What I Ate + My Cravings

Hiya lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a good week so far! Mine has been busy as per usual, so I’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Tomorrow I’m meeting up with one of my girlfriends for a lunch/study date, and then the rest of the weekend will be spent working on blog posts, hanging out with my two favourite boys Jared and our little furball Severus, and also hopefully spending some time working on my little herb garden which I’m so incredibly guilty of neglecting since our move!

Before I get carried away thinking about all the coffee drinking + pajama wearing I’ll be doing this weekend, I just wanted to share with you all my eats this week, something I haven’t done in a little while! You’ll notice that this What I Ate post is also a little different to the others. I don’t detail it like a food diary like I’ve previously, and that’s because I just don’t have the time for that anymore if truth be told. I might sneak in some “A Day of Eats” style posts in the future, where I jot down every single thing I ate that one day. But now with life being so busy, I just can’t do that anymore for a whole week’s worth of eats. Instead I’ve just popped down in little sections things I’ve been enjoying for my meals this week.


This week I’ve been alternating between eggs and overnight oats. I’ll be honest though, as delightful as the overnight oats are, I just love a good savoury breakfast and will always prefer cheesy toast and eggs to fruity oats! But it was still really nice to switch things up and not eat the same meal every morning. I remember I was going through a phase where I ate eggs and toast almost every morning for weeks and weeks, and it got to the point where I got so sick of it I couldn’t eat another sunny side up egg for the longest time afterwards. I guess you really can have too much of a good thing!

“Everything But the Kitchen Fridge” Scrambled Eggs made with: leftover ham and potatoes from our big Sunday roast with Jared’s family, half a turmeric rubbed chicken breast leftover from our meal prep last week, almost-wilting silverbeet, grated parmesan and 4 organic free range eggs. I split it between myself and Jared (I opted to have a little less because I knew I’d be having toast with mine – GF toast topped with triple cream brie to be exact!).


Eggs & toast made with: 2 organic free range eggs fried in coconut oil, topped with chilli flakes and served with GF toast topped with brie.


Overnight Oats made with: oats, yoghurt, chia seeds, rice milk and banana and topped with strawberries, coconut and Mayver’s PB. (Full recipe coming soon!).



I alternated between fruit and brie cheese + brown rice crackers. I just didn’t feel like bliss balls or protein balls this week!



I alternated between the Tuna, Spinach + Broccoli Pasta Bake and the Honey Soy Chicken that I both meal prepped on the weekend. Except for today, which is my Treat Yo’self day and I go to either Bourke St Bakery or Sonoma Baking Co and treat myself to a solo lunch date complete with one of their salads of the day. I look forward to this all week, and it makes me really happy!



I was really happy with our dinners this week because not only did we stick to home cooked meals for most nights, we also used up a lot of our leftovers and bits + pieces in the fridge that were needing to be used up. I hate wastage, and I feel like we’ve been guilty of wasting a bit of food recently (oops!). So it felt really good to be reducing our wastage this week!  We also had our usual Sushi Thursday treat as well, where we visit our favourite local sushi train (that does $3.50 plates for everything – including sashimi!) before we do our grocery shopping, and we really enjoyed that as usual.

Ham and Veggie Fried Rice made with: the last of the ham leftover from Sunday, defrosted peas + corn, zucchini, onion, brown rice, soy sauce, oyster sauce, passata and pepper. The passata was actually a last minute addition, I don’t usually add it to our fried rice but we had 1/3 of it in our fridge that needed to be used so in it went! It reminded me of the tomato rice you can order from Vietnamese restaurants. It was a nice spin on the dish and a good way to use up leftover passata! I also topped our rice bowls with fried eggs. Yum!

Thai Red Curry made with: the last of our roast chicken leftover from our Sunday, sweet potato, bamboo shoots, baby corn, onion, green beans, Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, a bit of rapadura sugar, fish sauce and lime juice. I served this with rice noodles and it was so comforting and delicious. This made almost enough for two nights worth of dinner. On the second I just added a little extra water, a zucchini and 2 small potatoes and it was perfect!


SUSHI THURSDAY! Jared always indulges in the healthy options – sashimi, salmon and avo sushi and miso. I am usually the naughty one who dives head first into the tempura. But I decided to switch it up this week and have some healthier options. I had a couple of plates of tuna sashimi which was cold, fresh tasting and delicious dunked in wasabi and soy sauce. I actually prefer the taste and texture of tuna over salmon, for some reason I just find salmon sashimi so hard to enjoy. I also had some seaweed salad, before getting stuck into my absolute favourite dishes there – the dumplings! I had 9 dumplings and that definitely enough for me!

Notes about this week…

You’ll notice a bit of cheese being featured in this post, and it’s because it’s all I’ve been craving! My period is due in the next week (sorry not sorry for the TMI update), and this is the time that I will usually crave something quite fiercely. It’s never a slight craving, but one that kind of hits me and stays with me all week. Usually it’s something carb-y, like pasta or potatoes. This week all I wanted was creamy, fat-filled brie cheese. Because they are so strong, I don’t ignore my cravings. Why? Because 1. Restriction can lead to bingeing because you’re denying your body what it wants, and 2. Having your period each month is a big deal. No really, it is. Your body goes through so much in that time, so I like to honour mine by treating it a little better the week leading up to it and giving it what it wants.

This is of course in moderation. If I’m craving carbs, I’m not going to eat a loaf of bread to myself. I’ll add a slice of sourdough to my breakfast, make a wholesome brown rice penne pasta dish for dinner and then maybe treat myself to a bag of organic potato chips on Friday while curled up on the couch for movie night with Jared. This week I craved fats, so I incorporated brie cheese in small portions in some of my meals this week, as well as having some delicious tuna sashimi which is loaded with essential and totally-good-for-you fats. And I feel really good about it too! I haven’t felt the need to binge, nor have I felt guilty for any of my meals.

I feel like cravings, binge eating and guilt trips play such a big role in the relationships many people have with food, and it’s something I would love to talk more about. Is this something you’d like to read more on? Please comment below and let me know, as I’d love to do a big article on this topic if you’re interested!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s What I Ate post and the new format of it all. I’ll be seeing you back here again real soon with some great posts I’ve got lined up, one of them being the recipe for Tuna, Spinach + Broccoli Pasta Bake!

Hope you all enjoy your Friday + upcoming weekend!

Laura xx