What Weekends Are For…


…Sitting on the lounge after a really big week at work while your boyfriend cooks you dinner.

(Although, I’m not sure if he should be trusted in the kitchen, haha!)



It was delicious though! He cooked ravioli and topped it with a pasta sauce made from passata, tin of diced tomatoes and every veggie in our fridge that needed to be used up! I think there was mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, fennel, rainbow chard, onion and garlic. YUM! I also had a glass of Sauv Blanc too! We spent the night watching the last few episodes of the series finale of Boardwalk Empire. Can you believe I fell asleep in the last 15 MINS of the last episode?! Who does that? I was so angry at myself. Jared was so caught up in it, he didn’t even notice I was asleep so he didn’t wake me up until the show was over.


…Sleepy kitty cuddles.

He always wakes me up at around 5 or 6am on weekends (that’s the time we get up together on weekdays and he’s used to it) with kisses, face rubs and purring. Then I get up to feed him and then he usually climbs back into bed with us after his feed. The climbing back into bed after breakfast thing is a total weekend luxury and we both make the most of it. He kept going back and forth between sleeping on me and on Jared. So cute!


…Breakfast together.

Another weekend luxury is having breakfast with Jared! He made us bacon and eggs, with wholemeal sourdough and a bit of cheese. Large mugs of coffee for the both of us too AND Jared put on the last episode of Boardwalk for me again so I could watch what I missed. It was really good, but I was sad to see it all come to an end :(.


…Cleaning the apartment.

We’re trying to get into the habit of being responsible (and tidy) adults, so we spent an hour just tidying up the place before we got too lazy.

…Going into the city to get my Student ID card at my new college campus!

Yep, I’m now a student of Endeavour. We’ve both got crazy life changes happening at the moment, I’ll make sure to post about it all asap! Also, I was so happy I got my photo taken in my favourite pineapple dress!


…Markets and bibimbap bowls!

Since we were already in the city, we decided to have a stroll through Paddy’s Markets and then eat in the food court upstairs. Jared got a salmon bibimbap bowl and I got the hot pot bibimbap bowl. SO GOOD! Jared’s had shredded carrot, greens, broccoli, bean shoots, seaweed salad, nori and salmon sashimi on a bed of rice. Mine was in a hot pot bowl, and had fried noodles, beef, lightly sauteed beanshoots, zoodles and carrot, lettuce, a fried egg and nori on a bed of rice. We got free miso soup with them too!


It was so filling, this is what was left of mine.


I also came home with a bag of snack mix, chilli peas and watermelon juice that I picked up at the markets! The nut stands always get me!! I love my savoury snacks!


I had a little taste of it on the way home because I couldn’t resist. YUM!


…Uni work.

Severus loves to follow me everywhere, even when Jared’s home and I’m busy, he still likes to be near me. Here is him trying to convince me we can both sit at my desk and work together. 



I also made my weekend study time a bit easier to handle by treating myself to scotch fingers, a GF triple choc cookie from Aldi and a mug of coffee.

…Lazying about on the couch while we wait for our take out.

Jared played his games and I read some blogs. My favourite one at the moment is Hungry Runner Girl


…Eating a bowl of chilli peas.

The take out took half an hour longer to arrive than expected and I couldn’t possibly go an extra half hour without eating something. They were so good by the way, totally addictive!

…Eating take out. 

It finally came and it was delicious. I had basmati rice, dahl, a veggie samosa and some naan (which I dipped into Jared’s butter chicken). I was stuffed after this bowl thanks to the cup of chilli peas I had before it.


…Watching movies.

We watched Limitless which was really good! It’s about having the ability to use 100% of your brain function and what you would be capable of if you could. I think the movie Lucy with Scarlett Johansen was better though (it had a similar concept about using more of your brain function). But it had Bradley Cooper, and I’ll never say no to watching those blue eyes!

Jared then put on Total Recall (the newer one), but I was asleep 10 minutes into it. Two movies in one night? Is he crazy? Doesn’t he know I’m a grandma these days? He gave up after half an hour of continuously waking me up, and we retired to bed. Party animals!!


…More kitty cuddles. 

