Hey there lovely!

Can you believe it’s Friday already? It’s honestly flown by for me!

I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a WHAT I ATE post, but I’m back with a big one this week! I’ve switched things up a little and actually my work outs this week to it too. I hope you enjoy reading what I got up to this week, and find some ideas/inspiration for your own meals and work outs.

Please know that these posts aren’t written for you to compare yourself to me in any way, these posts are written to:

1/ Hopefully give you ideas on meal prep, recipes and things to make for yourself. I love stalking other blogs and pages for some foodie inspo for myself, so I hope this does the same for you!

2/ Keep myself motivated to stay on track with my own balanced eating and training

3/ Show you balance is the key to my happiness. Being a qualified nutritionist, I believe in eating wholesome food to heal, nourish and thrive. Being a foodie, I believe in eating things that make my tastebuds happy (hello pastries and red wine). Being both, means balancing the best of both worlds and enjoying everything in moderation to achieve health and happiness. And I love being able to show people that it’s possible to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle without the need for crazy fad diets, calorie counting or restricting yourself. 

Now let’s get into it!


7:15am – A mug of warm water, ACV, honey and lime.

7:30am – 2 slices of toasted sourdough topped each topped with 1/4 avo, a bit of triple cream brie and 1/2 a hard boiled egg (from my trusty meal prep!).

7:40am – Packed my food for the day: raw almonds, wedge of brie, an apple and brown basmati rice and stir fried chicken mince (also from my meal prep!).

8:30am – Picked up a small almond milk latte on the way to work.

10:30am – I had half the almonds I packed, as well half the apple and all the cheese. I also enjoyed a chai tea, which I reused the bag of a couple of times.

12:30pm – I had 3/4 of my rice and chicken, which was just enough to satisfy me without making me feel too full or uncomfortable (something I hate when I’m sitting at my desk all day).

3pm – I had the rest of my chicken and rice, with the rest of my almonds stirred through. I also had a cup of miso soup (I keep organic brown rice miso paste at work and stir a teaspoon of it in a mug of hot water).

6:30pm – I got home and made myself a cup of ginger tea and a small snack bowl to munch on while I watched my uni lectures. I was pretty hungry at this point, but didn’t want to spoil my appetite for dinner. The snack bowl was just enough to keep me satiated. It had some raw almonds, soy crisps (anyone else addicted to these?) and a bit of trio cheese.

7:45pm – Dinner! I finished up my uni lectures at 7:30pm and hopped in the shower while Jared re-heated the meal-prepped roasted potato, broccoli and beets and also grilled up some hoki fillets which he rubbed in pepper and cajun spices. It was really delicious, but I only ate one of the fish fillets (I did sneak in a few more potato pieces though – there’s always room for more potatoes). I actually had a weird craving for sweet chilli sauce, so I had a couple of spoonfuls with my fish and even dipped my potatoes in it. It was a nice treat!

To end the night I read a book and enjoyed a mug of vanilla Sleepy Time tea.


5:20am – It was a gym day, so I was up nice and early at 5am so I could leave at the same time as Jared. He goes to work at 5:30am and drops me off at the gym on the way. It’s too early for me to stomach anything this early, but I can’t run on a completely empty stomach either because I just run out of energy too soon. So I had a black coffee sweetened with half a teaspoon and a teaspoon of coconut oil stirred through (easy way for me to get some long lasting energy without needing to eat much), and a small handful of soy crisps.

Work Out!

I walked for 3mins to warm up, then I started my work out. I ran 6km, alternating between the 7 and 9 speed. I finished in 44:47, with an average pace of 7:28min/km. I was happy with it! I didn’t feel fatigued at the end, and the time passed pretty quickly while I watched a movie on my phone! I then stretched/foam rolled for 10 minutes afterwards.

7:20am – Post work out/stretch/shower banana. It’s quick, easy and keeps me full until I can get to work and have a proper breakfast.

8:00am – Almond milk latte at the cafe as I typed up my Fried Cauli-Rice post!

9:00am – I had two slices of toasted multigrain sourdough each topped with 1/4 avo, bit of brie, a hard boiled egg and H. salt and pepper when I got into work.

12:30pm – I packed the same thing as Monday for lunch, except this time I ate the whole thing in one go. Running always makes me more hungry, gotta feed those muscles right?!

3:30pm – I sliced an apple and had it with a small wedge of brie.

