It’s Friday, and I’m back with my WHAT I ATE posts which makes me so, so happy. I know I haven’t been posting very much lately, but moving/new job role/studying/life in general has really taken up so much of my time, but I can feel it finally starting to settle down a little and I foresee more frequent posts soon. (Fingers crossed!).

If you’re new here, I just wanted to give you a bit of background on my WIA posts. What I Ate posts occur here most Fridays, and they include all of my eats from the week. I do it for a few reasons:

1/ I love talking about and sharing photos of my food. This is my safe space where I get to do it to my heart’s content and occasionally people view it and sometimes even enjoy it ;).

2/ Being a qualified nutritionist, I believe in eating wholesome food to heal, nourish and thrive. Being a foodie, I believe in eating things that make my tastebuds happy (hello pastries and red wine). Being both, means balancing the best of both worlds and enjoying everything in moderation to achieve health and happiness. And I love being able to show people that it’s possible to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle without the need for crazy fad diets, calorie counting or restricting yourself. 

3/ To hopefully give you ideas on meal prep, recipes and things to make for yourself. I love stalking other blogs and pages for some foodie inspo for myself, so I hope this does the same for you!

Now, let’s get into it!


I did a bit of meal prep on Sunday afternoon for our breakfast and lunches for the week. We have unpacked about 95% of the kitchen now, minus the things that need to go on a shelf that we still have to buy at some point. But aside from that, the kitchen is otherwise is open and in full swing these days which is something I’ve missed terribly. I enjoyed the indulgent take out meals that we were having on the regular during the weeks we were packing/moving. But I was honestly over it after a while. I missed vegetables. And cooking. And just feeling good after a meal.

The take out was a nice treat, don’t get me wrong. I loved having Thai curries, butter chicken, ridiculous amounts of cheesy naan bread and everything in between. But we always only saved it for once a week prior to this. Twice week if we were feeling particularly indulgent. Having it more often than not really made an impact on our health in that short space of time. It made us sluggish, tired and it just didn’t feel great.

So to be able to be preparing some nourishing meals again just felt really, really good. One of the meals I cooked up for the week was this crustless quiche which we’ve been enjoying for breakfast with a slice of rye toast in the mornings. I can not imagine having something cold like a smoothie or nice-cream bowls for breakfast right now (kudos to those out there still downing them – my body cringes at the thought of anything that cold). When it’s winter, my body craves warm foods and this quiche warmed up in the mornings with a slice of hot rye sourdough toast really just hits the spot!



It’s also nutritionally dense too, making it a really nourishing way to start the day. It has sweet potatoes for complex carbs (long sustaining energy), and eggs and smoked salmon for both protein and good fats. The kale just adds some extra nutrients too – think B6, Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium etc. RECIPE BEING POSTED FIRST THING MONDAY! Promise!




Another meal I prepped was a quick and easy tuna, veggie and bean pasta salad. All it had was cooked brown rice penne, a large tin of yellowfin tuna (sustainably sourced), a tin of 5 bean mix (drained and rinsed), lettuce, parsley, cucumber, salt, pepper and olive oil. I popped into some containers for us to have for our lunch for a couple of days.

I felt pretty great about having a few healthy options to choose from for the week, it put me in a really good mindset for the week.


I started my morning with a mug of warm water, lemon juice and a teaspoon of organic honey. I love how warming it is, and it’s a nice gentle way to wake up my body and digestive system. I had stopped doing this for the past couple of weeks and instead just rolling out of bed and reaching for the coffee. This felt much more nourishing!

For breakfast, I packed a slice of my quiche and a few small end slices of rye bread to have on the way to work.


For lunch I packed my tuna pasta salad, and for my snacks I packed an organic pear and apple and a jar of nuts and raisins to keep in my work desk drawer to much throughout the week. (I also picked up an almond milk latte on the walk to work).


For dinner I stopped off and bought some dumplings and wontons on the way home. I was just really craving them and I managed to find some that weren’t filled with crap. These dumplings only had pork mince, mushrooms, salt, pepper, sesame oil, wheat flour and water as the ingredients. Score!!


I popped them in a steamer basket to cook, while I stir fried some broccolini, red cabbage and garlic in a pan with coconut oil, oyster sauce and GF soy sauce.

