What I Ate #9

Hello lovelies! Is it really that time of the week already? Where does time go, seriously? I’m not complaining though! I have so many great things planned for this weekend, so I’m pretty excited for it to get here ASAP!

My week has been busy, but I feel so accomplished and energised! I ate some awesome food, caught up with friends, ran a whole lot (I’ll pop my progress in a different post so this doesn’t turn into a novel) and squeezed in some coursework that I’ve been procrastinating.

Tonight I’m heading down the coast to visit my bestie at her bachelorette pad in Wollongong for some girly time, as it’s been a while since we’ve done that! We’ve got cheese and wine night planned for tonight and a beachside brekkie planned for tomorrow! Then on Sunday Jared and I are doing the Bondi to Coogee walk and having brunch afterwards. I’m excited!

But before I get too carried away, let me recap you properly on this week!  

(Meat Free) Monday

I started my morning at 5:45am, worked on the weekend recap post, then had my ACV tea and did a bit of yoga and stretching to properly wake up. 

For breakfast we had: eggs, gluten free toast topped with diced tomatoes, onion and cheese. I also had a coffee to go.


For snacks: Bliss balls and grapes! I also took some rice cakes and a jar of PB to restock my snack drawer at work. 

For lunch: MINI PIZZAS!!! (The ones I made on Sunday night) Jared also made a quick chopped salad in the morning to have with them. It was such an awesome lunch, we both agreed this needs to be a lunch staple. I’m buying more mini pitas when I go grocery shopping for next week.


I had my bliss balls mid morning, lunch at about 1 and then had a couple of rice cakes with PB in the afternoon (I didn’t eat my grapes).

For dinner I made a quick almost-lasagna. It was just zucchini slices layered with ricotta and pasta sauce (passata, minced garlic, dried Italian herbs and salt and pepper stirred together) and topped with grated tasty cheese. I cooked it for 25mins at 200 degrees Celsius and served it up with garlic bread (GF bread spread with butter and minced garlic and cooked under the grill until toasty).



I started my morning at 5:45am, worked on the blog again – this time for the bliss balls recipes (have you tried them yet??). Then I had my ACV tea and made breakfast.

For breakfast we had: eggs, gluten free toast topped with diced tomatoes, onion and cheese (grilled this time), but I just wasn’t feeling it to be honest. I had my toast, and picked at an egg but didn’t want to eat the rest. So I didn’t force it and just passed on it.

This happens to me a bit when mother nature visits, I start to go off some foods and crave others more. Usually I crave carby things like chips, pasta or pastries. I thought about getting myself a croissant on the way to work for brekkie, but on the way I asked myself if I really wanted it and I simply didn’t. What I actually really wanted was roasted green veggies. WEIRD. Thank you body for actually craving something healthy, rather than pastries this month. You did good!

So I stopped in at the shops and bought myself some broccolini, asparagus and hummus. We have a mini convection oven in our office kitchen, and one of the girls at my work uses it all the time to roast her veggies for lunch. I was excited to try it out myself with my greens!

At about 12:30pm, I tossed them with: some olive oil, salt and pepper (that we also have at work) and baked them at 200 degrees celsius for 20mins and they were done! Perfectly roasted, and minimal effort! I ended up eating 2/3 of the tray with loads of hummus. It was so good. 

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For my arvo snack, I had: 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and my grapes from Monday.

When I got home that night, I got changed and headed out for my first run. (I’ll do a seperate blog post for my half marathon training!).

After my run, Jared and I cooked dinner together. He chopped up some lettuce, tomatoes and peppers and grated some cheese, while I cooked up some curry spiced organic beef mince. 

For the flavouring, I used: 1 tsp each of garlic powder, paprika, cumin and coriander. I also added Himalayan salt and pepper.

We then stuffed some wholewheat pita breads with everything. I also added sriracha sauce to mine. I ended up eating 1 and half of these and was so stuffed afterwards. Such a delicious post run feed!


6  8




I had myself a little sleep in on Wednesday and didn’t wake up until about 6:30am. Then I had my ACV tea and quiet time, before getting ready.