4:30pm – A black coffee (I usually don’t have a coffee this late but I was feeling a bit tired and didn’t want to be falling asleep at the movies!).

7:30pm – Jared and I decided to go on a little date night to the movies to watch The Sausage Party (hello cheap Tuesdays!). It was playing at 7pm, but I knew we wouldn’t have time to grab dinner beforehand so I loaded up on snacks that we could munch on. A couple of “healthier” options of Cobb’s Aged Cheddar Popcorn and some Good Health Salt and Pepper Chips (just potatoes, olive oil, sea salt and pepper) and some not-so-healthy options of mini salami pepperoni slices and a bag of crispy M&M’s.

We also got some hot chocolates at Oliver Brown’s on the way in. I had a dark chocolate mint hot choc with almond milk and Jared had the white hot choc. So decadent, and so good! We must have both fulfilled our sweet cravings with the hot chocolates because neither of us ended up eating the M&M’s! (Don’t worry, they were eaten later in the week).

We ended up finishing everything except maybe a few handfuls of popcorn!The movie was hilarious by the way! If profanity and inappropriate jokes are up your alley, you’ll love it!

Neither of were hungry when we got back home, so we just watched a couple of episodes of QI in bed before passing out for the night.


5:20am – It was another gym day, so I had a black coffee sweetened with half a teaspoon of rapadura sugar (we were out of honey) and a teaspoon of coconut oil stirred through and a small handful of soy crisps.

Work Out!

I did a “weights” work out on Tuesday!I put weights in inverted commas because it’s probably quite a light work out to any lifters out there! But strength training is something I’ve never been able to stick to regularly, but I’m determined this time to make it stick so I’m taking it easy and keeping my goals small and achievable. My goal when I re-started my half marathon training a few weeks ago was to do just 1 strength training work out a week and I’ve stuck to it 3 weeks in a row now so I’m super happy about that!

This is the work out I did:

  • 10 lunges each leg with 4kg dumbbells
  • 15 squats with a 5kg ball
  • 10 reps each leg on glute kickback machine with 5kg weight
  • 10 vertical knee raises on the dip/pull up station
  • 30 second plank

Repeat 6 times!

7:00am – Banana post work out.

7:30am – Almond milk latte. I drank this as I walked around the new Woolworths that opened up near the station to relax and kill time before work. Good time to explore it because I was an idiot and forgot ALL my breakfast stuff at home! I ended up buying a bag of greens, mini light rye ciabatta rolls, hummus, rare roast beef from the deli and 2x chocolate almond milks which I got on sale for $6 altogether (one for Jared because he loves choc milk and one for me as a nice Friday afternoon pick me up!).

8:45am – I made myself two breakfast rolls with the ciabatta, hummus, greens and some of the roast beef. I actually didn’t think I’d finish it, but before I knew it they were gone! SO GOOD!

12:45pm – I had the same lunch as I had for Monday and Tuesday.

3:30pm – Sliced apple, wedge of brie and half the almonds I packed.

4:50pm – I was still feeling a bit hungry so I had half of a rye ciabatta with hummus and half a slice of roast beef. It hit the spot!

6:30pm – Jared made me a decaf coffee with Coco-Quench (my favourite non-dairy milk at the moment) and I watched my uni lectures. No snack needed, the ciabatta roll kept me satisfied until dinner!

8pm – Jared heated up some leftover lasagna from the weekend, and I made an easy salad to go with it with some lovely organic lettuce, raw almonds and sunflower seeds tossed in olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. We also had toasted sourdough and cheese. It was a much larger portion than I’m used to, but I finished it and loved every bite. Lasagna is one of my all time favourite dishes!

9:30pm – We got into bed and watched QI and had a couple of handfuls of the M&M’s. Such a treat!


On days that I don’t go to the gym and Jared works, I still get a mini work out by having to walk for 30 minutes to the station. I don’t have to walk on gym days because Jared drops me off at the gym, which is about 2 minutes walk from the station. After I get off at the other station, I also then walk about 20 minutes to work. It’s about a 50 minute walk all up and such a good way to loosen up my stiff muscles on rest days!

8:15am – Small almond milk latte on the way to work.

10:00am – Half a ciabatta roll with hummus and half a slice of roast beef.

12:30 – Two ciabatta rolls with hummus, mixed greens and roast beef. I got about halfway through my first roll and decided I just wasn’t keen on a sandwich. So I ended up just eating the greens and roast beef out of the rest and leaving the bread.

