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Back when I had my healthy little hippie blog, I loved recapping the meals I had during my day and those posts were loved by many of you too. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time these days to do it daily anymore, but I thought I’d try to do it once a week instead and recap my whole week’s eats for you!

I thought it’d be a really great for you to have an idea of what it is I munch on throughout the day and my mindset when it comes to eating. It has changed so much over the years, and I no longer count calories or worry about any “dieting.” I’ve been practising mindful and intuitive eating, where I listen to my body and what it wants, and paying more attention to how the food makes me feel.

I’ll be talking a lot more about it on the blog, but for now, here’s my week’s foodie recap and examples of my thoughts!


I’m still off work at the moment, so I’ve been enjoying being able to prepare and eat my meals at home. On Monday morning, I woke up to say bye to Jared as he left for work and I made myself some T2 spiced chai with organic rice milk and honey and took it to bed with me to enjoy. It was pouring with rain outside, and I wanted to enjoy some cozy time before I started my day.


After the chai, I made myself some breakfast – organic egg fried in olive oil, kale, mushroom and capsicum sauteed in olive oil, chilli flakes and turmeric and a small peach.


After breakfast, I got down to some much needed housework. I stopped mid morning to have a snack – coffee and a rice and quinoa cake topped with a little cheese. At home I usually have instant coffee, with a teaspoon of organic honey and some rice milk. Or if I’m feeling fancy, I’ll use our coffee press and have that black with some coconut sugar or honey. When I’m out, I usually get a latte with soy or rice milk, no sugar. How do you like your coffee?


For lunch I had leftover veggie noodle soup  and I also had some naan bread too. Not homemade, not gluten free, not what some would consider “healthy.” But I love it!! We had Indian as our weekly treat meal on the weekend, and we had some naan leftover, so I warmed it under the grill and dipped in into my hearty soup. So good for the soul! (And sometimes that’s just as important!).

When Jared got home from work, I made snack platter from: banana, a peach, a nectarine, some capsicum, a carrot, cheese and added a couple of cheeky dark chocolate ginger balls too. I’ll miss these afternoons together once I’m back at work next week!


For dinner, I made us a meat-free, gluten-free bean and kale spaghetti dish. It was so yummy! I’ll share the recipe first thing Monday morning so you can get the ingredients together and make it for your meat free Monday dinner next week! 

I have this undying love for spaghetti. I don’t know what it is about it, but I would eat bowls and bowls of the stuff before I realised I’d eaten far too much and then proceeded to feel stuffed and ridiculously uncomfortable afterwards. Since practising mindful eating, I haven’t felt like that in quite a while!


I scooped myself a small bowl of the spaghetti and took my time eating it, instead of scoffing it down like I used to. When I finished, I still felt a little hungry. But I waited 5 minutes to let my food settle and then asked myself again if I was still hungry, and I was, but definitely not as much as I thought I’d felt 5 minutes prior. So I got myself another half a bowl and that was the perfect amount to fill me up!


Later that night, we felt like something sweet so Jared had a couple of chocolate wafers and I had a small handful of peanut m&m’s. We also had some chai tea, yum!


I got up to have breakfast with Jared before he left for work on Tuesday. I made: scrambled eggs (3 eggs, splash of rice milk – I actually prefer cream or dairy milk but we had none, dried chives, chilli flakes, salt and pepper, cooked in butter and split between us 2), kale chips and rice and quinoa cakes topped with cheese and tomato. I know this looks like a bit of work, but it took less than 15mins. I tossed the kale in olive oil, turmeric and chilli flakes and let it cook under the grill while I made the eggs and it was done in the 5 minutes it took me to whisk and scramble the eggs.


After Jared left, I got working on our Study. It was disgraceful, you guys. We sort of used it as a storage room more than anything, and we had things stuffed in the cupboards that hadn’t seen the light of day in a year. It was definitely in dire need of de-cluttering and reorganising.  I worked up an appetite and had: a small tin of caper and lemon tuna, and some jatz crackers. We don’t usually have processed crackers like jatz in the house, but we had a jatz and dip craving over the weekend, so we bought a box but didn’t finish it. Now we have half a box for me to treat myself to if I feel like it.


For lunch I had: the last of veggie soup and a few more jatz crumbled over the top for some crunch!


At this point, I also put some beef cheeks, carrots, celery, onion, stock, red wine and spices into my slow cooker and let it simmer away on high for 4 hours for our dinner. I knew I would be tired after cleaning the study, so I got dinner on then to avoid cooking dinner later on. I love the slow cooker for moments like these!

I also made myself a second coffee for the day!


When Jared got home, I made another snack platter: leftover tandoori chicken from the weekend, cheese and cucumbers on rice and quinoa cakes.

Dinner was so hearty and delicious. It was so strange to be eating comfort food in summer, but the rain was still going strong from Sunday and comfort food was all we craved! I only needed one bowl of this to be satisfied!


A couple of hours later, we had the same dessert as Monday.


On Wednesday, I woke up with Jared but I wasn’t hungry. And instead of forcing myself to eat when I wasn’t hungry, I made myself a coffee to have instead so I could still sit down and enjoy the breakfast time with him. He had: tuna, cheese and cucumber on rice cakes. 


As he walked out the door, we saw that Ooooby had already delivered our weekly produce. How gorgeous does it all look? 


