What I Ate #2

Hi lovelies, how was this week for you all? Mine was really good, filled with work, blogging and studying!

I’m really happy that my first weekly recap was so well received last week. I got some really positive feedback on both here and my Instagram page, and I had a lot of fun doing it too. Let’s definitely make this a regular thing, hey?

This week’s recap is a little different from last week’s, as I started back up at work on Monday. Expect to see lots of packed meals, quick dinners and sneaky photos of my food taken at work under awful lighting (my inner perfectionist is unimpressed – but it’s for the greater good, right?).


This was my first day back at work, and I wanted it to be as stress free as possible. I fell into the awful habit towards the end of last year of waking up late and rushing around every morning like a mad woman. This wasn’t great. I’d get stressed out, I’d get angry at Jared for the smallest things and it would set me off to have a stressful morning because I was in such an awful mood. It really wasn’t a good way to start my day. So I made a promise to myself that this year, I wouldn’t let myself get that to that stage again.


On Monday, I woke up slowly at 6am and put the kettle on. I rolled my yoga mat out on my balcony and did a couple of rounds of Sun Salutation as the sun rose. It was absolutely blissful. The warm sun on my face and the gentle stretching was an absolutely beautiful (and stress free) way to wake up. I actually came up with the idea to do yoga on my balcony on Sunday night as it was too hot in our apartment. It felt incredible to have the summer breeze in my hair, to be surrounded by my little plants and just to be outside instead of being cramped in our tiny study or trying to (unsuccessfully) find my zen in the living room while Jared’s playing video games. I knew I had to make it a regular thing. It felt too damn good not to!


After that, I sat down with a mug of ACV “tea”: warm water, a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar and half a teaspoon of organic honey.I love starting my day with this drink! I’ll go into all the health benefits in another post, but aside from all thouse, it’s just a nice comforting drink to wake up with. I sipped on this while I looked through my diary for this weeks tasks and did a little Insta scrolling.

Jared woke up about 10 minutes later and we both got ready for work. I cooked us breakfast: kale sauteed in organic butter, turmeric and chilli flakes, 2 eggs (each) cooked in organic coconut oil and a wedge of avo with salt, pepper and chilli. We had to leave earlier than usual so I packed them for us to eat at work instead of having a sit down breakfast. While I got ready, Jared made us each a coffee to enjoy together before leaving. My usual at-home coffee: Moccona instant coffee (usually hazelnut, caramel or vanilla flavoured) with organic rice milk and a teaspoon organic honey.


I actually ended up eating a few bites of my breakfast with my coffee because I felt hungry. I didn’t want to scoff it all down in 5 minutes, as that tends to make me feel sick and bloated. I had enough to satisfy my hunger and I knew it would carry me over until I got to work and could enjoy the rest of it.

This is what I packed for our day. I had the eggs, kale and avo for breakfast. I had a big bag of raw walnuts and 2 plums and a peach for a snack (that bag of walnuts is for the whole week – not just for one day!). And lunch was leftover Tadka Dahl and brown rice from our weekend take out treat. Jared had the same, except his bag of walnuts was bigger and he had homemade fried rice for lunch (veggies and brown rice) which was leftover from the weekend too. It had a little bacon it too, which unfortunately meant it wasn’t totally meat free Monday friendly, but it had to be eaten and I wasn’t going to let good food go to waste!


I had the rest of my breakfast at about 9:30am when I felt hungry again. This held me over until about 12:30, and that’s when I had my dahl and rice. I had a few bites left, and I knew I was full, but I ate it anyway. I was a little uncomfortable for about half an hour, but ok after that. Lesson learned though = don’t overeat when you have to sit at a desk all day. At about 3, I ate a handful of the walnuts and the plums. 

When I got home from work, I relaxed with Jared for about half an hour while I waited for it to cool down a little outside, then popped out onto the balcony to practice some yoga. I was out there for about half an hour and it was so lovely. I laid down for savasna pose to end my practice, and ended up getting distracted by the blue sky and clouds. Instead of savasna, I laid there with my hands behind my head and watched the clouds for five minutes. I can’t remember the last time I did that, and it honestly was so peaceful. I felt like a child again. If you haven’t done in a while, please do! 


