colour) and it really just put me off eggs that day altogether. So I quickly just made a sandwich of rye sourdough and brie cheese. I had all intentions of grilling it once I got to work, but I got too hungry on my way to work and just ate it on the train as it was!

For lunch, we had: leftover roasted veggies, leftover veggie korma (from Jared’s night in on Friday) and some mini wholewheat pitas. I also packed him a little bit of rice to have with his.

For snacks, I packed: 2 peaches for myself, and Jared had sugar plums and grapes. 




For morning tea, I had my peaches. For lunch I had the curry and veggies. And for afternoon tea, I had the pitas with some hummus I had leftover from the previous week>>

For dinner that night we had the Creamy Asparagus and Mushroom Spaghetti. I had 2 plates of pasta like this and I was perfectly satisfied.



Started my day with ACV tea and stretches again!

For breakfast, we had: scrambled eggs (4x organic eggs, good splash of cream, H. salt, pepper and chives cooked in a little organic butter then split between 2) and rye sourdough with brie cheese.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

For lunch, I packed: I had planned for us to have leftover pasta for lunch, but because I ate more than I usually do, there was only enough leftover for Jared. I decided to just buy some stuff on the way to work. I did pack some figs though.

I bought: A carrot, a cucumber, organic rice cakes (I love how thick these ones are!), roasted garlic hummus and brie. 

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For morning tea, I had half a cucumber with hummus. For lunch, I had three rice cakes with brie and 4x figs. And for my afternoon snack, I had 2x more rice cakes with hummus and the other half of cucumber.

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I went for a run when I got home, and for dinner I whipped together a fairly quick red pineapple and chicken curry. I didn’t take enough photos of it though and the ones I did take (besides this one) were quite dark, which isn’t great for a recipe post. I’ll have to make it again sometime soon so I can get a proper step by step post together for you! It was so good! We had it with some vermicelli noodles and it hit the spot!


I also had a couple of pieces of organic dark chocolate with sea salt for dessert!


I started my day with ACV tea, then for breakfast, we had the same thing as Tuesday, minus the cheese!

For lunch, I still had food leftover from Tuesday, so I didn’t pack anything. Jared had the leftover curry! I ended up having 2 rice cakes with peanut butter for morning tea, 2 rice cakes with brie and 2 figs for lunch and nothing for my afternoon snack because I was caught up with work meetings all afternoon and lost track of time.

This is when I started to feel pretty ick. By the time I walked out of work, I was so tired, I had a headache and I felt nauseous. Even in my meetings, I could feel myself almost falling asleep at some points!! And I rarely get that tired!!

I knew I needed to eat something, so I grabbed this bar on my way home. (Really tasty by the way, and made with just nuts and fruit – nothing else!).

Unfortunately I didn’t feel any better when I got home. I felt just as bad as I did when I left work! It was then I really assessed what was happening with my body and I realised two things:

  1. I wasn’t eating enough to fuel me through my work outs and daily life and I wasn’t eating enough nutritious food. Some rice cakes, peanut butter, cheese and figs were not going to cut it as my lunches and snacks. I needed proper food, I needed to stop being lazy and fuelling my body right if I wanted it to perform well. I knew that, but it was good of my body to give me a proper reminder of what happens when I don’t listen to it!
  2. I wasn’t drinking enough water throughout the day and after my runs. I was still drinking the same amount of water as before I started my half marathon training. Which is ridiculous, because I lose so much water through my sweat when I work out. No wonder I was tired, my muscles, my brain, my whole body was dehydrated and dehydration = fatigue. 

So I decided to take the night off from running, and rest my body. I also drank loads of water, and made the Nourishing Salmon, Kale and Quinoa Bowl>> for dinner. It felt good to rest/nourish my body and fill it with good things. It was exactly what I needed. 



On Thursday, I was still a bit tired, but I got up, had my ACV tea and we got started on breakfast. Jared made some wholewheat pita pizzas: wholewheat pitas, sundried tomatoes, olives and cheese, then cooked under the grill/broiler in the oven for about 5 minutes (until cheese melted). 



We each had two of those for breakfast with scrambled eggs (same recipe as previous days), and it was so good!! A delicious change from toast!

For lunch and snacks, I made sure this time to pack lots of food to get me through my day and fuel myself properly!

For my snacks, I had: Paleo granola (more on this next week!) which I planned to have with 2 organic peaches and organic yoghurt I was going to buy on my way to work. And I also packed the mini pizzas too!


For lunch, I packed: the leftover salmon, kale and quinoa salad! MUCH better for me than just crackers and cheese ;).



I love this yoghurt! So creamy!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I had it about 10ish with the peaches and granola.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Then had my lunch around 12:45. I had some of the salmon, kale and quinoa with some hummus leftover from Tuesday. That little round container is honestly magic. It looks so small, but it fits so much. It’s so deceiving! Reminds me of Hermione and her bottomless bag. You know, the one with the undetectable extension charm on it? No? …I’m truly showing my nerdiness here, I’ll stop now!

Aaaanyway. This bowl was only about 3/4 of that tiny container! HOW?

I was almost full after this bowl. I had a mini pita pizza afterwards and it was just right! :)

It kept me going right up until 4:30, when I finished the rest of my salmon, kale and quinoa, a small scoop of hummus and the other 2 pita pizzas. 

I also made sure I had plenty of water all day too! I was buzzing with energy by the time I left work. SO different to how I felt on Wednesday. Amazing what good food and hydration can do in just a day! I was itching to go for a run, which is exactly what I did when I got home. After that I showered and we went out for dinner and grocery shopping.

We of course had sushi. Our favourite new sushi train place has had a $3.50 special for all plates since it opened a couple of months ago. But last night because we got there in their last hour of trading for the day, everything was $2.50 per plate!! BARGAIN! So good after my run! 

This was my stash! California roll, tempura veggie nigiri, teriyaki chicken + avo, mini avo rolls, seaweed salad and miso soup. I split the seaweed with Jared, ordered another plate of veggie tempura nigiri (it was so good!) and a plate of tuna and avo rolls after this photo. I ate until I was totally satisfied, then packed the rest for my lunch today! Jared did the same with his lot!

We then got our groceries done. We don’t usually shop on a Thursday (we usually do it on Sunday now), but we’re having friends over on Saturday for a BBQ, so we needed to stock up on stuff before then. 


I got up a bit earlier than usual to work on this post. My laptop is on it’s last legs (I’ve had it longer than I’ve been with Jared), so doing anything on it is frustratingly slow at the moment. 

I had ACV tea then made breakfast. Pretty much the same as every other day, except the eggs were more omelette-y rather than scrambled. I didn’t finish it though. I think I’m a bit done with eggs for breakfast at the moment. Next week I think I might venture out and do something new (I always say this and end up reverting back to eggs, haha!). I packed the rest up to take to work in case I felt like having it later today.

For lunch, we have: sushi!!

For snacks, we have: Jared has a fruit and nut trail mix to take and leave at work, and I’ve still got yoghurt, muesli and figs at work (as well as the omelette). 


I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap of What I Ate! As you can see, I don’t always eat “perfectly,” and despite being a nutritionist, I still make mistakes along the way. I’m just like all of you who are on your own journeys to listening to your bodies more and finding what’s best for it.

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