Weeeeeee time for my favourite blog post of the week! Why do I do these posts?

  1. I love taking/sharing a ridiculous amount of food photos and then talking about said food photos. And for some reason you guys totally just get it. (This is why I love you all!).
  2. I love showing that living a happy, balanced lifestyle is so much more enjoyable than focusing strictly on just calories or making sure everything you eat is 100% “healthy.” (If I want a pastry, I eat that pastry). 
  3. I eat pretty intuitively and base my food choices on how it feels and what my body needs/wants. So for me, I like going back and seeing what I ate during the week and seeing how it made me feel at the time and using that information to improve my body, my health and my mindset!

So, let’s get into it! 


Not much meal prep was done today. We were buggered from our big run that morning (real talk), so the only thing we did was roast up some veggies. 

Pumpkin, sweet potato, broccoli and onion tossed in organic coconut oil, and seasoned with garlic powder, H. salt, pepper and ground cumin. Baked for 20 mins at 200 degrees celsius, stirring at halfway.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


The morning started our usual way with our “teas”. Jared had warm lemon water and I had my warm water with ACV, lemon and honey.

I then stopped in at a local cafe for a double shot almond milk latte while I worked on my blog before work. I also munched on some walnuts because I was too hungry to wait for breakfast!


For breakfast, I packed us wholemeal sourdough to be toasted and topped with tuna and brie (Jared just had tinned salmon – no brie or tuna). For lunch, I packed the meal prepped roast veggies and chickpeas and wholegrain mustard, and some homegrown lettuce and beetroot leaves from our balcony garden! (Jared had leftovers from the day before). Snacks were a bag of raw walnuts and sultanas. Oh and an organic nashi pear! (Not pictured).


The salad was so yummy. I couldn’t get enough of the grainy mustard on it too. I think I had about 3 or 4 teaspoons for this one salad. I ended up having the nashi pear on my way home.


Dinner was a hodge podge of random things. I quickly stir fried some brown rice vermicelli, shiitake mushrooms and other veggies and added a splash of tamari and oyster sauce. 

Dessert was my favourite part of the day though. I had a couple of spoonfuls of Pure Harvest Coco2 straight from the jar. It tastes like chocolate, but has the texture of caramel. Ingredients wise: Organic Rice Malt Syrup, Organic Virgin Cold Pressed, Coconut Oil, Organic Cocoa Powder, Vanilla and Salt.

IMG_1430 (2)


Tuesday was a bit different. We had our usual “tea” together, but I didn’t leave with Jared. I stayed back to do my uni work and go for a run before work. I had a slice of wholemeal sourdough with peanut butter and honey pre-run. The run itself turned out to be really awful (recap here if you missed it) and it put me in a really crap mood for the morning. I took some nashi pears, but I didn’t pack breakfast or lunch because of my bad mood. I felt like treating myself to cheer me up.

Yes, food shopping cheers me up. I know, I’m a weirdo! 

I got myself some organic rice cakes, broccolini, a potato, tuna and my favourite hummus. For breakfast, I had hummus and tuna on 2 rice cakes. Yes, weird, but it tasted surprisingly good! For lunch, I roasted the broccolini and potato in our work convection oven and topped them with loads of hummus and for my afternoon snack, I had a nashi pear with some brie cheese.



My absolute faaaavourite part of the day though, was this pastry scroll (well, what’s left of it in this photo). My co-worker bought it and lovingly shared it with me. We now have a deeper bond due to this shared love of pastries.


Jared cooked dinner while I got more uni work done, which I was really appreciative of! He made a pasta sauce from grassfed beef mince, onion, garlic, passata and a whole bunch of organic veggies we needed to use up. I think there was broccoli, cabbage, Swiss chard, carrot and zucchini. He served it on some organic GF spaghetti. It was SO good. I had 1 and 1/3 bowls. And about 300 servings of grated cheese, because cheese on spaghetti is my favourite. 


