What I Ate #3 – Meal Prep and PMS Cravings

Hi everyone!

I hope you’ve been enjoying these recap posts as much I’ve been enjoying writing them! It’s actually been really handy for me to keep track of my week’s meals and see how much time I’ve used to prep the food, what I’ve eaten, when I’ve eaten and how I felt (satisfied, unsatisfied, bloated etc) afterwards. It allows me to see where I can make changes for the following week.

Last week I noticed that I was making our lunches in the mornings more often than not. And while this was doable, it wasn’t practical. It was time I could have been using relaxing during my morning “me time” or getting ready for work. So this week I decided on Friday that I would prep all our lunches on Sunday night so I wouldn’t have to do it during the week.

We spent most of our weekend with friends celebrating a birthday and an engagement, so by Sunday afternoon I was tired and admittedly a little hungover. But I refused to not make my meals. So I decided on two easy make-ahead meals: am egg, bacon and pasta salad and veggie tofu fried rice. Both required little effort and I could easily make big batches of each, which I could then split up and alternate through the week. I’m not a fan of making a giant batch of one meal and having that same meal for lunch all week. I usually get bored of it by mid week, so I like to make 2-3 easy dishes instead and alternate them.

Confession: I actually chopped all the veggies on the coffee table while watching a movie with Jared. Totally lazy option I know, but I honestly could not be bothered standing in the kitchen doing it in my state. It took a bit longer, but I was willing to compromise with myself in order to get my prep done. And that’s totally ok too! You don’t have to always do it the proper way. Sometimes you just have to do what you can to get it done, you know? 


For the salad, I had: chopped cos lettuce, roma tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and some cooked brown rice pasta. I planned to top it with some boiled eggs and cripsy bacon bits  on Tuesday morning when I made bacon and eggs for breakfast. That way it would require no extra effort as I’ll already be cooking it for breakfast anyway, and it would be fresher too. 


For the fried rice, I had: brown rice, chopped cauliflower, green beans, zucchini, organic tofu and some frozen peas, corn and carrot mix cooked in a bit of organic coconut oil. I also added gluten free soy sauce and black pepper to season it while cooking. I love having loads of veggies in my fried rice!

This all took me about half an hour or so to throw together (I had the pasta and rice cooking while I was chopping the veggies) and I was so happy I just did it even though I was tired. Last week I spent an average of 15-20 minutes each morning making our lunches, so it definitely saved me loads of time! 

Thank you meal prep!

The rest of the night was spent curled up on the couch, watching Lucy and eating Thai (a treat for getting our meal prep done!).



I started my morning with sun salutations, stretches and ACV + lemon tea. Jared actually woke up about 15 minutes after I did, so we curled up together on the couch while I drank my tea. It was such a nice start to the day!

Breakfast was: gluten free multi grain toast with grilled cheese, kale and onion sauteed in organic butter, paprika, salt and turmeric. Black coffee for each of us as well.

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Meals for the day: veggie tofu fried rice for both of us, raw almonds and apple for Jared (that bag will last him a few days) and brie and half an apple for me (I had some walnuts left from last week at work).


I got hungry at about 10, so I munched on my apple and brie. 


At 12, I was hungry again and had my rice. I was actually still a little hungry afterwards, despite this being my normal portion. At 3pm, I had a cup of green tea with manuka honey and the rest of my walnuts from last week. It honestly didn’t satisfy me, and I took it as a sign to check in with myself because this wasn’t my usual appetite. And upon reflection, I realised this week is the week before my period and I tend to have a bigger appetite during this week. It is strange that when you start to listen to your body more, you start to pick up on small changes in your wants and needs more.

As a note, I have started honouring my body and it’s cravings more in the week leading up to my period because I know it needs more nourishment than usual. I used to binge to satisfy my cravings, feel guilty and it would make that time so much worse for me. Now I no longer binge, but I do treat myself to my cravings and I also eat a little more to satisfy my increase in appetite without guilt! So on the way home from work, I picked myself up a bag of chips as my week’s treat. Some women crave sweet things, I tend to crave savoury foods. These ones were actually pretty great in terms of ingredients – just potatoes, olive oil and sea salt. 


