What I Ate #15

Hey lovelies and hellooooo Friday! :)

I’ve got a super exciting weekend of uni assessments, brownie baking (this should actually be priority number one), kitten cuddles and long runs planned. I know, I’m so wild! It’s the long weekend and Jared’s birthday next week, so I’ll be pretty busy then! So I’m trying to cram in as much study and cookie time this weekend!

Now, onto my eats this week! I hope that by sharing my daily meals that it shows you that it’s possible to live a balanced but healthy lifestyle, that all meals don’t have to be “perfect” and that us health nuts still eat our weight of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and enjoy some red wine behind the scenes (or maybe that’s just me?).


I started my morning with a mug of warm water with organic ACV and honey.

Jared also made me a coffee to take into work with me in my thermos. We’re going into saving mode and so I’m cutting down on my morning coffee dates! (Insert major sad face here).


Monday was also about using up leftovers from the weekend! Actually, the whole week was mostly about leftovers, whether it was finishing off stuff from the weekend or cooking lots for dinner and packing it for our lunches the next day! I love leftovers because it’s minimal prep (cook once and eat many times over) and it means less wastage of our food, and we hate wastage!!


Packed for the day I had a wholegrain roll filled with wild mushroom pate, shredded rotisserie chicken and smokey rib BBQ sauce – chicken and rolls leftover from dinner on Saturday. I am currently adddicted to this sauce – no artificial nasties, it’s made from mostly veggies and fruit and it tastes reeeeaaaaally good! I got it from Coles or Woolworths (I can’t remember now), but I want to go back and try all of their other sauces. 


I totally forgot about my sore jaw until I tried to take a bite of this by the way! I had to tear small pieces of it and eat it that way instead! Note to self – no burgers with a sore jaw. 

Lunch was a mixture of my leftover risotto and Jared’s leftover parmigiana from Friday night. Snacks were leftover cracked pepper cream cheese from my cheese platter, brown rice crackers and a banana. I had the cheese and crackers for my morning tea, then I ate about 2/3 of my lunch which was just enough to satisfy me, then I ate the rest of in the afternoon, followed by the banana.

Dinner was a combined effort. Jared chopped up some organic veggies form our produce delivery for me, and then I came home and made them into a soup. I fried off some bacon in butter, added the chopped veggies (1 carrot, 2 zucchinis, 2 capsicums and 1 onion and 2 cloves garlic) into the pot, along with a litre of chicken stock, 1 tin of diced tomatoes, Himalayan salt, pepper and a good sprinkle of Italian herbs. I brought it to the boil, then added in some buckwheat penne and simmered it for about 10-15mins. It was so hearty and delicious and there was plenty of leftovers!



Warm and water, ACV, lemon and honey to start the day. I only have lemon when Jared makes it because I’m too lazy to add it when I’m making it for myself, ha!

I learnt my lesson on Monday – no burgers! Instead, I packed for the day: mountain bread wraps, mixed rocket and baby spinach leaves, mushrooms, vintage cheddar, leftover soup, leftover pate from my cheese board on the weekend and brown rice crackers. 


Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Breakfast was 2 wraps filled with the greens, mushrooms and cheese and warmed up in the microwave until cheese melted. I actually dipped them in a mix of wholegrain mustard and tomato sauce after taking this photo. Ya, I know. Totally wierd combo, but I was really craving it!]

Morning tea I had the pate with crackers. Lunch I had 3/4 of the soup I packed (it was a bigger serving than expected). And my snack in the afternoon was the banana and then a nashi pear I found stashed in the work fridge I must have left there. (Had to slice it, I couldn’t eat it normally because of my jaw).

After my evening run, I got started on dinner. Jared had cut up the leftover roasted pork belly form Sunday lunch and diced the crackling into very small chunks for me (it’s the only way I could eat it), and I threw that in a pan with a bunch of organic bok choy and a sliced zucchini and stir fried it all in the smokey BBQ rib sauce (told you I was addicted), GF kikkoman soy sauce and black pepper. We had it on brown basmati rice. YUM! I had two bowls, because runs make me a bottomless pit!


Oh, the best part. I had one of these post run and while I was cooking dinner. Jared actually had to bite it half for me so I could eat it properly as we keep them in the fridge and they were quite hard and my jaw was still quite sore. How he was able to do that and not eat it all himself is beyond me. I hope I have willpower like his one day! (Somehow I doubt it!)



My usual warm water with organic ACV and honey. 

For breakfast I had 2 slices of Bill’s Organic’s wholemeal sourdough topped with cracked pepper cream cheese (again leftover from my cheeseboard) and sliced cucumbers. 


For my morning snack I had an Emma and Tom’s Banana Bar, which was a total treat. It’s all natural and really delicious, but still quite high in sugar (16g!). 


Lunch was the 1/3 soup leftover from Tuesday (I added extra mushrooms when re-heating), with a mountain bread wrap filled with greens and cheese because 1/3 container of soup definitely wasn’t enough! Afternoon snack was another mountain bread wrap with just cheese, microwaved until melted. And a banana!

Dinner was leftover pork stir fry with an added bunch of bok choy and a bit more sliced pork belly.


Jared had his first game of football for the season, but it was a late game, plus it was a 40min drive away and I had a uni webinar to watch so I didn’t go with him. Instead I watched my webinar as soon as he left (which was over in 45mins) and spent the rest of the time huddled in bed watching season 3 of Boardwalk Empire with Severus and eating more Ferrero Rochers (I left them out of the fridge while dinner was cooking so they wouldn’t be as hard for easier eating!!). Jared busted me with them when he got home – we were supposed to share them and I’ve already eaten almost the whole top layer of them to myself! 



