What I Ate #12

Hey there beautiful ladies! I’m checking in a day early this week because it’s the Easter Long Weekend for us Aussies and that means we have Good Friday and Easter Monday off work. How will you be spending your time off? With family, friends or your partner? Usually we go away with some close friends somewhere on the coast and relax for the weekend. But this year, it’s going to be a jam packed one!

Tomorrow during the day, we’re hoping to head on over to the Royal Sydney Easter Show! I won free tickets the other day and I’m so excited to use them! Then we’re heading down to my parents place to stay for two nights. My sister, brother in law and nieces are travelling up from Melbourne and staying with my parents too. We haven’t all been together since Christmas so I’m SUPER excited! I love spending time with my family, I can’t wait to squeeze my nieces and give them some Easter goodies! We’re also heading out for a fancy seafood and wine lunch on Saturday for my sister and mumma’s joint birthday celebration. Then on Sunday afternoon, we’re going to a friend’s BBQ and staying the night there. THEN on Monday, we’re taking Jared’s parents out for lunch because they’re also currently visiting from W.A. 

PHEW! Looks like lots of coffee/green juices/Easter chocolate will be on the cards to help fuel me through this weekend!

Before it all gets too crazy though, I just wanted to share WHAT I ATE this week!


I did a bit of meal prepping on Sunday! I made steamed greens (zucchini and broccoli), baked whole sweet potatoes and herbed chicken drumsticks. I thought it was good to have all of those on hand to grab for our meals.


We started the day with ACV/lemon water together, then I packed us both breakfast and our meals for the day.


For breakfast, we had: Two slices GF bread to toast and top with a tin of flavoured tuna and cheese for Jared, and steamed zucchini and broccoli (I made a big batch on Sunday arvo) and a tin of flavoured tuna for me.

For snacks, we had: A bag of mixed nuts, seeds and raisins and a banana for Jared, and a banana, brown rice cakes and Mayver’s Super Spread (I like to keep these in my work drawer to snack on for the week) for me. 

For lunch, we had: Leftover Indian from our takeaway night on Sunday. Jared had the rice and mango chicken, I had the dahl and some rice.

I got to test out my new laptop that I talked about on Monday at a cafe while I treated myself to an almond milk latte. I’ve been leaving home at the same time as Jared so I don’t have to walk to the station from home (it’s an added 20 minute walk to my day – and I already have to do a 20 min walk to work from the station and back every day).

I have been getting into work over an hour early and I used to use that time to work on my blog as my old laptop was on it’s very last legs. But that meant I was in the office from 7ish to 5pm (I spend most lunchbreaks in the lunch room working on assignments), and spending over 9.5 hours in the office every day was beginning to get old.

I was so thankful I had finally saved enough to get this laptop. It meant that even though I got to my last stop super early, I could work on my blog from a cute cafe, while treating myself to a coffee and people watching, instead of spending an extra 1.5 hours in the office. It’s the small things that help me keep my sanity!


While I was at the cafe, I had my banana because I got too hungry to wait for breakfast, haha!


When I got into the office, I put the veggies, tuna and a slice of cheese leftover from last week into a bowl and microwaved it just until the cheese melted. Not photogenic in the slightest, but oh so good! I had the lentils and rice for lunch at 12, then 2 rice cakes with the spread at about 3:30pm for my snack.

When I got home, I was starving. And I still had to get dinner on and go for a run. There was no way I could last until post run to eat. So I had some leftover cheese garlic naan. I cooked dinner and by the time I was on my run, it had been about 45mins since I scoffed down the naan bread, so that was good! (If I eat too close to a run, I always feel a bit sick).

Post run I worked on Monday’s post, then had myself a bowl of the white bean soup (recipe was posted on Tuesday>>) with Jared. 


At abut 10pm, I got really hungry again. This is what it’s like for the few dats leading up to my period (TMI?). My appetite increases and I listen to it. Why? Because your body goes through a lot during that time when you think about. It’s such a big thing for the body, and the demand for fuel and energy is so much higher to try and keep you going during the week.

It doesn’t mean I go and eat a whole pizza. But I will usually crave carbs and more food in general, and so I’ll increase my intake of food during the week, with a couple of treats here and there should I really feel like it. And I always feel so much better for it. Who wants to restrict themselves/guilt themselves during what’s already an emotionally and physically demanding time? Being gentle and nurturing to yourself during this time always feels so much better, trust me :).

I decided to just have a couple more spoons of the soup with some cheese. That hit the spot! I also had a square of dark chocololate and that was the icing on the cake.

(I know what you’re thinking – sweet jammies Laura. I know, I’m so trendy, right?)



I was so satisfied, and slept like a baby that night!


The morning started in the usual way!


For breakfast, I packed: 2 slices of GF bread, cheese and tuna and both of us.

For lunch, I packed: steamed broccoli and zucchini, with a couple of herbed chicken drumsticks and Jared also had a small baked sweet potato from my meal prep on Sunday.

