What I Ate #4 – The Weekend Edition

Hello lovelies! How was everyone’s weekends? 

Mine was spent at home with Jared, relaxing and getting things sorted around the apartment. Since I had a bit of time, I decided to take some snaps throughout and do a little “weekend edition” of my What I Ate segment so you can see the difference in how I eat on the weekends in comparison to the week days. 

As a note, I used to be one of those people that tried to eat strictly “healthy” food Monday to Friday, then binge on junk food and alcohol all weekend. It was my “reward” for being so good all week, sound familiar? However, I found this always inhibited my health rather than helped it. All that bingeing would make me feel emotionally and physically unwell come Monday. I’d be bloated, frustrated with myself and feeling guilty. Then I’d put myself back on a diet on Monday and start all over again. The cycle felt never ending.

When I started to be more relaxed with my eating, and choosing to treat myself during the week (rather than saving myself for one weekend long binge fest), I started to feel so much better. I wasn’t starting the process all over again every Monday. I wasn’t going to bed on Sunday night promising myself I would do better this week and guilt tripping myself into eating well. And I wasn’t hating myself with after every bite of food on the weekend. And it felt damn good being able to let that go! 

I’m so much more relaxed now, but it didn’t happen overnight. It did however, happen naturally when I started to love myself more, listen to my body more, honour it more and treated it better. And if I can get to this point, anybody can!

Back to our weekend! Our weekends usually follow the same kind of pattern when we are at home (it changes when we have plans). We have take away on Friday night to give us both a break from cooking, breakfasts are bigger and enjoyed later in the morning, lunch is usually a snack platter or small meal to tie us over until dinner, and wine and coffee are usually both enjoyed in bigger quantities than usual too. And we both love it this way!

On Friday after work, we enjoyed a glass of wine and bowl of chips (leftover from my cravings that week) while we waited for our take away to get there.


For dinner we ordered Indian: beef vindaloo, tadka dahl, rice, cheese naan and pappadums. I was actually a bit disappointed, because we tried a different place than our usual favourite and their dahl was a bit bland in comparison and the pappadums were a bit soft. But it was still nice to not have to cook! We ate most of it, and popped the rest in the fridge.

Taken from my instagram page @onedishaway
Taken from my instagram page @onedishaway

The rest of the night was spent watching movies on the couch!

Saturday morning I was up at 6:30am. A combination of my natural body clock and the sun shining into our bedroom. We get the sun rise through our bedroom window and it makes our room so bright and hot, it’s almost impossible to sleep in during the summer months. Which I don’t mind, as I’m a morning person anyway. I relocated to the couch and I half slept, half read blogs etc. until Jared woke up a couple of hours later and joined me.

He suggested we go for a morning walk and get some coffee from one of our local cafes. I thought it was such a great idea! Until of course we got to the first one and they had a minimum eftpos spend of $15, and no ATM in sight. We tried another cafe on the way home and they only took cash. We were fresh out of luck it seemed. But  it was really nice to just go out for a walk anyway and enjoy that time together. We were out for almost an hour, and actually didn’t get home until almost 10 because we lost track of time! Jared made us coffees when we got home and I enjoyed it on our balcony with our plants, much better than any coffee shop ;).


He then cooked up an awesome brekkie on our BBQ. Bacon, eggs, buttery onions and I made grilled cheese toast to go with it. So good!! 



(Just casually taking selfies with him cooking away in the background, ha!).



After breakfast, we got cleaning. He did the dishes and tidied up the living room and I got started on our bedroom. I decided to pull out all the boxes under the bed (that were from when we first moved in over a year ago) and other random bits and bobs and decided to do a big clear out. I even went through our clothes drawers and wardrobe and did a big cull of our clothes to donate too. 


It was such a big task that Jared actually went out and bought wine (we were out) so we could drink some while we cleaned to make the task a bit more enjoyable. Which it did! We had music blaring, we were both sipping on some red singing our hearts out and just having a great ol’ time. It was all done by early afternoon!

Funny story, on our walk that morning we had come across a wild grape vine growing out from the edge of a block of units and sprawling out and over the sidewalk. It was loaded with grapes, most of them had fallen on the ground and been squished because no one was eating them. I went back there after I finished cleaning our room, armed with just my scissors and my hand bag and snipped off a few bunches for us! Because they were so high, there was a bit of climbing involved. It was also next to a main road, can you imagine what this looked like to passers by? I also think I sprained my toe when I fell at one point. Jared couldn’t stop laughing at my story.  But it was so worth it! I MEAN LOOK AT THEM! 



We had planned to go out to an outdoor cinema that night, but the weather was so unpredictable (raining on and off all day), we decided to stay home instead. I didn’t want to waste the food I’d bought for it, so we decided to have a picnic at home instead. We had brie, grana padano and tasty cheese, gluten free mild sopressa, carrot sticks, gluten free crackers, French onion dip and a bunch of those awesome wild grapes (which were still a bit tart and not quite ripe yet). We also had some popcorn. I love Cobb’s sea salt flavour. It’s only got corn kernels, sunflower oil and salt as the ingredients! 




