What This Nutritionist Eats (Day Off Work Vs Day at Work)

Hey there lovelies, I hope you’re having a great week so far! I always get great feedback when I do a post with my daily eats, that they help to give you ideas of things to eat when you’re stuck in food ruts, and they make you feel a bit better knowing that I eat and live in a way that’s easy to relate to. 

That’s such a lovely thing to hear, because that’s exactly what these posts are for. Not for you to judge yourself and your own habits, not to compare your own diet with mine and certainly not as a guide for what you should eat on a daily basis. But rather as something you can get ideas from, and for you to see that it’s possible to live healthily and happily without the need for fad diets or restrictive styles of eating.

Today I’m doing something a little different and sharing two days worth of eats, one is a day off and one is a work day, just to show you the differences between them. You’ll see I’m a lot more relaxed on my day off, working completely off hunger cues and not off of any schedules really. On my work day, I still try to incorporate intuitive and mindful eating too, but also try to work within my work schedule at the same time (which makes a bit more hard, but I do what I can!). I thought the comparison would be interesting for you to see! 


My morning on Monday started with a mug of warm water with ACV, which I sipped on while I worked on invoices and other things for the business. I’ve been swapping my coffee for this a few mornings a week, which has been a nice change (and one my body has been enjoying well).


Breakfast was enjoyed about an hour later – a 2 egg omelette seasoned simply with a pinch of salt, then cooked in coconut oil, stuffed with a generous amount of goats chevre, then served with a rice cake topped with half a small avo and a bit of fermented veg (this is Peace Love and Vegetables Kimchi Kraut – our fave!).


After breakfast, I went for a walk to get a coffee and some groceries. I had myself a large almond milk latte, and spent an hour there drinking my coffee, organising my week and writing some notes for yesterday’s post. It was a really nice way to start my morning, not needing to rush anywhere and simply just enjoying time with my own thoughts and a good cup of coffee. I need moments like this for my own sanity sometimes, are you the same?


After coffee, I bought us a few groceries to top up our fridge and pantry. It was a VERY small shop, as we’re trying to get through everything in our fridge and freezer before our trip, so we’re only topping up the essentials at this point. We’re even pausing our Ooooby subscription after this week’s delivery so we can get through everything!

Here we have 2 loaves of GF seeded bread (we’re not necessarily GF here, but we both love the taste and texture of this bread from Aldi when it’s toasted and it sits well on both our bellies!), carrots, kale, broccoli, eggplants, natural PB (we usually get an organic brand but the cheapest there was $7 and this one was $4! Not organic, but just peanuts as the ingredients, so the organic ones took a backseat this week!) and Pure Hravest Coco-Quench coconut milk. I got the veggies from Harris Farm, and thanks to the Imperfect Picks section which is where I got the giant eggplants from, I got all those veggies for about $6. BARGAIN!


When I got home, I did some housework, had a cup of herbal tea and at about midday I got a bit hungry. I wasn’t hungry enough for a large meal, so I made myself a snack plate of capsicum, carrots and guacamole.


Jared finished work early that day, and when he got home at around 2pm, we decided to go out for a walk and get some lunch together. We walked down to Balmoral and stopped in at La Repubblica near the beach. Jared got the prosciutto pizza, and I got the salmon and crab cakes. Both were so delicious and satisfying. I also got a coffee with my lunch! Sitting there in the sun, the beach just across the road and sipping on our coffees together in the middle of the afternoon made us both feel like we were on holiday somewhere! 




After a lovely beach walk, we headed home for the afternoon. When we got home, I roasted up one of the eggplants I bought so that I had some on hand to add to my meals, and then I enjoyed half a glass of wine as I finished up writing yesterday’s post. 

For dinner, I made a simple pasta sauce with tinned lentils, carrots, celery and tinned diced tomatoes to be enjoyed on some brown rice pasta. I had another half a glass of wine as I cooked, I love doing that sometimes, especially with some music playing too. It makes cooking even more enjoyable!

I actually cooked our dinner just before 7pm, but neither of us were really hungry since we had lunch so late. So instead of eating at the “normal” dinner time, we decided to wait until we were actually hungry to eat. This ended up being just before 8:30pm, and we both really enjoyed our meals. It was nice to eat according to my hunger cues and not based on what the “right time” to eat was. 


No dessert or snacks were needed that night, dinner was satisfying and a mug of tea was all I needed to end my night!


I started my morning with water and ACV again, then breakfast was two slices of GF bread toasted, and topped with peanut butter, banana and honey. Usually I’m an eggs for breakfast kind of girl, but it was day three of that time of the month, and I was feeling pretty tired by this point. When I’m tired, my body naturally craves more carbs as they are a quick source of energy. So I listen, and have more carbs. I find my body functions better when I don’t ignore these signals and I just go with it instead. I trust my body to let me know what it needs, and it (usually) steers me right.


This kept me full all morning, which was good because I had a busy day at work. At about 11:45am I finally had a slow moment so I ducked out to Ora and got myself a cashew milk latte. So delicious and creamy (they make their own milks there!). 


I went on my lunch break at about 1pm, and after being in front of a screen all day, I decided to spend my break doing a nice coastal walk. 30mins of sunshine and gentle movement was just what I needed to reset and refresh myself!


When I got back to work, I had to duck straight into a meeting and didn’t finish up until 3pm. Safe to say, I was starving by this point. I was really happy to finally dig into my lunch – leftover lentil pasta sauce and roasted eggplant. 


I finished work at 6pm and headed home. Jared started cooking dinner when I got home, but it wasn’t going to be ready for a while so I snacked on the last of the roasted eggplant and some hummus. I know there are people that will say don’t snack before dinner, but I think eating when you’re hungry is more important. This snack tied me over until dinner was ready, but it wasn’t big enough to ruin my appetite. 


Dinner was absolutely amazing – grassfed fillet steak with sauteed kale and cherry tomatoes and baked chips. Jared makes the best chips, they’re always so perfectly seasoned and I can never get mine to taste half as good! I finished this plate and had another small serve of just the chips. So, so tasty! They definitely satisfied all my carb cravings last night. 


We had dessert about an hour later, which was dark chocolate and I also had a mug of turmeric, clove and ginger tea. Perfect little night cap!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and as always please leave a comment or send me an email if you have any questions or feedback! If you’d like to find out more on learning how to listen to your body (and un-learn all those dieting rules which haven’t worked for you), I’m available for both Skype and face to face nutrition consultations – details here!

Have a wonderful day,