What I Ate #16

Hi lovelies! How great is it waking up and knowing it’s Friday?! I am looking forward to this weekend even more so than usual because:

a) It’s a long weekend! Who doesn’t love extended weekends?

b) We’re seeing my parents tonight for pizza and wine and I love all three of those things. 

c) There’s homemade steak and Guinness pie on the cards for Saturday (yes, I’m excited for pie – of course I am!).

d) All you can eat Japanese on Sunday. Need I say more?

To kick start this Friday, I’m going to share with you ALL of my eats this week! I love that you guys love this weekly post as much as I love sharing it! 

Here they are!


I started my morning with a mug of warm water, organic ACV, juice of half a lime and a teaspoon of local and raw honey. I love starting my weekdays like this. Because I get up when it’s still dark (around 5:30am) to either get my uni work or blogging done, it helps to wake me up, it warms me up and it’s so soothing, plus it helps to kick start my digestive system. I call it my ACV tea!

Breakfast was had about an hour later, and was a mountain bread wrap, pepper cream cheese, rocket, baby spinach and 2 soft boiled organic eggs. It was ok. The mountain bread started cracking from the heat of the eggs and it all fell apart and got really messy really quickly. I ended up just eating about 2/3 of it before giving up. I also packed coffee to go!


Lunch was 2 homemade chicken teriyaki patties, with brown rice and fresh cucumber and lime. My snacks were the snack mix and chilli peas I bought on the weekend (I packed enough for a few days), banana and plum. I ate everything minus about 1/3 of the rice (I stopped when I was full) and the plum (I wasn’t feeling it).


I came home and went straight to the study to watch a lecture before I got side tracked. I had a cup of herbal tea, a Ferrero Rocher and small handful of nuts to munch on while studying.

Dinner was courtesy of Jared that night! I had this really, really big craving for his potato chips earlier in the day and he agreed to make them! I also realised why I was craving them when I checked what date it was. I was due for my period later in the week (TMI – sorry any random dudes out there that might be reading!) and I always crave carbs for the few days leading up to it. And potatoes are my all time favourite source of carbs during this time. 


He made chips, cooked up a couple of free range, organic Angus beef patties with cheese and I whipped up a quick salad of organic lettuce and cherry tomatoes (dressing was just olive oil, ACV, salt and pepper shaken in a jar). So good! I only ate half of my patty, I just couldn’t finish the rest because I was “too full.” Mind you, I still managed to eat all my chips, salad and then went on to finish all of the leftover chips in the pan too, oops!


ACV tea to begin my day, as well as a lecture!

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Then for breakfast I made a whole tray of kale chips because my potato chip craving was still going strong, but I figured I should try to eat some greens too! I tossed some organic dinosaur kale (cavolo nero) in olive oil, garlic powder and turmeric and popped it under the grill while my soft boiled eggs cooked. I added Himalayan salt to the kale, and pepper and a small dash of GF soy sauce to my eggs. YUM!

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Lunch was supposed to be my chicken patties again, but as mentioned in my recipe post, Jared “accidentally” ate them and I still haven’t forgiven yet days on. So I had a egg and crest sandwich from Sonoma Cafe for lunch. It was delicious but it was $8!! I could almost hear my bank card sighing as I tapped it. The 11 seed sourdough it was on tasted so good though. I fell in love. I actually ended up buying a loaf for $7. Yes, the giant loaf cost me more than my tiny sandwich. I too was confused. However, all I could think about was all the delicious carby meals I could make with it (for a heck of a lot cheaper).

Also, check out that counter. I want to eat every overpriced sandwich and pastry in it. 


I also polished off the nut/chilli pea mix (oops – those peas are so damn addictive!), a banana, my leftover plum and some cheese slices during the day.

When I got home, I did some uni work and snacked on more nuts and peas. Jared also gave me a Ferrero Rocher mid-lecture, he just gets me!


For dinner we had…. POTATOES! Surprise, surprise haha. I actually had all intentions of having baked potatoes with bacon, cheese and pineapple, but when I got home I realised we were out of foil to wrap the potatoes. BUMMER! We ended up using the same ingredients anyway.

Jared ended up making baked wedges out of white and sweet potatoes tossed in olive oil, mixed herbs, chilli and powder and I made us each 3 egg omelettes stuffed with bacon, jalapenos, pineapple and cheese. Weird combination, but it surprisingly worked! It was incredibly filling though, I think I had maybe half of it? Again, I finished all the potatoes and then some. PMS carb cravings are no joking matter!