For breakfast we had: toasted rye sourdough with organic butter, natural PB, organic honey, hemp seeds and chia seeds. (Actually Jared didn’t have butter or honey, as he thinks it’s weird to have either on your PB toast – personally I think he’s the weird one). 

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For snacks: bliss balls and nashi pears.

For lunch: Jared had leftover stuffed pitas, and I packed some green beans to roast. I still had some leftover greens and hummus to add to it at work.


As soon as I got to work, I found out that one of my colleagues had brought in homemade Wagon Wheels. OH MAN. They looked, smelled and tasted so good! Better than actual Wagon Wheels, I daresay. Pink and white marshmallows and jam sandwiched between two biscuits and dunked in dark chocolate. The biscuit was the best part. It was homemade, and so buttery and crumbly. Like a shortbread biscuit!

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I enjoyed half of one, with my bliss balls and a cup of green tea for my mid morning snack. That little half was so sweet and decadent, I couldn’t actually eat my bliss balls afterwards. I had maybe half of one, before I set it aside and enjoyed my tea.

For lunch, I had: the roasted green beans, leftover greens, hummus, grapes leftover from my snack on Tuesday and the rest of my bliss balls. I also got some coursework done in my break in the lunchroom. It’s so hard to get motivated to do it at night, so I’m going to start doing it on my lunch breaks and weekends now and see how that goes!

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For my afternoon snack, I had: another half of a Wagon Wheel and 2 rice cakes with natural PB.

I went for another run when I got home, then Jared cooked dinner! He cooked up some gluten free chippolatas, mashed pumpkin (he accidentally overcooked it and it was more a pumpkin puree – but delicious nonetheless!) and steamed corn with butter. I had sriracha chilli sauce on mine! I ended up eating another chippolata and scoop of pumpkin too! YUM!




I had another sleep in today. A 6:30am wake up is such a luxury on weekdays for me, I really appreciate them when I get them!

For breakfast, I decided to treat myself as Jared and I weren’t having breakfast together that morning. He had a course to attend and was grabbing breakfast and lunch there instead.

I made myself a coffee to go, then stopped in at Bourke St Bakery (of course!) and got myself a feta, peperonata (I need to make this sometime – it’s just capsicums cooked with onion, garlic and olive oil and it tastes so sweet and delicious!), baba ganoush and spinach on toasted rye sourdough. 

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I started to feel full and satisfied when I had about two or three bites left, so I left it and had it mid morning instead of finishing it right then and there and feeling “too full.”

For lunch, I had: roasted green beans, and some fried cod I had leftover from dinner on Sunday night.

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For my snack I had my 2 nashi pears leftover from the day before and a black coffee (I don’t usually have a coffee in the afternoon, this was a treat!).

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As soon as I got home, I got changed and went out for a run, then quickly got showered and changed so Jared and I could meet my (newly engaged!) girlfriend Amber and her fiance Josh for dinner.

We went to Cafe Bello in Burwood. I’ve been there a couple of times previously and it was really good! 

There was a bit of a wait for our food because it was Thursday night shopping and it was packed, but we had a couple of drinks while we waited. Jared and I got pinot noir, Amber got a cocktail and Josh had a corona, and we all sat around and chatted away. 

For dinner, I got the marinara with penne. It was delicious! I got through about 2/3 of it before I was comfortably full. I was intending to save it for lunch the next day, but Jared and Amber both swooped in and demolished it haha. Safe to say, it was the star dish of the night!

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Some sneaky shots of me and my photo taking taken by Amber, haha! Busted!!

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After dinner we got some gelato. I got myself a scoop of the salted caramel. It was really good, but I couldn’t finish it because it was so sweet and rich, and also because I was full from dinner. I think I had about 2/3 of it! Just enough to satisfy my tastebuds, without making me feel sick afterwards!

I also got given this awesome gift pack by my girlfriend! I get to be her bridesmaid on her special day, I’m SO excited!!!!!

I went to bed that night full and happy :).

It’s been such a great week, and I’m hoping this weekend just tops it all off!

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s installment of What I Ate, and I’ll be back later this weekend to give you a half marathon update!

In the meantime, if you could please take a moment to read my previous post on Why I’m Fundraising for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre as part of my half marathon, and possibly donate (or share the post if you can’t donate), I would be really appreciative. 

Love and light to you all!