Wednesday started normally, with no uni or running. Just our “teas” together before packing our meals and leaving. We each took leftover spaghetti for our lunches (I was so sad we forgot to add cheese  – so unlike us!!), as well as more walnuts and raisins for our snacks. He also grabbed a banana while I grabbed more nashi pears. I am loving them right now!


For breakfast, I had a craving for avo, so I bought an avo and a small pumpkin seed bread roll on the way to work. When I got there, I opened up the roll, added half the avo, some slices of brie and toasted it, before adding some wholegrain mustard and closing it. HOLY MOLY THIS WAS GOOD. I could happily eat this everyday and not get sick of it.


I got through almost all of the spaghetti, leaving maybe 2 bites or so because I knew I’d be too full if I finished it. I didn’t waste it though! I just put it away to enjoy later on.

I then nibbled on the walnuts, raisins and a nashi pear for my afternoon snack before leaving work.

Wednesday dinner was all about leftovers. I had the rest of the brown rice vermicelli stir fry from Monday, but I also topped it with 2 fried organic eggs. 


Thursday morning started same as usual!

For lunch, I packed the roast veggies I prepped on Sunday to have with the hummus I had in my work fridge and the rice cakes I have stashed in my drawer. 

And for breakfast, I treated myself to a soy latte and lamb and almond sausage roll from Bourke St Bakery. I also picked up a slice of flourless choccie cake to share with Jared that nigh (WHICH I FORGOT ALL ABOUT! It’s going to take all the willpower in the world to not eat it today with my afternoon cuppa and pretend to Jared I have no idea what happened to it).


I didn’t finish all of my lunch, I think I was still full from the sausage roll. 

For my afternoon snack, I munched on walnuts and raisins before leaving work. I got changed as soon as I got home and headed out for a run, I felt MUCH better than I did on Tuesday (as usual, I will post my running update in a seperate post for you). 

After the run, I was staaaarving, and all I could think about was Le Wrap. I’ve been dying to go back since I had it for the first time in years the other week. Jared made me shower before heading out. Party pooper! That extra time to shower and look (and smell) respectable made me even hungrier!

I got the beef plate, with brown rice, chilli sauce and I also added guac. I could honestly eat about 8 more servings of guac that size. Jared got Indian, and see that bottle of water there? I brought it from home and have used it multiple times. Because 1. I am a tight ass and refuse to buy water for $3.50 when I could that money to get things like guac. 2. It’s such a waste of plastic to buy a bottle everytime we’re out. I found this in our place, stuffed in the back of one of cupboards. I lost my reusable glass bottle, so decided to use this one instead until I can replace my old one.



It’s Friday today, yay!! For breakfast I had a double shot almond milk latte and bacon and eggs with BBQ sauce on a ciabatta roll. (I promise to treat myself as much next week – my bank account isn’t happy with all my treat yoself food purchases).


For snacks I’ve got an organic banana (I like them brown like this, they’re so much sweeter!) and an Emma and Tom’s Cacao & Coffee Life Bar and for lunch I bought some organic split pea soup because Jared got the last of the roast veggies. 

I hope you enjoyed this week’s WHAT I ATE post! Before I head off, here are my questions for you!

  1. What are you up this weekend? Jared’s parents are still visiting from W.A and they’re coming to stay with us for the weekend so we’ll be taking them to our favourite local spots and I’ll be cooking up some delicious food for them as well. In between all that, I want in to get in some long runs and uni study sessions too. Because you know, I like to set myself really easily achievable goals, hahaha.
  2. What’s your favourite meal of the day? It’s a big toss up between breakfast and dinner. Breakfast is great because I’ve gone more than 8 hours without food and everything tastes like rainbows. Dinner because that’s when I get to have awesome things like spaghetti. Maybe I should just combine both and start having spaghetti for breakfast? 
  3. Most important question of the day – BBQ or tomato sauce on your bacon and egg rolls? BBQ for sure!! But strictly tomato on sausage rolls and pies!