I had my usual warm water with organic ACV and honey. Then I had a pre run breakfast of a wrap filled with peanut butter and honey. But then when I sat down on the couch to let my food settle before running, I got toooooo comfortable and didn’t end up going. And it was raining. There was no chance I was leaving my comfy spot on the couch!


Plus… kitty cuddles. 


I made myself a second breakfast before leaving for work: a wrap with cheddar, 2 fried organic eggs and the smokey rib BBQ sauce. 



For lunch I bought a salad from Bourke St Bakery. It was the salad of the day and it had: barley, mushrooms, feta, artichokes, pickled cabbage and fresh herbs. It also came with the most amazing honey mustard dressing and a thick slice of sourdough (that I couldn’t eat – damn it!!!!). I had about 3/4 of it, which filled me up nicely. I finished it later in the afternoon as my snack!


After my evening run, Jared and I did our usual thing grocery shopping and treating ourselves to dinner. We had dinner before shopping though, after running I was haaaangry! We chose Japanese this week and each got a bento box. I love how cute bento boxes are! Jared got the healthier option of rice and grilled salmon. I got the not so healthy option of fried udon noodles and fried chicken katsu, haha! So yummy and so worth the bit of grease! ;)




I had my usual warm water with organic ACV and honey while I worked on today’s blog post! Then I made coffee and a breakfast of 2 fried organic eggs, a slice of Bills Organic wholemeal sourdough topped with cracked pepper cream cheese. 


And they have been my eats this week so far! I’m sorry I haven’t shared any  full recipe posts lately! Life has been so busy, and my meals have been pretty simple and not very “recipe post worthy.” I hope you still enjoyed the snaps though! I guess it just shows that even in the food blogger world, we also have our “boring” food weeks. I enjoyed every meal I had though, and I have to keep reminding myself that this is the most important part, not just “is it good enough to write up a recipe post for?” 

I do plan to get my creative juices flowing this weekend and drum up a couple of recipes to share next week though, so keep an eye out for those! 

I best get to work now! If you have a moment, I would love to hear from you below!


Questions for you!

  • Do you prefer brownies or cookies? This is an important question and will help to determine what I bake this weekend and share with you! 
  • Are you working out this weekend? What are you doing? LONG RUN for me!! I love my weekend run, I always look forward to them!
  • Favourite ice cream flavour? I’m usually a boysenberry, a salted caramel or “hokey pokey” (honeycomb and caramel) kind of person. But I found a JAM DOUGHNUT flavoured one yesterday that I’m trying out this weekend. I’ll let you know how it is.



8 thoughts on “What I Ate #15

  1. LOVE COOKIES! I am a cookie fiend they are my weakness! I think baking them might be on the cards for me too.
    Loving hearing about your weeks – eats runs highs and lows, its all very comforting in some way..
    You have actually inspired me to start running again, 5km is the mark I usually aim for and I hit it twice this week! Other mornings were spent going for walks with my music and the sunrise, great way to start the day :)
    I love the variety of foods you eat, my breakfast and lunches are usually quite the same, but I’m excited for winter foods, not so much the rain and cold, but definitely the food!
    Look forward to your next post as always :)

    1. Ok, you’ve convinced me. Cookies are definitely being made this weekend! :). That’s really sweet of you to say, I write and write and write, and it’s nice to know there are people out there that both read and enjoy what I post about my life! And awesome about the running!! I don’t know why I ever gave it up, but I’m so glad to have it back in my life. Congrats on hitting 5km TWICE this week, solid effort! I am a big fan of winter foods too! I don’t like the cold weather, but I LOVE comfort food! I can’t wait to bring out the slow cooker again soon. Thanks for reading Kailie xx

  2. Hi Laura ! First, answers to your questions : I prefer brownies over cookies because I always find cookies a bit dry. My favourite ice cream flavours are mango, passion fruit and rasberry (I’m don’t really have a sweet tooth so I like fruit-flavours better). And this weekend I’ll actually try Pilates (if I manage to get my ass of the couch !). One of my favourite blogger/youtuber, Jenny Mustard, posted a Pilates routine a while ago and I’ve meant to try it for ages.
    Now I have a bit of a trivial question for you : how do you fit your lunch and snacks in your bag ? Is your bag big or do you have a separate bag for your food ? I’m asking because mine (it’s a Kanken backpack, so rather large) can’t fit all of my food without looking like the shell of a turtle.
    I really love reading those What I ate updates ! Have a wonderful week-end lovely !

    1. That’s very true! I love my cookies chewy in the centre for that reason! Mmmmmm mango, I love mango ice cream/sorbet. I love pilates, such a good work out! It’s been so long since I’ve done it! In answer to your question, I have a giant handbag that usually fits all my food. Otherwise I just carry whatever doesn’t fit in a seperate canvas bag. I’m lucky to have lots of fridge and shelf space at work to keep my food so I don’t have to carry a lot on a day to day basis too!

  3. Haha I was so surprised to read that you thought your weeks meals were boring because I totally disagree!
    I would love a blog post from you on a how-to of putting together a stirfry/what-not with leftover ‘stuff’.. because thats an art I never quite have the imagination for! (Maybe its because my parents brought me up on flavourless meat and potato dishes, haha!)

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