3:30pm – 4 lady finger bananas and the rest of my almonds from Wednesday. The bananas were so sweet and delicious and straight from my mumma’s backyard.

7:00pm – SUSHI NIGHT! Every Thursday night, Jared and I grab sushi at our local sushi train before grocery shopping. It’s become our tradition and we’ve been doing it for months now, and I don’t have any plans to change it anytime soon. We usually get there at about 6pm, but I fit in a hair cut after work (pics soon!) so dinner was pushed back an hour. I was starving by this point. We shared seaweed salad, then I had some veggie tempura nigiri, a plate of chicken teriyaki and avo and then a bowl of chicken katsu udon noodles. I usually get through about half my udon and save the rest for the next day, but last night there was not one noodle left!



5:10am – I was up from 4:45am because I needed to fit in a long run today and there’s no way I can do a long run without some substantial food beforehand. So I got up earlier to let my body wake up a bit more, before having my usual black coffee with coconut oil and honey, and also a slice of sourdough with peanut butter, honey and chia seeds (my favourite pre-long run fuel). Usually my long runs are on the weekends, but we’re so busy this weekend that I thought I may as well do it today instead. It was good practice though because I need to train my body into being up that early and eating something substantial at that time because the half marathon kicks off at 6am, and I need to be up at 4am and eating at 4:30am. I felt good today and my stomach felt settled, so I’m happy with that!

Work Out!

I ran 10.5km and finished in 80:59 minutes, with an average pace of 7:43min/km (I also did 3mins walking warm up and 5mins walking cool down outside of this). I was really happy with myself. It’s the longest I’ve run EVER (my last PB was 10km back in April) and I’ve only really been training solidly again for the past 3-4 weeks. I’m going to aim for 14-15km next weekend, then start winding back down the two weeks leading up the event.

I finished the work out with 10 minutes of stretching and foam rolling.

7:30am – 2 lady finger bananas post work out and lots of water.

8:15am – Small almond milk latte.

9:20am – A spinach, mushroom and goats cheese tart from Bourke St Bakery! I plan to get myself a delicious salad from Bourke Street for lunch too! Fridays I don’t pack any food and treat myself to store bought meals. It’s such a nice to spoil myself after a big week of work/uni/training.


And that has been my week so far guys! Phew!!

Tonight Jared and I are meeting his parents who are down from W.A this weekend for his older brother’s wedding. We’re heading out for dinner and drinks, and I can’t wait to dig into some good pub food and a couple of glasses of red! Tomorrow I’ve got uni work to get done in the morning, then we have his brother’s wedding later in the day and I’m so excited to get all dressed up and catch up with everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this post and the addition of my work outs!

Before I jet off, I’d love to know:

  • How was your week? What were your highlights/lowlights?
  • Best meal you’ve eaten this week?
  • What are your weekend plans?

Hope to hear from you!




  1. Loved this read Laura! I’ve missed your What I Ate posts!
    I definitely stalk One Dish Away daily at work to see whats new :)
    And by the way I too have a slight addiction to soya crisps, I usually buy a small bag after work on Fridays to nibble on while I do a bit of grocery (wine) shopping for the weekend!
    Also congrats on the 10.5km run thats huge! I think the longest I’ve ever done is 7km but gosh I couldn’t do that now, I’m more of a BBG/weights kind of gal with the occasional game of netball to keep fit. I get up at 5.30am every weekday to hit the gym but jeez I think 5 am would just about tip me over the edge so good on you!
    Also I’m going to have to try this little black coffee w honey and coconut oil combo it sounds delish! I too can’t eat before early morning gym but that coffee would provide a nice kick of energy!
    Hope you enjoy the weekend! Look forward to hearing more next week :)
    Kailie x

    1. Hi Kailie, thank you so much for your comment! It’s always so nice to hear from lovely people like yourself who read the blog, it makes me feel like I’m actually connecting with readers and that’s such a nice feeling :). Soya crisps are the best/worst thing to happen to me, they’re just so addictive haha! And thank you, it felt unreal to finish the run! Now to just double the effort for the half marathon next month – no big deal!! That’s great that you do BBG/weights and netball, I’m far too uncoordinated for any sports myself haha. I love my morning long blacks with honey and coconut oil. A lot of people add milk or use a hand blender to mix the coconut oil in better, but at 5am I’m still half asleep and far too lazy to pull out the blender!

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment, hope to hear from you again soon lovely! xx

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