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

He also fell asleep on my belly when he got bored of sleeping between us. I love our weekend morning cuddles!



…Breakfast in bed.

I had a mountain bread wrap filled with natural peanut butter, a banana, local and raw honey and chia seeds. I was going for my long run that day and I needed some good fuel for it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

…The Bay Run!

This is my favourite course to do for my long runs. It’s beautiful and 7km all the way around so it’s a good track for distance training! I ran my longest ever run on Sunday, but I’ll save that excitement for tomorrow’s post!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset

…Throwing out coffee and eating almond shortbread.

Coffee was a bad idea after such a big run. I didn’t finish it, which is super sad for me because I love coffee! :(. It just made me feel really nauseous. I scoffed down that shortbread though. Mmmm, sugar.


…Eating leftovers. 

For lunch I had the leftover ravioli warmed up with a tin of diced tomatoes and topped with cheese.


…Cat naps. 

He had a big day of doing nothing ;). And yes, that is my sock. We give him nice toys, and he would still rather cuddle up to my sock!


…Eating ice cream!

I bought this on Thursday when we were grocery shopping and I saved it for my long run day treat! HOLY COW it was good! It had small chunks of dough in it, as well as a swirl of berry jam. So yummy! I had a small bowl of it and that was enough to satisfy me! I knew I could always have more later on if I wanted some. (Which I did! I had it for dessert after dinner. I had scoop like this with a scotch finger biscuit crumbled over it – OH MY GOD!). 




…More movies!

Well, it was the same one as Saturday night. We watched Total Recall again and I only fell asleep once and it was only for 10mins, I’m so proud of myself! But sshh, I don’t think Jared noticed. It wasn’t because the movie was boring either, I really like it. But running is exhausting work – who would have thought??

…More uni work. 

Made better with a T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea (much better on the stomach than the coffee I tried to have earlier). 



These were so yum! I’ll be sharing the recipe later this week. We had them with brown rice, and a garden salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato and our homegrown radishes) for dinner. I also had leftovers for lunch today.


…TV shows and a glass of red!

Since we finished Boardwalk, and the latest seasons of Gotham and Daredevil, we started on Vikings. I know, we’re super slow. But we were too busy with Boardwalk, Gotham and Daredevil. We watched a couple of episodes and it wasn’t bad! I am not as hooked as I was with other big shows like GOT and TWD, but it’s still good.


I am a bit sad that the weekend is over, but it’s Jared’s birthday in two days, so that makes this week awesome already. We’ll probably have dinner together that night, then we’re going out for all you can Japanese food to celebrate on Sunday with our friends and I’m really excited for that too! I love birthdays, even when they’re not mine, haha!


Questions for you:

  • What did you get up to on the weekend? Any highlights? 
  • Are you addicted to any shows at the moment and which ones? My favourites at the moment are Gotham, Daredevil, TWD and GOT. 
  • If you’re in Sydney, where’s your favourite place to run? The Bay Run is my favourite at the moment!




  1. Hey Laura! I love your blog (and instagram for that matter :) ) I’m a sucker, like most, for the Bondi to Bronte but have you tried Bondi to Coogee run? More hills and length than just Bondi to Bronte. It’s roughly 7km each way. I walked it last week and it took me 2.5 but it was a good weekend activity! Running around Waverton is also great, there are some great tracks around that area with views of the harbour bridge :) Your running posts keep me motivated to keep running. It’s so good once you force yourself out there! Keep blogging away lovely! x

    1. I love Bondi to Coogee!! I’ve walked it a few times and it’s so beautiful! I’m just not game enough to run it though! I am so uncoordinated, and there’s so many stairs/people/distractingly cute dogs along the track that I would probably trip and hurt myself/fall into the ocean/start a domino reaction of people falling down the stairs hahaha! For everyone’s safety, I just walk it ;). I haven’t run around Waverton before, that’s such a great idea! I bet the view is awesome! I’ll have to go someday, thanks for the tip! I’m so glad to hear it’s keeping you motivated! Some days are so hard to get motivated, but you’re right, it’s just a matter of getting out there and just doing it :).

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