What I Ate #13

Hey lovelies! How was your week? Mine flew actually, thanks to the long weekend! 

What have you got planned for this weekend? We’re heading out to my girlfriend Amber’s engagement party tonight (the one I mentioned I get to be a bridesmaid for!) and she’s having it on her parents farm. I love their property, it’s only about half an hour out of Penrith, but it feels like we’re hours into the countryside when you’re at the property. Think rolling green pastures and a dam, surrounded by bushland as far as the eye can see. She also has cows, chooks and giant dogs roaming the property. It’s awesome. My dream life! She’ll be having her wedding there, and I can’t wait to see it all set up next year!

We’re also taking Severus to his first vet appointment on Saturday for a check up and first round of FIV vaccinations and then organising his next round of vaccinations, micro-chipping and desexing. I’m nervous for him! He wasn’t in excellent shape when we got him (when we got him>>), and I have no idea how the original owners treated him previously, but we’ve been doing our best to get him to his healthiest and happiest state. I just hope the vet says he’s all ok and there’s nothing to worry about. 

Before I get too carried away though, let me get into my week’s eats!


We made the most of our last day off by doing some much needed tasks: grocery shopping, cleaning and meal prepping. 

The groceries we bought: grassfed, organic and gluten free mini lamb and mint sausages by Cleaver’s, bulk free range chicken thighs (for us and for Severus – I make my own cat food), beans and brown basmati rice.

I made: steamed greens, sweet corn and carrot mini frittatas, bean and kale rice and pan fried organic tempeh.





I love having cooked foods in the fridge ready to grab, especially since we’re pretty time poor now. We’re out of the house by 6:30am and I don’t get home until after 6, then I’m getting ready for my run, I’m out for a run, then home for a shower and we usually don’t sit down for dinner until almost 8. I don’t have time in the morning anymore to cook/prepare our meals, and I really don’t want to do it at night after dinner, so the more I get done on the weekend and have stashed in my fridge ready to mix and match from, the better!

The frittatas were made as a quick grab and go breakfast option, the bean and kale rice and the steamed greens are a couple of nutrient dense sides to any of our meals and the fried tempeh as an easy protein source to add to our meals.

For dinner we ordered take out to end our long weekend in the most relaxing way possible (i.e no more cooking or washing up). We ordered Thai as our local had a 35% off special. We got duck panang curry, massaman beef curry, dim sims, curry puffs and jasmine rice. YUM!


Also, I heard a rustling near the table while we were eating. look who discovered the paper bag!



Jared had his lemon water, and I had my ACV, lemon and honey water to start the morning. 

For breakfast, I packed us both 2 frittatas and some steamed greens.

For lunch, I packed us both some bean and kale rice and fried tempeh.

And for snacks, we both grabbed a banana. He had nuts at work to have with it, and I had a jar of Mayver’s Super Spread to add to mine.

I also had my usual solo coffee date before work to get some blogging done. Double shot almond milk latte.


I had about 2/3 of my packed lunch at about 12. The frittatas and veggies filled me up and I wasn’t hungry enough to finish all of my lunch, so I had the rest of it at about 3pm. Then at 4:45pm, I had the banana with a couple of big spoonfuls of the nut spread. Perfect running fuel!


After relaxing for a little while when I got home, I went out on my run. Felt SO good starting the week off with a nice, long run (details of my runs will be posted in my half marathon training update post later this week!). 

For dinner Jared made some delicious herby baked sweet potato chips and I cooked up the mini sausages and some onion in coconut oil and butter. I also made the world’s laziest salad – which was literally just chopped up cucumbers and tomato, haha!


I also added loads of sriracha chilli sauce to mine! Such a simple dinner, but oh so tasty! (I also had 2 extra sausages for seconds – running makes me huuuungry).



Our usual morning ritual of lemon/ACV tea, then we packed our food and were out the door in 15 minutes. (I accidentally slept in – I’m using my long run as an excuse, I needed the extra rest because my muscles needed more recovery time!).

For breakfast, Jared packed (yes, JARED packed it because I was too busy trying to brush my teeth and get dressed all at the same time): 2 mini frittatas each and leftover sweet potato chips. He also had the last 2 sausages leftover from dinner.

For lunch, he packed: the same as Tuesday. 

Snacks: Same as Tuesday.


I had my usual morning coffee stop, then went to work afterwards. 

I had the rice and tempeh for lunch, then the banana and the last of Mayver’s Super Spread for afternoon tea. I ended up eating the nut butter straight out of the jar, because I’m such a responsible adult and all!

When I got hone, I did some weights. (I’ll post the work out when I post the half marathon training update).

Dinner was a super simple stir fry of free range chicken thighs, loads of organic cabbage, onion and a good splash each of GF soy sauce and oyster sauce and then some black pepper. We had it with brown basmati and a sauce made of GF soy sauce and fresh chilli.



Same start to the morning!

For lunch, Jared had the leftover Thai from Monday, and I had the leftover stir fry from Wednesday’s dinner with some of my prepped steamed greens instead of rice.

I really didn’t feel like frittatas for breakfast, and so I treated myself to flaky ham and cheese croissant with my usual coffee.


For lunch, I had my stir fry. Totally normal to take a selfie with your food right? (I also wasn’t lying when I said I rarely wear make up – I wish I could be bothered at 5:30am… but I’m just not).


I brought a banana to work for my afternoon snack to have with my nut/seed spread, but completely forgot I had eaten it all. I was so hungry with just my banana. It’s amazing the difference a bit of protein and good fats can make in keeping you fuller for longer. 

So I stopped at the shops on the way back to the station and bought some snacks (I had to get stuff for dinner anyway). I picked up these chips (only ingredients are potatoes, olive oil, rosemary and sea salt!) and they didn’t last the train ride home. I had a couple of delicious handfuls on the way home.


I also picked up some guac (I know it’s better to make your own – but I don’t always feel like being a domestic goddess and when that happens, I just make the best choices I can with ingredients etc). This one was pretty tasty and the best one on the shelf ingredient-wise.




Jared and I shared a small bowl of the chips and a bit of guac while prepping dinner. 

For dinner I made stir fried enoki and shiitake mushrooms and eggplant, and made Jared a mixed veg and bacon stir fry (I made two different ones because Jared’s not keen on shiitake or enoki mushrooms and I didn’t feel like meat that night). I also topped them each with an organic free range egg fried in coconut oil for a bit of extra protein and fat.


A couple of hours after dinner, I started to get the munchies. So I had myself a small bowl of the chips and a square of dark chocolate. I love eating my snacks like this, because it’s so easy to mindlessly snack while watching TV without realising how much you’ve had. By having a small bowl of it, I can still enjoy a delicious snack (slowly and mindfully), but not overeat and feel ick afterwards.



Same start as usual, but I got breakfast at the cafe because Jared got the last of the frittatas (he gets priority as there’s literally no cafes or eateries near his work so packing food is a must for him). 

I couldn’t decide if I wanted peanut butter or vegemite, so I got two slices of sourdough and had butter and PB on one, and butter and vegemite on the other. I can’t even remember the last time I had vegemite, it was just as delicious as I remember! I’m thinking of getting the Freedom Foods gluten free one to have at home so Jared can have it too. Have any of you tried it? What’s the verdict?


Lunch is going to be from Bourke Street Bakery I think! I haven’t taken myself out of the office for lunch in a while, so it will be really nice! 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s foodie recap. Before I jet off, I would love to know:

  • Do you enjoy these recap posts? 
  • What was your favourite meal this week?
  • Are you a sweet or savoury person?