Jared moved our coffee table, and we enjoyed this on a picnic blanket laid out on our living room floor. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy and then the first few episodes of Gotham. Both were so good!! Right up our alley. I can’t wait to get more episodes of Gotham, I’m so hooked! It was such a great way to spend the night!


Sunday morning I was up a little later as I was so tired. My sleep was interrupted by an annoying mosquito that wouldn’t leave me alone. It kept biting me and buzzing around my ear at 4 in the morning. And I’m such a light sleeper, it took me forever to fall back asleep after that. Luckily it was a cloudy morning, so I was able to sleep in until about 8. 

We both got up slowly, chatting away in bed until we were both too hungry to stay in bed. J made us coffees, while I made us a simple breakfast of eggs and tomato and cheese toast. Look at those yolks!!! I love organic free range eggs. The yolks are always so bright and beautiful.



We then both had another coffee afterwards while I wrote up a grocery list. We headed out and were done in less than an hour. I love lists! I’ll have to show you how I plan my shopping in the future. Would this be helpful to you?

I bought most of the stuff from Aldi, with a few things from Woolworths that I couldn’t get at Aldi. (Note that we buy our eggs, fruit and veg from Ooooby, which gets delivered to us each week, so fresh produce is not usually in our shopping list). 

Meat/Proteins: Kangaroo mince (sustainable, free range), frozen cod fillets (certified sustainable), organic non GMO tofu, cheese, “budget” bacon (it’s cheaper because it has the streaky/fatty parts of the bacon, which no one likes but I love. Unfortunately it’s not free range pork, I’m still on the hunt for a good and decently priced butchers that seels organic and free range meat so I can start bulk buying there instead) and a large rump steak (not grass fed like our usual steaks and mince we buy, but we couldn’t find this cut in the grass fed section, only the more expensive cuts which weren’t in our budget. We needed it to make a decent amount of skewers, and there was no way we could afford to buy multiple expensive cuts just for that). 


Pantry staples: spelt pasta, raisins (only ingredients are raisins, no sugar or vegetable oil added), GF bread, basil (to make pesto as our plant’s not big enough to make pesto yet!).


Treat item (something little that’s not on the list): Figs!!


After we put all the food away, I got started on our meal prep. I knew I’d be in there for a while because I had a few things to prep, so I brought my laptop into the kitchen, plonked it on the counter and put on a show. Lost in Austen was my show of choice. Such a fab little mini series about Jane Austen, always cracks me up! It had me laughing and enjoying myself while I was working away in the kitchen. 


My first prep job was marinating meat and chopping up veggies for skewers for an Australia Day BBQ at my bestie’s place tomorrow. We’re actually heading down tonight to stay with her, so all the food had to be prepared on Sunday. Jared cut up the 500g rump steak we bought and I marinated it in: 2 tbsp gf kikkoman soy sauce, 1 tbsp oyster sauce, 1 tsp honey, pepper and sliced onions.  I also cut up 2 carrots, 2 capsicums and an onion to add to the skewers. All I have to do now is take those down with some skewers and put them together on Tuesday morning! 




I also made a super quick 5 ingredient pesto sauce to stir through some spelt pasta and bacon for the BBQ too. The recipe for this will be posted on the blog, I’ll make sure of it!


After that, I made some natural energy balls for our snacks for the week. I loaded them with seeds and nuts and popped them in the freezer. I’ll also share the recipe for these soon.


That was all the prep I needed to do for time being, so I washed up and made lunch. And by “made,” I mean I heated up a bunch of leftovers! We had leftover tadka dahl, I heated some leftover tofu fried rice with the leftover vindaloo and also heated the last of the meatballs too. It was such a delicious mish mash of meals. 


This was my bowl, I skipped the meatballs and had a couple of extra spoonfuls of extra dahl after I finished this bowl instead.

After lunch, I tidied up my study so I would have a nice clean place to work in this week. I feel so much less stressed when I know I have a clean space to work in, anyone else feel like that?


We stopped for a snack after this. Something small: sliced cucumber and leftover cheese and popcorn leftover from Saturday night. Jared also had a glass of the dessert wine I bought him for Christmas.



For dinner, I decided to make a big meat and veg lasagna that we could enjoy for dinner, but also during the week for lunch too. Back into the kitchen I went with my tv show, I poured myself half a glass of red (my last for the weekend) and got stuck into it. Instead of lasagna sheets, I pan fried some eggplant instead. Time consuming (hence the show and wine to keep me occupied), but oh so worth it! Yet another recipe that will be on the blog in the future!

Taken from my instagram page @onedishaway
Taken from my instagram page @onedishaway

When it was ready, I let it rest while I showered. Jared threw together a quick garden salad and we sat down for a delicious Sunday night dinner.

The rest of the night was spent doing our own thing (him = computer games, me = editing photos and meditating under the full moon which was beautiful last night) before we headed off to bed together at 10ish. We enjoyed a treat of gluten free biscuits, glasses of rice milk and some dark chocolate in bed while watching “Would I Lie to You?” on YouTube. Have you seen it? It’s hilarious. We love tv shows like that and QI.

And that was our weekend! It was such a relaxing but really productive one! I hope you enjoyed this weekend version of What I Ate!

Before I head off, I’d love to know:

  • Do you ever have trouble with weekend bingeing? 
  • What is your favourite weekend activity? 

Laura xx