What I Ate #19

Hey lovelies! IT’S FRIYAY!!! I am pretty damn excited for this weekend. My sister and her little fam-bam are up visiting from Melbourne and have been staying with my mum since last night. They’re all coming over to our place for a belated Mother’s Day celebration tomorrow and I can’t wait! Our gatherings are usually an all day event and we always end up eating, drinking and laughing too much.

On the menu is: homemade BBQ skewers, potato bake, pesto pasta salad and fresh prawns for lunch, and then homemade lasagna, Greek salad and my sister is bringing her famous seafood fried rice. I love cooking for people, and when it’s for my family I get even more excited!

Speaking of food, let’s get into my foodie recap for the week!


I started my day with something DIFFERENT to my usual warm water, ACV and honey. I swapped ACV for the juice of half a lime because we were out of ACV. I know, I’m living life on the edge. After I fed Severus, I realised it was raining outside. I was secretly happy, because that meant I could skip my run and cuddle Severus on the couch instead.


For breakfast, we had grilled tuna toast. I toasted up two big slices of Sonoma ancient grains sourdough, then topped each with tomato slices, a tin of tuna (I chose mango chilli for mine – YUM!), added jalapeños and tasty cheese and popped them under the grill until cheese melted. I had my coffee to go.

For lunch I had some of the pumpkin and red lentil soup we had leftover from Sunday. We actually had it stirred through spelt penne, and it was so delicious like that! I took the last of the pasta/soup mix, topped with extra pepper and crumbled feta. I also packed an apple and PB for my snack.


I was craving the pasta around 11, so I ate about 1/4 of the container and that carried me through to my lunch break at 1ish. I then had some more of it (maybe half a containers’ worth?) and that filled me up right to almost 5, which is when I had my apple, which I sliced and dipped in the PB before leaving work.

Dinner was a simple one, as I wanted to get some uni work done. Jared made some awesome chips (sweet potato and regular potato tossed in olive oil and his own mix of random herbs and spices and baked for 25mins/200 degrees celsius, flipped halfway) and I made scrambled eggs. I fried some non GMO tofu cubes in olive oil until edges were golden, then I added 6 eggs that I’d whisked together with pepper, spring onion, diced tomatoes, jalapeños and GF soy sauce and cooked it like normal scrambled eggs. I also added some organic mixed greens on the side, and used fresh lemon for dressing.


After I did my uni work, we ended the night by watching Archer (such a wildly inappropriate but hilarious cartoon series) and ate a few squares of chocolate each.


Warm water, lime juice and honey to start my morning, followed by a run! (Update on my running progress soon). 

I was starving when I got home, and Jared had sourdough sliced and eggs in a bowl ready to be seasoned and whisked when I got home. I added H. salt, pepper and splash of rice milk before whisking and cooking it in a pan with butter. Surprisingly, I had time to eat it before leaving (a rarity on mornings that I run). Coffee was taken to go though!


For the day, I packed the last of the pumpkin soup, an apple and a couple of squares of dark chocolate. 


I got hungry mid morning and had the leftover 1/4 container of pasta from Monday. Lunch was half of the soup (there was surprisingly a lot in that deceptively small looking container) and the pear I didn’t on Monday. My snack was the apple dipped in leftover PB and the dark choc.

Jared picked me up after work and we went straight to Aldi to get some groceries for the mother’s day feast. We usually go on a Thursday night, so it really threw us off in two ways:

1.Jared totally forgot we were going and picked me up in his “home clothes” and slippers. I laughed so hard. I made him go out in it for forgetting, it was great!


2. We always treat ourselves to an el cheapo food court dinner before grocery shopping so we didn’t prepare anything for dinner that night, but when we got there saw that all the eateries were closed because it wasn’t Thursday (duh!).


Problem solved though. I picked up a frozen spinach and ricotta cannelloni from Aldi for us to pop in the oven when we got home!

While it baked, I did some uni work. It took less than 30mins though, AND it was actually really delicious for a $10 frozen dinner. Winner winner cannelloni dinner! I thought I should add some fresh veggies to the meal though, so I chopped up some cucumber and carrot, and added crumbled feta and some jalapenos for the laziest salad in the world (we had no lettuce – our produce box comes on Wednesdays and our lettuce is always gone by then!).


I tried to do some more uni work after dinner but I was pooped. Severus crawled into bed with me as I attempted to watch a lecture, and he was asleep within 5 minutes on me. Then before I knew it, I was asleep too! I woke up after my lecture had finished, oops! I was too tired to keep going so I just gave in and called it a night!