I came home at about 6:30pm to an empty apartment as Jared was out at his first capoeira class (how exciting for him!), so I made myself a snack to tie me over until he got home and we could eat dinner together. I had a small bowl of the chips with a super speedy almost-guac (avo, half a roma tomato, onion and salt and pepper). This was the perfect size for a snack and to satisfy my chip craving. Plus, it meant I had more to nibble on during the week. Much better than bingeing and feeling sick/guilty afterwards!


I then threw some lentils, veggies and stock in a pot and let that simmer way while I got some coursework done. (I’ll post the recipe before meat free Monday next week so you can try it out!).


When Jared got home, I made some GF grilled toast and we had that with our soup for dinner. I was so stuffed that I didn’t even think about dessert or snacks that night!


Tuesday morning started the same way as Monday! But for breakfast we each had: 2 fried eggs with a slice of GF grilled cheese toast with black coffees.

For snacks I packed: rice cakes, avo, brie and tasty cheese, tomato and some chips (just in case I wanted a treat!). And lunch was veggie tofu fried rice! I didn’t expect to eat all of this, but I wanted to have more rather than not enough (like on Monday).


At 9:30am, I had 2 rice cakes with avo, tasty cheese and tomato.

I had my lunch at about 12:30pm, but didn’t finish it. I think I took the wrong container as it was deeper and more full than the usual ones I use. So I ate about 3/4 of it – which was enough to satisfy me. At about 3:30 I had chips and brie (which I was looking forward to ALL day!). I ended up coming home with 2 rice cakes, some tasty cheese and the leftover rice!

We did a bit of grocery shopping after work and I got myself a black rice, tuna and avo roll to munch on while I was shopping because there’s nothing worse than shopping when hungry!

When we got home, I worked a little on a blog post and Jared took care of dinner. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have heard about this debacle already. All he had to was re-heat soup I made last night and make some grilled cheese toast. I heard some commotion, so I came in to check what was happening and saw the pot boiling over, sploshes of soup all over the stove top and the bench, a panicked 27 year old man and cold bread and cheese in an oven with the grill function not turned on. It was so ridiculous that it was hilarious!

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(P.S I totally got this situation under control by turning down the heat, popping a lid on and turning on the grill all in about 0.7 seconds flat. Men, eh?)


ACV + lemon tea, sun salutations and “me time” to start my day as usual! Then for breakfast, we had a breakfast scramble made from: diced tofu, bacon and spinach sauteed in organic coconut oil and fried organic eggs. Not pictured is the pepper, kikkoman and sriracha we put on afterwards. 

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Snacks were raw almonds and nectarines for Jared. I had nectarines, my leftover rice cakes and some organic PB. For lunch we had the pasta salads I made on Sunday. I also boiled some eggs while I was making breakfast, and cooked extra bacon and tofu in our breakfast, and topped our lunches with them! YUM! 


I bought some kombucha for the walk to work, as well as some more rice cakes to actually just keep at work so I didn’t need to keep packing ones from home. 


I had my rice cakes and PB at 10:30ish, my lunch at 1ish and followed that with a black coffee (just a teaspoon each of instant coffee and a teaspoon of cocoa). I usually stick to one coffee a day during the week, but I felt like something warm after lunch. Such a nice little treat!  I then had 2 more rice cakes at about 4ish, topped with PB and sliced nectarines. This gave me enough energy to do about half an hour of yoga when I got home a couple of hours later.

For dinner, we had spaghetti and meatballs. I was at that stage of my week where I was really craving pasta (despite the raging summer heat). Carbs are my number one craving in the week before Mother Nature visits. I feel like this is my body’s way of telling me I need more energy, and I listen to it.  


I used sustainable free range kangaroo mince for the first time and it was surprisingly delicious! (Recipe next week!). I served myself a small bowl and savoured every bite. I didn’t need a big bowl, I just needed my usual amount and it still tasted and felt great eating it. I love giving my body what it asks for, I just feel so much better when I do.


Same start to the day! Breakfast was: bacon, kale and onion sauteed in organic butter, with cripsy fried eggs on the side. 


Lunch and snacks were the same as Wednesday! And dinner will be leftover spaghetti and meatballs, and I’m really looking forward to it!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap! Before I go though, I would love to know:

  • Do you enjoy reading these recaps?
  • What else would you like to see on this blog?
  • What’s your biggest barrier to meal prepping?

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