(I thought I had a picture of this – but I’m not sure where it went?)


ACV tea to begin my day! Then Jared and I had coffee together and I made us a fancy birthday breakfast of sourdough and PB! I wasn’t too hungry that morning. I was quite tired and feeling a but run down, and I could only have one slice. I had the other slice once I got to work.

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Then I made my lunch which was a sandwich made of sourdough, 2 hard-boiled organic eggs and spring onion. It was also supposed to have rocket… but someone ate all the greens. Not naming names… (JARED). Birthday boy got in trouble for that! I also put wholegrain mustard on it once I got to work.


For snacks I packed more nuts and peas and a whole bag of grapes to keep at work.



For his birthday dinner, we had Indian, wine and Bavarian cheesecake! (Post is here>>). It was a great quiet night in together! :)


Had my usual ACV tea, followed by a slice of 11 seed sourdough toasted and topped with PB and honey. After letting it settle, I went for a nice morning run (more on that in my next running update).

FullSizeRender (1)

After my run I made and packed my meals for the day. You’ll notice the lack of potatoes or chip related foods. This is probably TMI, but Mother Nature visited overnight, and by morning all potato/carby cravings were gone. All I craved now was veggies and fruits. And lots of them! Weird how our bodies change like that? It’s like it knew now was the time to nourish it with as much good food as possible!

We had received plenty of fruit from our weekly produce box, and so I decided to make the most of it by making a fruit salad. This had half a rockmelon, 2 plums, a kiwi and a few bits of leftover pineapple from our omelettes earlier in the week. 

For lunch I made a big salad from lettuce, cucumber and mushrooms. Jared thinks I’m weird for eating mushrooms raw, but I love mushrooms that much that I could eat them raw or cooked! I also packed a tin of tuna to have on it.

For my post run breakfast, all I wanted was a banana cacao smoothie, but it wasn’t until I went to make it that I realised we were out of milk. BUMMER. I settled for taking an extra tin of tuna to work. On the way there, I stopped at the shops to get a box of Organ buckwheat crackers to put them on. I also got a container of cottage cheese to put on my salad later.

I had crackers with tuna, and it didn’t fill me up. My post running body was asking for more food, so I had some of the fruit salad with cottage cheese. I forgot how much I loved cottage cheese until that point. It was so delicious with the fruit!! I preferred it to yoghurt (which can sometimes be too sour and overpowering for me). 


For lunch, I had the salad with tuna and more cheese. It works well with savoury meals too. A really nice alternative to creamy salad dressings, with the added bonus of it having some protein too! 

(I took this photo purely to send to Jared to show him my salad was literally bigger than my head, haha!).


In the afternoon I had more fruit salad, cottage cheese and added some walnuts I had stashed in my work drawer. It was a winning combo! 


Thursday night is our grocery night, and usually we get sushi train but it wasn’t in our budget this week as we’d already had take out once this week already (for his birthday). So we settled for $5 boxes from the Thai place. I got a green curry!


On our shopping trip, I convinced him these were a necessity, even though they weren’t on our shopping list. Who can say no to $1 blocks of chocolate? I got rice crisps for me, and Jared chose coconut. We had them for dessert when we got home with some herbal tea. Such a delicious little treat! They’re in Aldi if you’re interested!



ACV tea, followed by coffee and breakfast with Jared. He made the coffee, while I made the breakfast! Kale chips (same recipe as Tuesday), toasted sourdough and scrambled eggs (4 eggs, fresh parsley, splash of GF soy sauce, pepper and splash of rice milk cooked in olive oil because we were out of butter and then split between both of us).

SO GOOD! It’s been decided it’s going to be tomorrow’s breakfast too!



Snacks for today are leftover grapes and fruit salad with cottage cheese and walnuts, and lunch is tuna, cheese and cucumber on buckwheat crackers. 

And that’s it for this week! I hope you enjoyed my recap!


Questions for you!

  • What are your plans for the weekend? Are you excited for anything? I’m excited for pizza, seeing my parents, wine, pie, sushi and cocktails.
  • Do eat raw mushrooms? YES! Raw, cooked, whatever and however. I love my mushrooms. 
  • What are your PMS cravings? Carbs (potatoes especially) for the few days before, then VEGGIES and chocolate during. 


Have you seen the other posts from this week?


Hope you all have a fab weekend!!