I skipped my usual lime/ACV tea and went straight to the coffee on Wednesday. I felt more tired than usual and I needed caffeine so Jared made me a delicious mug of coffee while I made us breakfast of toasted sourdough with cheese melted on it, then topped with sliced tomato and a couple of rashers of bacon.


I packed a random assortment of things packed for the day: an avo, tomato, a lime, spanish onion, spring onion, an apple and a banana. Everything minus the apple and banana were going to be combined together and made into a big bowl of guac because I’d been craving it and hadn’t had it in a while. 


On the way to work, I was still feeling a bit tired so I stopped to get a carrot, cloudy apple and ginger juice (I love this one from Emma & Tom’s) for a pick me up and a much needed chapstick. The cooler weather had been wreaking havoc on my lips and I had somehow misplaced all of my awesome natural/organic lip balms so Nivea had to do (it was actually surprisingly good by the way!).


I had the juice on the way to work then for morning tea around 11, I remembered I had the rest of the soup leftover from Tuesday and happily warmed that up. Lunch was at 1 and I had a big bowl of not quite authentic but still delicious guac (whole avo smashed and mixed with a diced tomato, a bit of spring onion, a bit of finely diced spanish onion, juice of half a lime and salt and pepper) spread on the last of my rice cakes I keep at work. This was SO GOOD. Really hit the spot. Afternoon snack was a fruit salad of sorts made up of a sliced banana and a diced apple, and a couple of squares of white chocolate from our work stash.



Dinner was fried rice made from red rice, bacon, tofu, half a head of broccoli, frozen peas, corn and carrot mix, 2 zucchinis a good splash of teriyaki sauce and GF soy sauce. I also topped our bowls with fried organic eggs. I ended up eating 2 bowls of this and complaining to Jared I was “too full” for about 15mins straight.

It definitely fuelled me for my uni work that night though, and I definitely didn’t need any dessert, haha!



Warm water, lime juice and honey to start my morning, followed by breakfast of toasted and buttered sourdough, fried eggs and kale chips (kale, olive oil, turmeric, cumin and H. salt). 


Food packed for the day was leftover fried rice and an egg, plus 2 apples and PB for my snacks. 


I had 1/4 of the fried rice mid morning because I was too excited for it to wait until lunch. Then I ate the rest at 1pm as well as a few squares of white chocolate, and then I grazed on the apples and PB for the afternoon. 

We had to go back to the shops on Thursday night because silly us we forgot to buy some things on Tuesday night. Namely Mother’s Day presents. I know, we are terrible!! Before shopping, we stopped for dinner at our favourite Asian joint in the food court. Beef laksa for Jared and veggo wonton noodle soup for me (I LOVE that  it’s only $9 and comes PACKED with veggies and wontons). And of course pickled chillies, essential for noodle soups!



At about 9:30 last night, we got hungry again and we each snacked on 2 rice cakes topped with feta cheese and a cuppa!

And that’s all of my eats for the week! I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap!

Questions for you!

  • Have you ever been to the shops in your slippers or other embarrassing attire?
  • Did you eat a frozen meal this week? What was it? CONFESS! (No judgement here!) That frozen cannelloni was seriously tasty for a frozen meal. I have no shame in admitting that I would totally buy it again for one of treat nights! 
  • What are you looking forward to this week?


I haven’t done this on the blog before, but I’d really like to start adding it to my Friday posts. So here is a little round up of photos of your recreations of my recipes that I’ve been tagged in recently!

The lovely @sappyblossom made my Speedy Spice Rubbed Chicken for her little boy and he loved it which makes me incredibly happy!


Andrea of Instagram page @aa.bbg made my Banana Oat Bars and they looked so good! Look how thick and delicious that bar is! Thanks Andrea!!image2 image3

Have you tried one of my recipes and want to see your snap here? Feel free to post it on my Facebook page or if you’re posting it on Instagram, tag me and add #onedishaway (that part is important, sometimes I get influxes of notifications at a time and I miss it, and the hashtag lets me scroll through and find it later on). Don’t have social media? Email me your creations to onedishaway@hotmail.com. I would love to share your snaps right here on the blog! :) 

To end my post, here is a comic strip from the Awkward Yeti that made me giggle (as do most if his comics!). This is definitely an exact representation of my stomach when I attempt to do groceries when I’m hungry!

13174219_1018479604894381_7940104991734256919_nHave an awesome weekend everyone!