What I Ate #5

Hi everyone! I hope this week has been good to you!

I’m back to do my regular weekly recap of my meals, I know how much you guys enjoy these! I just want to remind you that the purpose of these posts is really just to show that it is possible to eat well, feel good, enjoy your meals and not have to follow a “diet” to do so. I have tried many “diets” in my time and they’ve all left me feeling pretty miserable. I guess I just don’t like feeling restricted, and neither did my body. So now, I don’t follow a diet! I just eat what feels good for me and I try to follow my intuition rather than any rules. This style of eating has really worked wonders for me because I have so much freedom, and it feels good to tune into my body to find out what’s best for me. I mean, who would know better right?

Now let’s get into it!


I started the morning with sun salutations and ACV tea. Jared has started joining me after my sun salutations now. We curl up in our bathrobes, I sip on my ACV, lemon and honey tea, and he sips on just warm lemon water. We chat, or sometimes just sit in silence together as we scroll through our phones or read for 15mins. It’s really nice! 


Then for breakfast we had: bacon, eggs, ettuce and tomato on GF toast with coffee. (We didn’t do meat free Monday this week as I planning to have a couple of meat free days next week instead). 


Our meals that were packed for the day: kanga and veggie eggplant lasagna for our lunches (Jared had the leftover salad from dinner on Sunday with his lunch too), and figs, mango and natural energy balls for our snacks (thank you Sunday meal prep!). and I also had rice cakes and organic PB at work.


I had the figs, energy balls and a cup of green tea mid morning, my lunch at about 12ish, then the mango and 2 rice cakes with organic PB late afternoon  (I always keep rice cakes and PB at work).

We were heading down to my best friend Christie’s place that night to stay with her so we could help her set up her Australia Day/Triple J Hottest 100 BBQ the next morning. Before we set off on the 1.5 hour drive, I made us a quick dinner of random bits and bobs from the fridge. I chopped up some almost wilted green beans that were dying to be eaten, and sauteed them with some bacon and added in some leftover veggie tofu fried rice (from last week’s meal prep) and some leftover cooked brown rice we had as well. I also fried some eggs to put on top. I also snacked on a small handful of raw almonds and tiny wedge of brie as I was cooking.





When we got to Christie’s place, the three of shared a bottle of red and a bag of soy crisps over a very intense game of Game of Thrones Monopoly. Jared is frustratingly good at board games. Seriously. He wins everything! Christie and I ended up joining forces and we still lost. It was hilarious! 


The next morning, Christie and I were up bright and early. I had brought down the meat and veggies for the skewers and some homemade pesto and bacon for the pesto salad (also prepped on Sunday!). So while she made some pasta salad and a cob loaf, I made the skewers, then cooked the bacon and some spelt pasta and stirred it altogether with the pesto.


We then headed off to Bunnings to get a table and chairs, and set up the food table and got all the meat out for the BBQ. She had marinated chicken wings from the night before, and also had some sausages too. 

Our friends arrived around 12 and we all tuned into the countdown. Do you follow the Triple J Hottest 100? Who did you vote for? I voted for Major Lazer’s Lean On for #1, but I was still so happy to see that the Ruben’s won anyway, because Hoops is a bloody excellent song (it was in my Top 10 list). 

The day was spent eating delicious food, hilarious drinking games and far too much laughter. I felt so lucky knowing that we have such a wonderful group of friends! We got home that night at about 10, and after showering I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was so exhausted from the day’s shenanigans!


I paid the price for such a fun day. When the alarm went off on Wednesday morning, I was guilty of pushing snooze a few times. Eventually I pulled myself out of bed and did my sun salutations and had my ACV tea. I didn’t feel hungry either, so instead I just curled on Jared’s lap on the couch until it was time to get ready for work. 

Meals packed: eggplant lasagna for lunches, and natural energy balls and figs for snacks. 


On the way to work, I stopped by Bourke St Bakery (one of my favourite cafes at the moment) and picked myself up a soy latte and a toasted haloumi, spinach and relish wrap. It was a quite a large wrap, so I ate about 2/3 of it when I got to work. I could have eaten it all, but I would’ve felt uncomfortably full if I had. This was just enough to satisfy me! Plus, that meant I could enjoy it again later on!