For snacks, I packed: bananas for both of us, Jared still had his mixed nuts at work and I still had rice cakes and nut butter too. 

I had coffee in the cafe again while I blogged. I know it’s $4 I don’t have to spend, but I think of it as my sanity money. It’s such a nice treat to motivate me to get up when I’m feeling tired in the mornings and don’t want to get out of bed. 

I made toasted tuna cheese melts for breakfast when I got into the office and then I had the drumsticks and veggies for lunch. If I’m going to be honest though, I really did not want to eat it. I just wasn’t into the chicken. I didn’t feel like meat at all (I go through phases like this all the time). I had maybe half of one drumstick and all my veggies. In fact, I could’ve eaten another 2 bowls of veggies. I was craving greens so badly! I started to think back to the last time I craved them this much and after a bit of scrolling through my posts, it was exactly as suspected. The last time was exactly a month ago when I was getting my period last time (link to the post here>>). How bizarre? There must be something in the greens my body needs at this time. Whatever it is, it’s a craving I’m more than happy to oblige!

Until I could fulfill my really specific craving of roasted broccolini and asparagus with hummus, I just wanted a green juice. (Half a drumstick and veggies was not going to cut it for me), but our local juice bar was closed when I got there. WHY? I was so sad. It was a particularly big day in the office for us too, so it would have been so good to refuel my mind and body with. 

My colleague saw how down I was that I couldn’t get a juice, so he went on a juice hunt on his lunch break and somehow managed to find a cafe that sold Botanica cold pressed juices!! He got himself one too. They were SO GOOD. Really hit the spot, I tell you.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

At about 4:30pm, I had 2 rice cakes with super spread, banana and manuka honey (we have a big jar at work we all dig into – pays to work in a health orientated company!). 


I felt great when I got home, and managed to get a new milestone on my run that night! 


We had leftover white bean soup for dinner, then relaxed together. I got hungry again about an hour later (thank you 5km run!) so I rummaged everywhere for something that would fulfill my hunger. I found this jar of Pure Harvest Coco2 Spread. UNOPENED AND UNEATEN. How? How did a spread remain unopened and uneaten in this house with me around? It was mind boggling.



Ingredient wise, it only has: organic rice malt syrup, organic cocoa, organic coconut oil, vanilla and salt. Holy heck, SUCH a better ingredients list than Nutella and personally I think it tastes better.

Taste and texture wise, it had the consistency of caramel, but tasted like chocolate and coconut. But not too sweet and rich. At the risk of sounding like Goldilocks, it really was just right. I slathered it on 3 rice cakes and went to heaven.


Started my day with ACV tea, kitten cuddles and a whole lot of “I don’t want to get out of bed and pajamas and be an adult today” thoughts. But I did and treated myself to breakfast for being a responsible adult and for hitting 5km. Breakfast post here>>.

For lunch, I packed: broccolini, asparagus and potato to roast (we have a mini convection oven at work that I love using!) and hummus to have with it.


Yes, I know! I am always buying Dari’s Table hummus. I could make my own, but there’s is just SO FREAKIN’ GOOD. I also re-use their containers for all my other food I pack during the week, so it comes in handy! Roasted garlic was my favourite for a while, but this week I decided to be adventurous and get wild rocket. I wasn’t disappointed! I had half a bunch each of the greens, a potato and basically a third of that container of hummus. I also had a rice cake with cheese. Because huuuuungry.


For my afternoon snack, I had: 2 rice cakes with super spread!

On the way home from work, I decided to pick up some treats! I got a big bag of Cobb’s Aged White Cheddar Popcorn and gluten free mint slice biscuits. I used to always get Cobb’s Sea Salt flavour, as it’s one of the best all natural popcorn ranges out there. But I recently got their Slightly Sweet flavour in my HIIT Box and since then I’ve been excited to try more of their flavours. 


Oh, and those mint slice biscuits? Oh man. They’re so good. I had one on the way home (because who can wait?). Jared also stole one before dinner! NOM!

We had the last of our leftover soup (how great are leftovers??) and got cozy for the night. We had a small bowl of the popcorn, some chai tea with almond milk and a couple of biscuit each while we started on the Daredevil T.V series? Have any of you seen it yet? IT’S SO GOOD. I think I possibly like this more than Gotham. Possibly! We’re only 3 episodes in so far, so it’s to soon to tell. 



For breakfast, I made Jared a 3 egg omelette, but decided to get something for my own breakfast. I had a ham and cheese croissant and almond milk latte while I worked on today’s post. 

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For lunch I’ve got leftover greens and potato to roast and hummus to add to it. And for my afternoon snack I’ve got CAKE! It’s a colleagues birthday so we’re having delicious carrot cake from Bourke St Bakery this afternoon. It’s the office favourite. I’m excited!

I hope you all have a great long weekend planned! I personally can’t wait to go home to my two boys tonight for a crazy night of wine and more Daredevil, ha!