After yoga and cloud watching, I was starving. I was going to make tofu and veggie stir fry, but I couldn’t wait for the rice to cook! So we made tofu and veggie rice paper wraps instead! I showed Jared how to prepare the tofu (we get the organic, non gmo one from Aldi) by: slicing it, and frying it in coconut oil and tiny splash of soy sauce. While he did that, I chopped/sliced up some: lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, tomato and avo. We filled a bowl with water and just dipped our wraps and made them as we went along, instead of pre-making them. I prefer doing it this way, so much easier! Such a quick dinner prep too, we were eating within 15 minutes!


I didn’t count how many I ate, as I focused more on how full and satisfied I was, rather than how many rolls is a “good number” of rolls to eat. All I know is, all those lovely veggies were pretty much gone, and so was the tofu! YUM!

We didn’t have any dessert that night, our dinner carried us through all night and I had no cravings or hunger.


On Tuesday, I started my day the same way, with yoga at sunrise and my ACV tea afterwards. The sunrise was a real beauty!


For breakfast, Jared cooked up some: kale and bacon in coconut oil, with pepper and turmeric. I also made us some rice crackers to go with it. He had: cheese and tomato with avo on the side. I had: avo and tomato. He also made us coffee. I love having him in the kitchen helping me out, especially in the mornings. It really helps because I have more time to then pack our lunches and get myself ready.


For lunch, I was really lazy with our prep that morning and didn’t feel like making anything fancy, so I just threw some veggies in a wok with some coconut oil, tamari, organic honey and cooked it like a stir fry. I also packed mixed seeds to sprinkle over the top.

It was a really warm morning (29 degrees before 9am!), and it takes me 15 minutes to walk to and from work from the station. I had forgotten to take water, and I knew I would need hydration so I got myself a Remedy Kombucha. I also picked up some Dr Stuart’s Extraordinary Good Tea for later on as well. It gets super cold in my office, and I love sipping on herbal teas to warm myself up. This one had: red clover, nettle leaves, dandelion leaves, burdock root, chammomile, lemon peel and lemon balm.


I had some of the kombucha on the walk, and drank the rest throughout the morning. At about 11am, I got hungry. It was too early for lunch, so I had my snack instead: walnuts and 2 plums. I also tried out the tea which was delicious!

I actually didn’t get to have lunch until about 2pm as I got caught up with a work task. I scoffed down my lunch, which was delicious! Unfortunately it didn’t hold me over for very long. And I know it’s because my meal did not have enough protein or fat (which both help to keep you satiated for longer – amongst other wonderful things).

I was hungry again at 3:30pm, and I knew wouldn’t be home until at least 6pm. It was far too long to wait. Being hungry for 3 hours sounded awful, and definitely not great for my body. I knew I needed something small to get me through, so I had another herbal tea to get me through until 5pm, then I bought a small pot of Jalna pot-set vanilla yoghurt before hopping on the train home.


It was really delicious, I love Jalna pot-set yoghurts (bush honey is my favourite), but even though they’re sweetened with natural fruit juice instead of cane sugar, some of them are still quite high in sugar (this one is 20g for the small pot). Some of that will of course be from the natural sugar found in full fat milk (I never buy the low-fat/no-fat stuff), but some was from the fruit juice and still more sugar than I like to have in such a small snack. So I had half the pot, which was just enough for me to enjoy it and keep my hunger at bay for the next hour without spoiling my appetite for dinner or overdoing it on the sugar.

For dinner, Jared and I actually joined forces and cooked together. He made the most amazing spice rubbed grass fed fillet steaks. I think he used curry powder, turmeric, ground coriander and salt and pepper. It was a 200g steak, which was a big serving of meat for me, so for mine I had him cut it in half so I could enjoy it again the next day. He also made a fresh garden salad, and I made a broccoli and bacon salad (which was so-damn-good, it will be on the blog next week!). 



Such a great combination, and look at all those yummy veggies! Such an enjoyable dinner, and it took next to no time!

I spent the night doing some work for my blog (exciting things coming for you guys), then we crawled into bed at about 10pm to watch dorky game shows on his phone (think QI – we are so into them!). I got a bit peckish at this point, so I brought us in some snacks: a few gluten free milk arrowroot bickies and some organic rice milk (just enough for mandatory dipping purposes).