After about half an hour or so, I felt hungry so I made myself: organic eggs fried in olive oil and a rice and quinoa cake topped with half an avo, salt, pepper and chilli and a coffee (not pictured).


I had such big plans to clean out our bedroom and kitchen the same way I did our study, but I thought I’d have some “me time” before I got stuck into it all. I made myself some T2 lemon and ginger tea and settled down with the River Cottage Australia cookbook that Jared bought me for Christmas. I haven’t watched the original or Australian tv show, but it’s been on my to-watch list for so long now! And now even more so after reading this book. Paul West’s story is so incredibly inspiring and it really just re-sparked  my love for organic, local, ethical produce all over again. And his passion for growing and cooking good, wholesome food was just so contagious. I couldn’t stop reading it, and what was supposed to be a 15 minute break turned into an hour long binge reading session. Worth it, so worth it!

After reading that book, all I wanted to was to enjoy all that fresh produce we got from Ooooby. So I made a fresh, crunchy salad out of: lettuce, roma tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, avo, balsamic dressing and chilli. I also made some kale chips on the side because I was craving it! 


I finally got around to cleaning after that and once I finished up, I had: 2 rice cakes topped with organic peanut butter, chia seeds, hemp seeds and a drizzle of honey.


Earlier that day, I found 5 organic chicken drumsticks hiding in the back of the freezer, and I defrosted them for dinner. All I did was: rub the chicken in olive oil, paprika, turmeric, ground coriander, dried basil, salt and pepper and roasted them at 200 degrees celsius for 30 minutes. 


I served them up with brown rice and loads of fresh veggies! My lunch salad was so yummy, I made us the same ones to have with dinner. I love filling our plates with mainly veggies!


For dessert, we had the same as Monday and Tuesday! 



Today I woke up with Jared again and this time I was hungry. Isn’t it funny how our bodies wants and needs change on a daily basis? I made us: fried organic eggs, and rice cakes topped with avo, salt, pepper and chilli for me and cheese for him with avo on the side (he hates smashed avo – what a weirdo!!). We also had coffee.


I spent my morning cleaning our balcony, getting rid of dead plants, cleared up some long abandoned cobwebs, reorganising our planter boxes so we had more room, pruning back my herbs and preparing a new spot for my new winter veg seedlings to go in. I’m hoping to get them this weekend, so I’ll share snaps of my balcony then!

I didn’t get it all done until about 11, and by then I felt quite hungry. But when I actually stopped to think about it, I realised that I hadn’t had any water all morning. Once I guzzled down some water, I realised it was just thirst and not hunger. Your body confuses the two sometimes, so just make sure you’re drinking enough water. You might be snacking mindlessly thinking you’re hungry, when you’re just a little thirsty!

I showered off all the dirt and dust I had on me and sat down to relax and didn’t actually feel hungry until after 12. For lunch, I made myself: a quick chilli soy eggplant and cauliflower stir fry with had it with brown rice leftover from dinner last night. 


This held me over for quite some time, and I haven’t been hungry all afternoon. I instead enjoyed an afternoon coffee and am waiting for Jared to get home from work so we can go grocery shopping to top up on some pantry staples.

I hope you enjoyed the really long/detailed recap of all the things I ate this week. It’s not for anyone to follow of course, as it isn’t a diet in anyway. But more so you can see the kinds of things that I eat on a daily basis, the mindset I have towards food, and that it’s a lifestyle for me, rather than a strict diet. 

I would love to hear some feedback from you:

  • Did you like this post?
  • What parts did you enjoy?
  • Are there any other styles of posts that you would like to see more of?

Laura xx

4 thoughts on “What I Ate

  1. Such a great read, and I’m thrilled to see you bringing this back.
    I agree with (and operate by) mindful, intuitive eating over any diet scheme, but after the holidays Ive felt so sluggish and bloated, and I am reminded reading this that I have not been eating intuitively AT ALL.
    Can’t wait for next weeks :)

    1. Hi Alex, I’m so glad you liked it! It was great to be doing it again, and even better knowing that someone enjoyed it reading it too. The holidays have always been a hard time for me too, but this year felt different for me because the way I was feeling/thinking towards food and my own body were so different. I do experience set backs too though every now and then, just like yourself. The thing I also love about mindful and intuitive eating is that even if you have slacked off for a while, you can always start again simply by tuning into your intuition and thoughts and listening yourself once again. I’m so glad I could help remind you of that. Love and light to you Alex, and see here next week! xx

  2. Hi Laura,
    I love this post! I love your philosophy on eating and I love to see that you are normal and have a little treat sometimes all without the guilt. It’s refreshing to see this! I too am trying to eat mindfully and without guilt. Sometimes I want a big healthy salad but sometimes there is nothing better than a big juicy burger! Or sometimes I want a smoothie but other days what I need is a delicious pastry – it’s good for the soul! So thank you – I look forward to more :)

    1. Hi Amy, I’m so happy to hear you loved the post! I love eating for the soul, just as much as much as I love eating for my body! I think that nourishing the soul gets forgotten sometimes when trying to improve one’s health, even though it’s such a big part of it! Moderation over deprivation is my motto and I’m so glad you also share the same view. P.S Now that you’ve said pastry, all I’m craving is pastry!! I may have to treat myself to some this weekend ;)

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