Hey beautiful!

How has your week been? I hope you’ve had a good one so far, and if you haven’t, I really hope you have a good weekend planned!

I’m here today for my FAVOURITE post of the week where I get to share with you all the things I ate and all the work outs I did throughout the week! I recapped a few of my reasons of why I love this post in last week’s post if you’d like to check it out.

Before I get into it – just reminding you all that any links to products in this post are not affiliate links, I don’t make any money if you click on them or purchase anything through the link. They’re just there to make it easier for you to find the products I’m talking about! Any other links are just to my previous posts that have more info/the full recipes! If you’d like to read more about what I think about sponsors/affiliates, I posted about it HERE.


7:20am – I love Mondays because Jared has Mondays off (he works Saturdays),and so I don’t go to the gym. Instead I use it as an opportunity to sleep in and then have breakfast together. I had a slice of multigrain sourdough toasted, spread with a little organic butter, a bit of my uncle’s homemade chilli jam and then I added some scrambled eggs on top. The eggs were made by whisking together 3 organic free range eggs, a splash of Coco Quench, salt and pepper and then cooked in a little butter and topped with some Danish feta. I split the eggs between Jared and I (he had two slices of toast to fill him up). He also made us coffee while I made breakfast. So good!

9:00am – I made a mug of ginger tea with honey and refilled it a few times throughout the morning.

10:30am – I had 2 protein balls and a lady finger banana.

12:15pm – A slice of my Sweet Corn, Kale and Zucchini Frittata, with mixed greens and hummus (I had both leftover in our work fridge from last week) and my meal prepped roasted potatoes.

3:30pm – 1 protein ball and 2 of the lady finger bananas I packed.

6:00pm – When I got home, I made myself a snack bowl of soya crisps, brie and raw almonds to munch on while catching up on uni lectures (but I didn’t eat the almonds – wasn’t feeling it). Jared also made me a cup of tea and brought me in a GF triple chocolate biscuit from Aldi because he knew I’d had a crappy day at work.

8:00pm – Bit of a late dinner because my uni took a bit longer than usual. While I showered, Jared prepped some veggies for dinner. I made a quick curry when I got out, using Thai red curry paste, coconut milk, sustainable hoki fish fillets (we get these ones from Aldi for $11 a bag) broccoli, zucchini, potatoes, onion, kafir lime leaf. I served it brown rice with a wedge of lime and it was so delicious and warming, perfect for the cold snap we had on Monday!

9:30pm – Sleepytime tea and another biscuit in bed with Jared while watching an episode of QI.


5:20am – I woke up surprisingly hungry, which was unusual because 5am is normally too early for me to stomach much more than coffee. But I went with it and enjoyed a slice of toasted sourdough topped with natural PB, honey and chia seeds – my favourite pre run fuel! I also had a black coffee with a bit of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil for extra energy.


I also noticed I had a bit of a sore throat, but otherwise I felt good! I always tell myself that if I’m feeling sick, I’ll skip a work out and get some much needed rest. But I felt fine and ready to go, so I decided to go to the gym and test the waters!

Work Out

I decided to do a progressive run on Tuesday for something a little different. After a few minutes of walking to warm up (i.e wake myself up), I started on my 7km run. I started with a speed of 6.5kph, and bumped it up 0.5 at each km. I was up to 9.5kph for my last km, and still had a lot of energy left to give so I ended up putting it up to 10kph for the last 300m and finished feeling really strong! It was one of those mornings where I felt I could run forever, but I wanted to stick to just 7km because I knew I had more runs to go this week and I didn’t want to get too excited and over work myself. I finished in 53:23mins, with an average pace of 7:38min/km. I was really happy with that!

7:45am – I had a protein ball on the way to work.

8:30am – Small soy latte which I sipped on for most of the morning.

9:30am – A slice of frittata and roasted potatoes.

12:30pm – Leftover fish curry and rice, so so good! I had about 2/3 of it and finished off the rest about an hour later.

No afternoon tea, I just a cup of miso soup and that was it! I wasn’t too hungry and my sore throat felt worse by this stage. Luckily I had no pains or aches anywhere else, it was just uncomfortable to swallow anything.

6:30pm: I took a night off uni work to rest and recuperate with Jared. I had a really random dinner of lentil soup and a side of leftover wontons from the weekend. I followed it up with a cup of tea and a couple of chocolate biscuits before having an early night. I also made sure to have some vitamin C and zinc to help my immune system fight off the sore throat.


5:20am – I had a slice of toasted sourdough topped with natural PB, honey and chia seeds and a black coffee with a bit of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Work Out

I still had a sore throat, so I decided to make Wednesday my weights circuit day instead of running. I switched up my circuit form last week as I’d been doing it for 4 weeks by taking out leg lifts and adding in deadlifts and Russian twists.

This is the new circuit I did:

  • 10 lunges each leg with 4kg dumbbells
  • 10 squats with 5kg ball
  • 10 deadlifts with 10kg barbell
  • 10 glute kickbacks (on machine) each leg with 5kg weight setting
  • 20 Russian twists with 2kg ball
  • 30 second plank

Repeat 6 times, with about a minute rest in between each set.

This was quite fun to do and dare I say it…. It felt easier than it’s ever felt before. I felt stronger and like I could do more rounds! When I first started 5 weeks ago, I was dying by round 3 or 4. It felt so great to feel the progress in my body. I think next week I’ll do the same circuit but add heavier weights to a couple of the things to challenge myself more.

8:00am – I realised I’d forgotten to pack breakfast (d’oh!) so I stopped in at SugarBaby Cafe for a delicious meal before work. I ordered the eggs benedict, with mushrooms and haloumi. It came with grilled tomato and the eggs were served on the thickest and softest brioche bread (perfect for my sore throat!). I also ordered an almond milk latte. It was all so tasty, but incredibly filling! I got through almost all of it before I threw in the towel. (Rest assured that coffee was finished though).