Wednesday started with 6am Sun Salutations and ACV tea. It was a bit of a struggle getting up, I won’t lie. It was grey, cloudy and very much bed weather.  But I reminded myself that creating new habits needed dedication. So I pulled myself out of bed, and I felt so much better when I got stuck into my Sun Salutations. I’m so proud of myself!

Breakfast was cooked by Jared: bacon, eggs and a bit of salad leftover from my lunch prep.


For our lunches, I decided to make rice paper wraps with: lettuce, capsicum, tomato, onion, avo and my other half of the steak from dinner. This really only took me about 15-20 minutes to do! 



We had breakfast and coffee together, then left for work. I had a cup of Dr Stuart’s Tea mid-morning as a pick-me-up, then ate the rest of my Jalna yoghurt with walnuts and seeds at about 11. 


I ate my rice paper wraps around 1ish, and made myself a green tea to sip on after it. This held me over for quite some time. I didn’t need to eat until I got home at 6!

I had defrosted a free range chook during the day and Jared had butterflied it for me just before I got home. So all I had to do was add a spice rub and pop it in the oven and forget about it for 40 minutes. It was so simple and delicious! I’ll share the recipe next week, it’s such a good weeknight meal because it requires such little effort! While that cooked, I got started on my coursework and had a small snack of brie cheese, grapes, walnuts and a couple of gluten free arrowroot biscuits.



When it was done, I made some veggies to go with it. All I did was: steam green beans and par-boiled cauliflower, then tossed it in a pan with organic butter and garlic.


We cut the chicken into 4 pieces, and we each had a breast and wing section, with loads of veggies. It was so good! I didn’t finish all my chicken though, there was far too much for me. I just added to it our leftover, which we split and packed for our lunch on Thursday. 

No dessert as dinner really filled us up. I did some more coursework after dinner, showered then retired to bed at about 10 to watch more videos with Jared!


I had my usual start – yoga and ACV tea. Jared joined me not long after, he’s been trying to get up earlier too. I think I’ve rubbed off on him! He cooked us some eggs and bacon for breakfast, and I finished it off with buttery onions while he made coffee. I was so sad when we left because I realised I forgot to drink my coffee. I was totally distracted by our morning conversation and getting ready afterwards that I put it down and forgot about it. *sigh. #coffeeloverproblems.


For lunch, we had leftover chicken and veggies. And I also packed us some grapes to have with our walnuts we both had at work for snacks.


I also bought another Remedy Kombucha for my walk to work. I was going to buy a coffee to make up for the one I left at home, but it was 30 degrees out and it would’ve just dehyrated me and made me feel more hot. So kombucha it was! I got the lemon ginger one this time, my favourite!

I had a handful of walnuts and a mug of green tea at midday, and then ate my lunch around one. This held me over for quite some time, and I didn’t eat my grapes until about 4:30. 

We had to stop and do our grocery shopping straight after work and by then I was just more than ready to go home. It had been a big week – my first full week at work for the year, plus I had been studying for my course or working on the blog every night after work. I was a bit tired, I didn’t feel like cooking even though we had some perfectly good salmon defrosted at home, I honestly just didn’t want a bar of it. (REAL TALK). So we bought some Thai and had that instead. Salmon would have to wait for tonight’s dinner instead.


We also had a few gluten free arrowroot biscuits and rice milk as a treat a couple of hours later.

And that’s been my week so far! I just want to note that upon reflection, this week has actually been a little different to how I would normally prep for my work weeks. I would usually cook extra for dinner, so I can just pack leftovers for lunch and save time. But we didn’t have much leftovers this week, so I had to make lunch most mornings. I think next week I’ll plan better, and have more leftover so it’s less work for me.

That’s it for me now. I hope you enjoyed my rather lengthy recap! Before I sign off, I’d love to know:

  • Do you meal prep? 
  • What are your favourite easy lunch options?

Laura xx


  1. All sounds so delish …… I’ll be working on my food prep this week too, getting back on track and looking to save time and become a no waste kitchen.

    1. Thanks Rhonda! I’m hoping to have more make ahead meals prepared next week too, it will save me so much more time if I do!

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