Look at those cute little paws. Every time I’m cooking dinner, he’ll sit in his little spot and watch me the entire time. It’s absolutely adorable!


I served it with brown rice and spicy sriracha sauce. So so good! I ended up having another few dumplings after this bowl, and that was the perfect amount for me. There was some dumplings and veggies leftover, and instead of finishing it all and being overly full, I packed them up for lunch the next day so I could enjoy it all over again!



I started my day with a mug of lemon and honey water, then grabbed all my meals for the day. I packed the quiche and rye bread for breakfast, leftover dumplings and veggies for lunch and another apple and pear for my snacks. I had a coffee on the way to work too!


For dinner I cooked up a simple but delicious Thai red curry. I heated up a bit of red curry paste in coconut oil, added in half a tin of coconut milk and stirred it in, added 500g of free range chicken breast, the rest of the coconut milk and a cup of veg stock and brought it all to the boil. I then added chopped veggies (potatoes, carrots and broccoli), a tin of baby corn and a tin of sliced bamboo and let it simmer gently while I showered. We had it with brown rice and it was so hearty, warm and nourishing. This one bowl was enough to fill me up just right, plus it tasted so so good.



Lemon and honey water to begin my day, then I packed my quiche and bread for breakfast, and for the day I packed leftover curry and rice and some fruit. (If you’re wondering what happened to the tuna pasta salad, it didn’t go to waste! Jared ate it on the days I took leftovers).


For dinner that night we had a really random throw together kind of meal. I cooked up some steak that I’d cut in half to thin out, organic eggs and haloumi and made open sandwiches with some rye bread. I had lettuce and the egg on one, and lettuce, steak and haloumi on the other. I also served it up with loads of kale chips which were just made with a small bunch of kale that I’d torn the leaves off, tossed in olive oil, turmeric, Himalayan salt and garlic powder and cooked in the oven for 5-10mins while I did the steaks. This was so delicious, and surprisingly filling! I got through all of it minus a slice of bread.


A little while later, Jared and I had some dessert in the form of decaffeinated coffee with rice milk and some biscuits (I went for 2 dark chocolate digestives and a scotch finger biscuit – YUM!). I love the taste and warmth of a night time coffee, but I don’t want to affect my sleep with one so decaf is my night time option!



Thursday morning was a little chaotic because I slept in (oops!), so no lemon and honey tea. I was literally up, dressed and out the door in under 15mins. I managed to grab my quiche, a slice of bread, fruit and some more leftover curry on the way out though. I was so grateful to Past Laura for being prepared and rescuing Present (and very disorganised) Laura from having to buy food. I also bought a coffee on the way as usual.

I didn’t end up eating my fruit as I had both my breakfast and lunch so late. I also had a mid afternoon coffee as a treat, which was nice but I probably shouldn’t have done it because I noticed it took me much longer to fall asleep and I kept waking up throughout the night. Lesson learned!

On Thursday night, we had to get some groceries and presents for a 2 year old birthday party we were attending on Sunday. Before we did all that, we treated ourselves to some dinner at our favourite sushi joint. I had a couple of plates off the sushi train, and then had a bowl of chicken katsu udon noodles. It was so delicious, and I enjoyed every bite. I got through 2/3 of the bowl, and packed up the rest to take home. I also bought a miso soup to sip on during our grocery shopping.


When we got home, I had a decaf coffee and biscuits for dessert again. I love knowing that if I want a treat, then I can have one. It takes the pressure off me immensely to not restrict my thinking towards food. I know that if I really want something, I’ll have it. And usually after a few biscuits or bites of whatever I’m treating myself to, my craving is satisfied and I don’t need to binge because I know that there is always a next time to enjoy it.


Today! I had my lemon and honey water to start before I rushed out the door. Friday’s are my “treat yoself” days where I don’t pack a thing and pick up some breakfast on the way, and then take myself out of the office for a solo lunch date. It’s such a nice way to end the working week and really allows me to enjoy some down time with just myself. I had a small spinach, mushroom and goats cheese quiche from Bourke St Bakery for breakfast, and I’m going to head back there for my solo lunch date.

And that’s my week of eats! Did you enjoy this post? Would you like to see this in regular rotation again? I would love your feedback!

Hope you’ve got some awesome things planned for this weekend, and I’ll see you back here soon!




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