Hiya lovelies, can you believe it’s Friday already?! I feel like the last couple of weeks have been absolutely flying by! I’m actually really excited to not have any plans this weekend except unpacking. We had a jam packed one last weekend and although I got to catch up with some of my closest friends, my mind kept wandering to the big mess that was waiting for me at home. Tomorrow the only things on my to-do list are to visit my local gym for the first time (YES – I joined a gym, more on that soon!) and to get started on unpacking and organising our spare room (otherwise referred to the place we put everything that currently doesn’t fit anywhere else).

Before I get carried away chatting about extremely exciting weekend plans, let’s get into my week’s eats! I love this part of my week where I get to share with you all the delicious meals I had. If you’re new here and want to know more about why I share these meals, you can check out my previous WHAT I ATE post and learn a little more about it there! For regular readers, let’s get into it!

Weekend Meal Prep

I didn’t much prep on the weekend. I did however, make a really delicious slow cooker Pea, Ham and Pumpkin Soup on Saturday while I cleaned and after 6.5 hours, I had lunch sorted for both of us for the week. Awesome, right?? I love my slow cooker and I’ll be sure to post the recipe for this tasty meal next week!


I had myself a warm mug of lemon and honey water, and packed my meals for the day.

For breakfast I packed multigrain sourdough to toast at work and top with smoked salmon, 2 days worth of the pea, ham and pumpkin soup for lunch, and some bell pepper, feta and garlic dip, brown rice crackers, an apple, pear and orange for my snacks.


I actually had an early mark at work on Monday so I could meet Jared for a bit of a date night. We had tickets to see Rhys Nicholson and wanted to grab some dinner beforehand. We wanted just a simple pub dinner, so we went to Kings Cross Hotel which was near the event. We had happy hour red wines and for dinner Jared had the special – lamb curry, naan and rice and I had the haloumi burger which was heavenly. I finished all of my burger and Jared and I split the chips because there was so much. By sharing it, it was the perfect amount to keep me satisfied and happy throughout the night.


We had such a good time at the show and were back home in bed by 10pm!


I woke up, had my lemon and honey water, and then got myself ready for the day. I didn’t get to eat my fruit on Monday because I left work early, and I knew I still had some soup leftover for lunch, so I didn’t pack any food for the day. What I forgot was the sourdough and smoked salmon I was supposed to pack for breakfast, oops! I stopped by the shops and picked up some of my current favourite falafels. I heated 4 of the up, and crumbled them over 3 rice cakes (I keep an emergency stash at work) that I had spread with leftover red pepper and feta dip. So good!!

For lunch I had the rest of my soup, and in the afternoon I skipped the fruit because I wasn’t hungry. The soup filled me up for hours!

For dinner, Jared cooked us up some super delicious open steak sandwiches. We sliced some steaks through the middle to make some thin steaks, seasoned them and popped them on some toasted sourdough with organic lettuce and radish, cheese and mine also had a bit of bruschetta dip spread on one, and beetroot dip on the other.It was incredibly delicious but filling. I think I finished everything except a few bites of one of the steak pieces. Jared was more than happy to take it off my hands!

Also – if you’re wondering why there seems to be an abundance of dips in this post, it’s because we went to a picnic party on Sunday and I stocked up on ALL THE DIPS. (Best decision ever).



I didn’t have my usual lemon and honey water because we were unfortunately out of lemons and I forgot to restock it, so I had myself coffee.

For breakfast I packed some sourdough, tuna and cheese to make grilled cheese tuna toasties under our grill at work and it was such a great  idea. It was so warm and nourishing and felt so good, I could have had 100 more.


For lunch I packed some more soup, and I still had my fruit leftover, so I didn’t pack anymore snacks. I find it so hard to motivate myself to eat fruit in the winter time. I just don’t feel like it. But when I actually made myself a fruit salad that afternoon, I remembered just how good fruit was. Especially apples and oranges which are in season at the moment and are just so sweet and delicious. I fell in love with fruit all over again that!

Another thing I’ve been enjoying is a mid-morning or lunchtime coffee. One of the girls at my work will do a coffee run during the day and it’s been such a nice treat to sip on a delicious long black or warming latte. I think I had maybe 2-3 this week and they’ve all been so good!


We get our fruit and veg box on Wednesdays, and I always get inspired to eat a tonne of veggies when I see it! So on Wednesday night, I cut up loads of red cabbage, broccoli and green capsicum and cooked it in some coconut oil and added a good splash of GF soy sauce, some oyster sauce, pepper, sunflower seeds and fried garlic to it. I also enjoyed an organic decaf coffee and played some Regina Spektor and Lisa Mitchell while cooking, and it made the whole cooking process even more enjoyable!

To have with the stir fry, Jared cooked up some brown rice and I pan fried some sustainable hoki fish fillets (from the frozen section in Aldi!) in coconut oil and seasoned simply with Himalayan salt and pepper. Also, cooking in egg boots is the best idea in the world. So much comfort!


This bowl was so simple, nourishing and satisfying. I don’t know why I don’t cook this meal more often!


For dessert, I had a Sleepytime Vanilla tea and a dark chocolate digestive biscuit and Arnott’s scotch finger. Yum!


Still no lemons, so I had a coffee upon waking. I then packed tuna, sourdough and cheese for breakfast. I was craving another tuna cheese toastie!

For lunch I packed leftover stir fry and fish. We had eaten all of the brown rice, but luckily we had some basmati rice in the fridge. I also packed an apple and orange to make myself a fruit salad in the afternoon again.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I should also note here that I also sip on a lot of water and herbal tea and have a jar of mixed nuts and raisins I keep in my drawer that I have a small handful of if I find myself hungry between meals too. I also stop in for an almond latte on some mornings on the way to work too.

For dinner on Thursday, we went to our favourite sushi train spot. It’s become a bit of tradition that we stop there to have some sushi and udon noodles before we do our weekly grocery shopping.

I split a plate of salmon sushi and seaweed salad with Jared, and had two plates of steamed dumplings (I did not share those – I love dumplings too damn much!). I then had a bowl of chicken katsu udon noodles. I had about half of it and it was just enough for me to full and satisfied. I packed the leftover noodles to enjoy for my lunch on Saturday when Jared’s at work and I’m home by myself (and too lazy to cook haha).

And that was my week! Fridays are usually my day for NOT packing food so I can have a day off and treat myself to some delicious food from local cafes. So for breakfast I had an almond latte and a ham and cheese croissant. It was so good! I did however, pack some lunch because I’m still really enjoying sourdough and tuna and that’s just what I felt like today so I went with it! We’ve also got a mini farewell party happening in the office this afternoon and there’s going to be Bourke St Bakery carrot cake. If you haven’t had it – you are missing out! That cream cheese frosting is next level. I can’t wait to enjoy a slice with a cup of herbal tea to finish off my working week.

How was your week? Did it fill it with some delicious and healthy eats? Did you enjoy some treats? What was your favourite meal? I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of WHAT I ATE, and I’ll see you back here soon!