11:00am – 2 protein balls. I’d also been sipping on lemongrass, ginger and citrus tea with honey all morning too for my throat.

I can’t remember when I ate lunch as I was so busy at work. At some point during the lunch period I scoffed down some roasted potatoes and about 2/3 of my frittata while rushing about doing things. I don’t recommend doing this at all, in fact I’m totally against. But sometimes work gets in the way and I just have to do the best I can. And if that means shoving potatoes in my mouth with one hand, while typing an email with the other hand, then so be it!

6:00pm – I got home and realised that both Jared and I had forgotten to defrost anything for dinner – I was on a role for forgetting food that day, seriously! Jared offered to order and pay for some Thai food, and I couldn’t turn him down! While he ordered the food, I had a hard boiled egg and a couple of dumplings (I was starving!).

6:45pm – THAI! Such a nice treat to have take out delivered on a week night. We usually save it for Friday! We had the special – mixed entree, 1x curry, 1x stir fry and 2x rice. We each got a curry puff and satay skewer, Jared chose the masaman beef curry and I chose the veggie and tofu ginger shallot stir fry. So good!


8:00pm – We retired to bed to watch some Black Book episodes, with cups of tea and some Dark Chocolate Digestives. I felt so old, but I was too content to care!


5:20am – I had a slice of toasted sourdough topped with natural PB, honey and chia seeds and a black coffee with a bit of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Work Out

I still had a sore throat but I really felt like running, so I decided to make it a shorter work out than usual. I still wanted it to be a good work out though as I had tonnes of energy, so I decided to do my first hill work out on the treadmill. After my warm up, I set the timer for 20 minutes and put it on an automatic incline work out. It started at 1.5% incline, and every minute it would go up to a higher incline for 30 seconds, gradually working it’s way up to 7.8% incline. I honestly thought my eyes were going to bulge out of my head when I saw it was going to 7.8%, but it was such a great work out! I had the speed set at 7km/ph for the first 10 minutes, then put it up to 8km/ph for the last 10 minutes. I was drenched in sweat after that 20 minutes!

It was really great to switch things up and practice some hills. I think I’ll try and get in a couple more sessions like that before my race. I wish I had trained like this for longer, but I keep reminding myself that this is just my first and I can always find ways to improve for my next one!

7:30am – Small almond milk latte.

8:00am – Frittata and 2 Ryvitas topped with babaganoush (I wanted a change from hummus and I saw babaganoush and had to get it – I LOVE eggplant). I ended up only eating about half the fritatta – I just wasn’t feeling it. I had a hard boiled egg and 2 more Ryvitas with babaganoush an hour or so later because I was still hungry, and that was perfect for me.

12:30pm – I had 2 Ryvitas topped with mixed greens and this soy, garlic and ginger salmon I picked up from Aldi as recommended by my sister. She obviously knows me well because I couldn’t get enough it!! Why hadn’t I tried it sooner?! Please get it on your next shopping trip, it’s so good!

4:00pm – I had a few more Ryvitas broken up into cracker sized pieces and dipped into the babganoush. I couldn’t get enough of it! I also had a black coffee with a teaspoon of honey. Afternoon coffees are such a treat, and sometimes needed!

6:30pm – SUSHI THURSDAY! Jared tried to get out of it and have laksa (what a weirdo – as if you’d turn down sushi), but I won and he didn’t seem too disappointed judging by his big stack of plates  by the end! I split a tuna sashimi plate with him (it’s the only sashimi I like – I don’t really like the taste and texture of the thickly sliced salmon), and then had a couple of plates of sushi before moving on to a bowl of curry veggie udon noodles. I was in food heaven!

8:30pm – A cup of herbal tea and 2 chocolate biscuits in bed while we watched Black Books.


5:20am – I had a slice of toasted sourdough topped with natural PB, honey and chia seeds and a black coffee with a bit of honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil.

Work Out

I really wanted to go for a run but I knew it would be best to rest my legs for tomorrow’s long run (I’m aiming for 14km – the longest distance I’ve ever run!) so I decided to do something really different for me and do an upper body work out. I have basically no upper body strength whatsover, and I can’t remember the last time I did anything upper related because of it, which makes no sense because if I dedicated time to it, I would have the strength. The irony is not lost on me.

I decided to follow a work out video by Emily Skye from her Facebook page. I changed the reps a little and added planks too.

This was what I did:

  • 10 chest presses on swiss ball with 3kg dumbbells
  • 10 bent over dumbbell row with 3kg dumbbells
  • 10 bicep curls with 3kg dumbbells
  • 10 bent over tricep kickback with 3kg dumbbells
  • 30 second plank

Repeat for 6 rounds, with about a minute rest between each.

I then stretched and foam rolled for about 20 minutes to really loosen up my tight calves, hip flexors and glutes from the previous days work outs. It felt so good!

7:45am – Small almond milk latte.

8:30am – I had the best wrap ever. Fridays are usually my days to treat myself and go out for breakfast and lunch instead of making myself something. But I’d had a few “treat yourself” moments already this week, and I was actually really craving something fresh and healthy. So I bought some goodies on the way to work, including some smoked Tassie salmon which was on sale for $4! I made myself a wrap using a rye wrap spread it with chive and garlic cream cheese, and filled it smoked salmon, leftover greens from my stash at work and loads of alfafa sprouts. So, so good! And I have plenty leftover for lunch too!


And that was my week of eats and work outs!

Questions for you!

  • How was your week?
  • What were your favourite meals/work outs?
  • What’s your plans for the weekend?

I hope you’re enjoying your Friday everyone, sending love, good vibes and pastries to all!