It actually kept me full until about 1pm! It was then that I had my eggplant lasagna and the rest of the wrap. I had a few bites of the lasagna left at the end, but I was too full so I left it and eventually finished it an hour or so later! I didn’t eat my energy balls or figs, so I left them at work so I could enjoy them the next day.



Dinner was: pan fried cod fillets that Jared rubbed with salt, pepper, tuscan seasoning, chilli flakes and garlic powder then cooked in coconut oil. I sliced up some capsicum, cucumber, lettuce, avo and cheese (a request from Jared) and we rolled them up in rice paper! I also mixed together some crushed walnuts, chia seeds and hemp seeds to sprinkle in our wraps for some crunch.





Yum! Such a quick and nourishing dinner! It was honestly all cooked and ready to wrap in 15 minutes!

Dessert was some organic dark chocolate with sea salt (from Aldi – so good!!) that I preemptively bought while grocery shopping in Sunday because I knew I would be craving chocolate this week when mother nature visited. And I was right! We enjoyed a few squares each with a cup of tea and Frozen. Such a relaxing night!


I set my alarm for 5am on Thursday, an hour earlier than usual. I wanted to get used to waking up even earlier than usual to fit in some blog work. It didn’t work as planned, and I ended up getting up 5:30am. I couldn’t be too angry at myself, I really was tired so 5:30am was already a good effort! I worked on some things, sipped on my ACV tea and did my sun salutations at the end. 

Jared woke up about an hour later and started on breakfast while I got ready. We had: bacon fried in coconut oil, with cheese and tomato toasties. We were out of eggs and veggies, and down to our last tomato by this point. Our fruit and veg box usually comes Wednesday, but was delayed a day due to the public holiday. 


Luckily it arrived just after we had our breakfast, so we had some fresh salad stuff and fruit to take to work! Our meals for the day: the last of the eggplant lasagna for Jared, and leftover cod with salad for me. Jared had the last of the energy balls and some grapes, and I still had energy balls and figs at work. 


I ate my energy balls mid morning, then made my cod salad at 12 and ate the figs with some rice cakes and PB at about 2:30ish. The salad wasn’t very filling, and I was starving by the time I finished work. Luckily Jared and I had a date night planned!


A new sushi train opened up near us and we’ve been wanting to try it since it opened! We love sushi train, but haven’t had it in ages because it can be so expensive (especially with Jared’s love of the sashimi plates). But this one had an opening special of $3.50 for every plate… including sashimi! We saved for a couple of weeks, and yesterday was finally our day to try it! We split so many plates, Jared went crazy on the sashimi and I even scored myself some dumplings. We also also had miso soup too. So, so good! What a treat!


We walked around for a while to help our sushi filled bellies digest, Jared wanted to get a lotto ticket, so I wandered into the green grocers while I waited (I’m not really into gambling or the lotto). I scored myself a tray of overly peaches for $4!! Jare didn’t win the lotto last night, but guess who gets to freeze peaches and eat them for days on end? ME! I think I made the worthier investment here, don’t you reckon?

Taken from my instagram page @onedishaway
Taken from my instagram page @onedishaway

Today started the same way as usual, I tried t o get up again at 5am, but I didn’t up crawling out of bed until 5:15am. Still better than yesterday’s attempt, I know it will take time to get myself used to it, so I’m being gentle on myself until then. I still got loads of stuff done though (like editing the photos for this post and getting it all ready to post today). Much more than if I had woken up at 6! 

Our breakfast was bacon and eggs with GF toast and organic butter. For lunch Jared has sushi he bought last night, and Friday is my “take myselt a on a date day (more about that in my eBook “5 Ways to Nourish Yourself”) and I’m taking myself to Bourke St Bakery, yay!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of What I Ate! Are you enjoying these recaps? I would love to hear your feedback, so feel free to comment below or email me on onedishaway@hotmail.com! 


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